Lilo&stitch AU

#Louis looks like a freshman #and Liam is his attractive older brother #whos a senior on the school football team #and Liam’s best friend just happens to be Harry #Louis is crushing on him hard #and Harry is the reason he gets excited for school every morning #because besides that #he gets bullied #so Liam has to protect him #and walk him to all of his classes #but Louis is so carefree and weird #that he doesn’t mind all of the mean kids #he just likes joking and talking to everyone #whereas Liam wants to hurt anyone that says on rude word about Louis #Harry finds Louis’ personality adorable #and Louis keeps on acting that way just to impress him #and to prove to Liam that he’ll be fine on his own in school

'Ohana' means family. And family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.

AU Meme  — Four months after Louis’ accident (x), he was still having trouble remembering everything close to him. The closer he grew to Liam, the farther Harry was pushed back, still finding it too awkward between them since he couldn’t remember a single thing about their relationship. 

Harry loved Liam for being there for his boyfriend when he couldn’t be; yet he hated him at the same time. tbc.


The most popular requested scene from the hijack lilo & stitch AU. 


AU: Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are costarring in a movie. One hasn’t been seen without the other since they met a year ago. There’s probably something going on there.

                        Rich brothers Lilo AU

Or the one where Louis and Liam are sons of famous rich couple.
And the one where they moved into another city because of their parents’s business.
And the one where they’re going to PUBLIC school with uniforms as need.
And the one where Liam wants to be taken as normal as everyone else while Louis likes to show others where he came from and that they’re bunch of peasants.
And the one where Liam is the younger, yet more responsible one, being kind and taking care of his brother, who’s childish, spoiled and hiding his true self and often makes it into some trouble.
And the one where Liam finds new great friends who loves him and want them to get to known Louis from the better side of him.
And the one where Louis thinks Liam fell in love with the live happy blonde guy, but instead, he’s secretly in love with the quiet artistic “bad-boy” (one side love).
And the one where Louis fall in love with that curly weird hippie guy with diary and raspy voice who doesn’t care about Louis’s status.
And the one where one of the paparazzi catch Louis and Harry together and print an article about it, starting rumours about “son of the famous being gay” and being found out by his homophobic dad.
And the one where Louis for the first time show his true self and Liam and the guys are there for him.