“I’m a little geeky actress from way back, and there were many years in my career where I was working in a way that was not satisfying to me, or in a way that certainly wasn’t allowing anyone to be even aware of me. So it sounds sort of hokey, but to be a little kid from Tampa, Florida, who dreamt of doing this and who remembers watching every Emmys I can think of … to be included amongst these wonderful people and to be recognized by my peers and to be able to go to that party and sit there in that room and feel a part of that is a really extraordinary feeling.” -Sarah Paulson

“In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ryan Murphy revealed that he was mulling over having two seasons of AHS in 2016. “Next year we might do a fall ‘American Horror Story’ and a spring,” he said. He’s considering it so seriously that for this season of AHS he actually implemented two writers rooms, which could be a great way to get two seasons into one year in 2016.”


everything was so sweet