If I were Lily Evans I’d order squid every time my boyfriend took me to dinner at a fancy seaside restaurant, just to be obnoxious.

If I were James Potter I’d take advantage of my girlfriend’s predictable obnoxiousness by setting a ring on the table and telling her that, unfortunately, she’s going to have to choose bc she can’t have both.

Dear Journal,

That was it. Our days of school are over. Today we had our last day at Hogwarts. I felt happy to start my new life but I also felt sad. This place was my second home. I loved it. After our last exam, all the last years were screaming and throwing papers around. Everyone was happy. I tried to find Johnny to tell him goodbye. He was in the library with Freddie, his boyfriend. A few weeks ago, he gave me one of his books. It was about a little boy that always felt alone, that always wanted a brother. He said that I was like his big brother and it made me happy. I wanted to hand him back his book but he wanted me to keep it.

“I want you to have it. You changed my life Remus. You helped me get over bullies and you helped me accepting who i truly was. I want you to keep it.” He said with his cute little voice.

“Ok. But I want you to have this one. It’s about two brothers who go on adventures. Since you’re like my brother now, I think you should have it…” i said, handing him my book.

“Have you taken notes in it?” He asked, smiling.

“Of course I did, you can read them and think of me okay?” I said, my hand in his small back.

“You won’t forget about me?” He asked with teary eyes.

“I will never forget about you. I promise. We are like brothers after all!” I said, hugging his small figure.

“Will you write to me?”

“Of course I will! And maybe you can come to my book shop? I can give you some free books.. but don’t tell anyone!” I said and he giggled.

“I will visit it with mummy in the summer. Thank you for everything Remus. You will always be my big brother.” He said.

“I’ll see you soon okay? Now the train is leaving soon, you should go get your boyfriend and leave for Hogsmeade.” I smiled.

“I will. Bye Remus..” He said, hugging me one last time and leaving with my book in his arms.

“Bye Johnny, I’ll see you soon..” i said, letting a tear fall down my cheek.

I walked up to the dorm to pack the rest of my stuff. All the boys were there. I sat next to them and we looked at our room in silence.

“We’re leaving.” James said.

“Yeah..” Sirius sighted.

“I’ll miss this place..” i said.

“Me too.” Petter agreed.

We decided to mark our marauder names on the wall under our beds. That way we could always be here. We packed everything and left the now clean and empty room. We looked back for a second just to keep a memory… and left for the hogsmeade train station.

“I talked to Regulus. He’s going to Sophie’s and he’ll eventually go home when mother forgives him. She will. She likes him. He said he’ll visit soon.” Sirius said, sitting in our train cabin.

I sat next to him, letting my head fall on his shoulder. Lily was by the window next to James who talked with Peter and Mary. Marlene and Dorcas were braiding eachothers hair beside us. We were all there. Just like the begining. During the train ride, we talked about our Hogwarts memories. We all laughed even though it made me want to cry. I felt nostalgic. We opened the train window and felt the air on our faces. We were together.

When the train arrived we all said our goodbyes, even though we would all see them in a week for our housewarming party. Lily was crying but at least she stayed with James. I’m glad she had him. Then, Sirius and I walked home. Hand in hand. Arriving to our new home sweet home, we layed down on our bed matress. It was the only thing that wasn’t in a box.

“I don’t feel like unpacking.” Sirius giggled.

“How about we make ourselves a box table and we order pizza?” I asked, kissing his lips.

“Pizza sounds amazing!” He kissed back.

We were laying on our matress dropped on the direct wooden floor, boxes surounding us.

“I always imagined myself moving away from home.. But not even in my craziest dreams It would’ve been with you. I love you Remus. I will love you forever.” He said.

“I love you Sirius.” I smiled.

We were together.

March 23rd 1976


New blog and characters added!

Lore ( @askthehufflepuff ) as Bellatrix Black/Lestrange, Cedric Diggory, Godric Gryffindor, Hermione Granger, James Potter, Lily Evans/Potter, Nymphadora Tonks, Pansy Parkinson, Peter Pettigrew, Rita Skeeter, Sirius Black.
Fem!: Remus Lupin
OC: Alazeas Fenrah (f/m), Laina

James Potter:
- Was a bully
- Jinxed people when he was bored and laughed at it
- Was totally okay with Remus being a werewolf
- Became an unregistered animagus so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone
- Realized within a few years what a douche he was to people
- Changed for the better
- Loved his wife and his son with all his heart and wanted only what was best for them
- Joined the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts
- Faced Lord Voldemort without a wand, in hope of buying Lily and Harry time, knowing that he stood no chance of surviving

Severus Snape:
- Thought muggle-borns were inferior
- Called his only friend “mudblood”
- Became a Death Eater
- Told Voldemort about the prophecy, bc he was 100% okay with killing an infant
- When he got to know that it was Lily’s son, he asked Voldemort to spare HER, not caring how she would feel to have her son and husband killed
- Bullied Harry simply because he was James’ son
- Bullied Neville until he became the poor boy’s WORST FEAR (that same poor boy who witnessed his parents get tortured to insanity by Bellatrix, yet SNAPE was his worst fear.)
- Shamed Hermione for her teeth until she cried. And then she permanently changed them.
- Threatened to kill Trevor when Neville failed to do a potion
- Used his position of power as a teacher to make students’ lives miserable
- Told everyone Lupin was a werewolf, and intended to get him fired - Knew that Sirius didn’t tell Voldemort the Potters’ location (I could explain how but I can’t bother now) but still wanted him to get a dementor’s kiss bc of what happened when they were 16 - Helped Harry in the end

But sure, go ahead and tell me Snape was a better person than James.