It was the summer of 2012 and I can’t even imagine, how I was not lazy then to draw every frame like a god damn art! Now I am drawing a sketchy Fo:E animation and I suddenly remembered that I haven’t posted this yet. 

Tomorrow we [guys from the Perm brony-meeting] will have a rp based on the FoE world. I will be the steel ranger [not sure how it’s in englishl], yay! And now I’m voice acting Velvet Remedy [not sure about her name in english too, lol] in an animation project. I love FoE. Yay?


The line in the middle of the bg is the possible new perspective on the road, as the current one is kinda odd when compared to the pose. The requester asked that I add her barding, Which in all honestly I was gonna leave out cause I’m a lazy bastard and didn’t feel like working on the details. But I did it anyway, and still have more to add.

Should be it, any questions ask me here or on DA.