Plant of the Day
Saturday 10 May 2014

In this local garden at Wickham Bishops in Essex the lily of the valley, Convallaria majalis proves it has a rhizomatous stem as it follows the gaps in the paving! The plant will grow in semi or full shade and appreciates a moist root run. After flowering there are red berries. So sorry the blog does not do scent as this was amazing and must waft into the house.

I really visited to see the famous 250 foot long wisteria more of that tomorrow…

Jill Raggett


Today is a bank holiday in France. Even if I work, I haven’t forgotten, it’s called the naitonal day of work and noone works (except hospitals obviously and some others we can’t be without) . We also buy lily of the valley specially that day, you can find it everywhere in shops and also on the side of roads, so even if you’re driving or travelling you can find you lily of the valley, there’s always someone to sell it :p I miss my muguet. 


Top 10 Most Beautiful and Expensive Flowers in the World

  1. Lisianthus - also known as Eustoma grandiflorum, is an annually blooming flower. Lisianthus comes in a variety of colors including white, pale purple, lavender, and blue violet. Since most of these delicate flowers are shipped white and are very fragile, they earned the name “paper flowers” ($10-$35 per bundle).
  2. Lily of the Valley - beautiful but poisonous, these flowers (Convallaria majalis) are popular for their delicate, bell-shaped blooms. The flower, known in old Christianity as Our Lady’s Tears, only takes weeks before perishing with a short lifespan ($15-$50 per bundle).
  3. Hydrangea - known for its unique circular cluster of little flowers per stem and difficult cultivation. It comes in mostly white blooms, but some are noted for being blue, pink, light purple or violet. Hydrangeas can easily wilt and should be purchased on their day of use, most particularly weddings ($7 or more per stem).
  4. Gloriosa - native only to South Africa and Asia, this flower is highly expensive because of its rarity and exotic looks. The Gloriosa is known for its stunning beauty with varying colors from tip to center. They usually come in deep reds, oranges, yellows, and yellow-green ($6-$10 per flower).
  5. Tulip - single layer flowers with lush and deep colors. In the 17th century, these rare Dutch flowers had stronger colors than any other flower during that era and were incredibly expensive. Tulips were highly regarded as status symbols if they were in your garden ($5,700 in 17th century dollars).
  6. Saffron Crocus - this flower is more famous for being a spice with a huge demand than a bloom, but is still commonly sold as a flower. The price reflects the fact that it takes around 80,000 flowers to develop 500 grams of spice from the yellow stamen, all of which are hand-picked and dried ($1,200-$1,500 per pound).
  7. The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid - this flower sells at an extremely high price due to its rarity and beauty. This flower is found only in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia. Their growth is extremely difficult and takes a long process as its bloom can take years before it appears ($6,000 per flower).
  8. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid - a flower that was completely made by the hands of man, it took researchers eight years to grow. It sells for a high price not only for its rarity but also for its appearance. It takes four to five years for the orchid to blossom and even has a delicate taste ($200,000 per flower).
  9. Juliet Rose - this flower made its debut in 2006 at the Chelsea Flower Show. It took David Austin 15 years to create this flower. Because of this, the Juliet Rose is also known as the £3 million rose.
  10. Kadupul Flower - this unique flower has no price tag, not only because its rare, but it is a flower so delicate that cannot be picked without causing damage to it. In addition, it dies before dawn. It only blossoms at night and emanates a calming, lovely fragrance. It will only last for hours after being picked and has never made it to the shops, not even online. It is the flower that cannot be bought (a truly priceless flower).

Convallaria majalis or Lily of the Valley usually bloom in the month of May. Majalis means ‘that which belongs to May’, according to Birth Flowers Guide. It is also known as “Our Lady’s tears” from a Christian legend that it came from Eve’s tears when she was driven out of the Garden of Eden with Adam.



Thanks so much, Mandy! It was such a pleasure to tattoo you and hang out! 

Just want to remind friends who belong to communities experiencing violence (black & trans folks) to TAKE CARE. It’s harmful to hear your very existence debated and threatened. I hope you are taking time to yourself & saving your energy for when it matters. You are the only you who exists. Sometimes self-preservation & survival is the radical act.
On the flip side, if you’re a person in a place of privilege, I urge you to listen, watch, & grow. Nurturing your own growth (self-awareness) is also an act of self-care.