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Hogwarts Pairings 5/?

[Snuffles, you idiot! - Sirius Black x Reader]

I am back from my few days of writers’ block torture and I decided that I’d have a go with a different Marauder tonight so here’s Snuffles for you. I hope you enjoy my shitty writing!
Warnings- None. This ain’t a lemon, honey.
Word Count- 1037
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“Y/N! Your boyfriend is being an idiot again!” Remus complained and you smiled, bopping him on the nose.
“Remmy, when is my boyfriend not being an idiot?” You asked and he shrugged. “What has he done now?”
“Come with me,” Remus sighed, pressing his bookmark within the pages of his book. You did the same and followed him out of the library, dreading to see what situation he managed to get himself into.
Everyone had expected you to date Remus instead. Initially, so had you. The two of you had a lot in common; you read frequently, you both enjoyed and excelled in your classes, and you were both so adorably shy.
SO, cue the shocked whispers and confused glances when you strode around school holding hands with Sirius Black, who could only be described as your polar opposite. You didn’t care that you were so different, you only cared when he interrupted your precious reading time or stole from your sacred chocolate stash.
You walked along the corridors and out onto the school grounds alongside Remus, twirling your wand between your fingers as you grew nearer and nearer to the forbidden forest.
“What the hell is he doing in there?” You muttered and Remus didn’t answer, instead choosing to lead you unknowingly into the depths of the forest.
Dead leaves and twigs crackled under your feet, sunlight streaming down in between the gaps in the foliage above. Few birds tweeted as many were scared to enter within the forest, in fear of becoming the snack of a certain werewolf or other beast.
“Remus,” You groaned and he looked down at you, an amused twinkle in his brown eyes. “Can I shift please?” You batted your eyes at him and he waved his hand, motioning for you to continue.
You jumped up and down excitedly before closing your eyes and letting calm spread from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. You started to shrink in size and you bent over, your bone structure clicking and changing until you were built to walk on four legs instead of two. Your nose elongate into a thin snout and blonde fur sprouted along your body. Your ears enlarged and sat on top of your head and you bounced around, a happy little fennec fox on the forest floor.
“We’re not far away now,” Remus chuckled, stumbling as you wove your way between his feet in a figure-8 motion.
You bounded after the tall boy, taking moments to take in the details that you were only close enough to see in your Animagus form. You observed the butterflies sitting on the edges of leaves, you chased the mice at the base of tree trunks and you barked up at a squirrel, you scuttled off soon after that in fear.
Remus picked you up and cradled you gently as he continued to walk along, ignoring your nips at his hand for him to set you down.
“If you don’t stop playing around we’re all going to miss dinner,” He rolled his eyes and you huffed, Turning your head away from him.
“Finally! My rescue team has arrived!” You heard a voice cheer and you snapped your head up, staring incredulously at the state of your boyfriend.
He was stuck half way in a fence, his front half stuck between two of the wooden beams. He grinned at you lazily and struggled against Remus who dropped you to the ground once you had nipped him a little too hard.
“Bloody Hell, was that necessary?” Remus hissed you looked up at him innocently as he stared at the bite bark on his hand.
“You know who impatient she is, mate,” Sirius replied and you snorted at him, shifting back into your human form.
“Considering we’re the only people who can get you out of your little situation right now, I suggest you pipe down on the smart-ass comments,” You snapped and he smirked at you, raising an eyebrow.
“Great to see you too, babe,” Sirius winked at you and you rolled your eyes, your cheeks flaming.
“How the hell did this even happen? You could have walked around the fence instead of trying to run through it, dumb ass,” You said and it was Sirius’ turned to blush. He looked at the ground and his hair fell in front of his face as you and Remus stared at him impatiently, waiting for an answer.
“I-uh-well, you see…” He trailed off and you motioned with your hand for him to continue. “I was c-chasing a fox in my Animagus form and it jumped through the gaps in this fence and I tried to follow it but I was a bit too big as I got stuck. I changed back to see if I could get out as the one and only Sirius Black, but that just made me even more stuck and now I can’t move,” He stuttered and you giggled at his crestfallen expression.
“Snuffles, you idiot,” You laughed, kissing him on the cheek. “Remus, you grab his legs and try to pull him out and I’ll push on his shoulders. Just tell us if we’re hurting you,” You warned and your boyfriend nodded, bracing himself.
You pushed on his shoulders whilst Remus pulled his legs and you slowly managed to wedge him out from within the fence. He squeaked in pain a few times when he got splinters along his arms but you just rolled your eyes and pulled them out, whilst resuming ‘Sirius Black Rescue no. 48’.
“Thanks for that, guys,” Sirius panted once he stumble out the other side, a few twigs in his hair. You pulled them out for him whilst he threw an arm over your shoulder.
“Good thing we can sneak into the kitchens,” Remus stared, looking down at his watch.
You had missed dinner after all.

James Potter hiding his feelings

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After James Potter realizes he likes you

- During Potions class, James was partnered up with Y/N. He had no idea how to act around her now that he realized he likes her.

- Y/N noticed James acting weird. His body was all tensed up. His face looks like he’s constipated.

- Y/N tried to break the tension.

- “Hey, are you feeling ok? You look sick.”

- ”Ha ha yeah. I’m ok.” James nervously looked at Y/N and back to the cauldron.

- “You know you can always tell me what’s up.” Y/N reminded him as she watched the cauldron boil.

- “I wish. “ he told himself.

- Sirius teased James all the time.

“Oooohhh James. How was potion’s???“ Sirius asked James as he wiggled his eyebrows.

“Oh, piss off.” James retorted. Remus and Peter listened to the two with their eyebrows quirked. The both noticed something was up.

After another potion’s class…

“Prongs, did something happen today?!“ Sirius happily mused. Remus and Peter got more interested with Sirius’s antics.

“Yeah, James. Did something happen today?“ Peter added as he looked at Remus who just smiled at him mischievously. Sirius looked at James’ reaction. James grumbled in response.

“You know, something did happen.“ Sirius caught James attention. His eyes widened with horror.

“Don’t you dare!“ James warned Sirius as both Peter and Remus waited for Sirius’ response.

“Is it about Lily?“ Peter asked. Sirius shook his head in response. The two gasped as they dramatically clutched their invisible pearls that hung around their neck.

“Who was it about then?” Remus asked. The pair got more curious. James turned around the three to see Sirius with a sheepish smile.

“Shut up! Shut up! sHUT UP!!!“ James shouted at Sirius and stormed out of their dorm room.

- James would sometimes stare into oblivion thinking about Y/N.
One time, Lily noticed him staring into nothing while he was sitting alone in the common room.

“Oi, Potter. Did you lose your marbles?“ she waved her hands in front of him. He came back into reality but was still in a daze.

“uhh What?“ he managed to say as he tried to focus to Lily. She sat to a chair in front of him.

“What’s gotten into you? Are you sick?“ She asked. Sirius came walking by the two of them and stopped behind James’ chair.

“He’s love sick.“ Sirius said as he patted James’ shoulders.

“No I’m not!” James whipped his head back to Sirius and glared at him.

‘Shut it.’ James’ eye conveyed the message which Sirius ignored.

“As the matter of fact, his love sick with that friend of yours.“ Sirius told Lily who just quirked an eyebrow. James jumped up and tackled Sirius.

red gumboots and missing socks.

They shouldn’t be wasting time, they know he’s coming for them.

He’s coming for him.

She stood like a statue, one hand deep in the trunk, the other gripping an old jumper so tight that her knuckles were white, she stood in her room but her mind was somewhere else entirely.

This isn’t what it was supposed to be like, this was not the way she imagined her life to be.

The sound of sudden rainfall shook her out of her reverie, and almost mechanically she went back to shoving things into the trunk. Jumpers, shirts, baby clothes and James’ lone sock.

Panic built inside of her, her mind telling her it wasn’t the missing sock, but admitting otherwise would mean facing the truth, facing the fact that someone wanted her baby dead. She tore room apart, looking for the sock, and eventually she resorted to running down the stairs in search of James.

The living room was still, not a soul in sight. The panic flared once again as she frantically searched for her boys. Where were they?

Blinding fear compelled her to fling open the front door and all at once every bit of panic and fear inside her dissipated, filling her with an overwhelming sense of relief.

The rain fell heavily, and on their porch stood a little toddler, not even a year old, his green eyes bright and his mouth wide in a gummy grin. He couldn’t even stand without the firm grip of his father who was laughing more than the toddler, yet he splashed around in his little red gumboots, the water from the puddle blending into the water from the clouds.

As if he sensed her presence, James looked over his shoulder and flashed her a grin that made her feel like she was sixteen again. Like they weren’t in the middle of a war, but back in Transfiguration and James had the same proud look on his face that he did when he perfected a spell and turned back to show Lily.

Little Harry finally caught sight of his mother and demonstrated his puddle jump, his proud expression mirroring his fathers. They looked so alike.

For a second she was happy.

For a second she was content.

And for a second she truly believed they would be okay.

Filthy Animals - Chapter Nine Snippet

“I - er - yeah, here’s the thing,” said James, his voice low. He threw a glance over his shoulder and Peter followed his gaze, but saw only Lily Evans, who was deep in discussion with two of the floating officers who’d been doing door-to-door on the robbery case she was working, and didn’t seem likely to eavesdrop. “I’m going to need this kept extremely quiet. Not a word to anyone else about it, at all. Is that alright?”

“Of course.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m an excellent secret keeper,” he said confidently. “Did I ever breathe a word about Helena’s toenail?”

James wore a look of pure disgust. “Not until now, you didn’t.“

I dont want to study for my exams and I want to draw shitty memes

some notes:

  • Regulus is trying to be cooler than his brother.
  • Petunia would rather die than sit on the wizard’s sofa. 
  • Bellatrix is wearing red so you wont see the blood 
  • and Barty just don’t give a fuck.