It was the summer of 2012 and I can’t even imagine, how I was not lazy then to draw every frame like a god damn art! Now I am drawing a sketchy Fo:E animation and I suddenly remembered that I haven’t posted this yet. 

Tomorrow we [guys from the Perm brony-meeting] will have a rp based on the FoE world. I will be the steel ranger [not sure how it’s in englishl], yay! And now I’m voice acting Velvet Remedy [not sure about her name in english too, lol] in an animation project. I love FoE. Yay?


And here is the Stable Dweller herself, Little Pip (or Lil’ Pip or littlepip) from Fallout Equestria. She’s got her Pipbuck and Stable Uniform since these are the things I most imagine her in unless stated otherwise like Canterlot police barding or Raider gear.

She was a tad harder to create due to how vague her description was and how she looked physically. So I decided on a couple of things. I chose green eyes as a rather nice way of balancing the Power Trio’s colouring (Blue, Brown and Green) and I decided that they would be rounder due to Pip’s heritage. I also went with brown hair because I like to think of her colouring as something plain and kind of boring, considering how unremarkable she considers herself. And yeah, I painted her eyeliner in the style of Cloud Chaser and Blossomforth from the latest Fluttershy episode for some eye variety, haha.

And yeah, she has short hair otherwise her hair would have gotten snagged repeatedly in her adventures.

Anyways, she was a Pinkie Pie with a horn transplant and milliput modifications. 

On a side note, I gave Calamity his hat, which was a resin cast by Otaku Squirrel. So send him love here:

Hey guys! I got another request xD

Today it was some one asking… Oh what the hell, I’ll just post the whole thing…

“Another Request?

from ~OneTofNerd
to ~lol1759

Hey I know I don’t know you very well but I was wondering if you could possibly make a picture for me to use in my Advance English Senior Project. I’m going to be talking about Fallout: Equestria and how it relates to my thesis of how "Hero’s are never truly virtuous”. You can see how this is related to Littlepip lol XD. Could you make me a picture of how you see LilPip dealing with her inner turmoil after Arbu? I would really appreciate it and I’d give you full credit.“

I accepted of course, and this is the preliminary line art for what I plan to do. I’m posting it now to ask the requester if it is what he was looking for, or if the gun was to much… Personally I think it makes the piece. But hey, it is for a school project, and I know my teachers would flip 2 shits seeing a gun next to an animal (damn hippies).

So yea, any feed back from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Suggest anything (background/bg stuff, setting, weather, rocks, crap, hell even a ghost; anything that "tickles your fancy”)

… Damn it…. looking at it now… Its kinda just more “Lilpip suicide” and not Lilpip dealing with her problem…

Maybe the gun could become Party-time Mentats? <— who knows?

You all decide!

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