Lilo&stitch AU

The AFTG’s cousins in Lilo&Stitch!AU

I was chatting with @bsmr261 and now I have a need for Lilo&Stitch!AU for the cousins​, like, think about it

  • Aaron constantly fighting with Nicky, who is honestly trying to be a good tutor but stil fucks up sometimes
    • Nicky falling as a dead weight while Aaron tries to push him out of his room
    • and Aaron getting all angry, “Your butt is crushing me!” and then slamming the door in his head
  • and asking to a falling star “Maybe send me an angel! The nicest angel you have.
  • and he gets
  • Andrew, also known as Experiment 003

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Lilo and Stitch AU? Featuring Nino on the verge of feeding Manon to the social worker. 

Young Nino is a close family friend/ maybe half sibling? when Manon’s parents die of disease. So not wanting her to be taken away Nino takes responsibility for her. Meanwhile, in space, Adrien Agreste manages to create a new lifeform. He had good intentions, wanting to make a creature capable of absorbing disease and given incredible strength and destructive abilities in order to assist in galactic search and rescue. However destruction and plague sorta dont mix and the experiment escapes to earth, where it is adopted by a lonely Manon. 

Started by an ask @tides-miraculous got, backgrounds by disney

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Jasper: *trynna be cool* “Heyy! David…”

David: *concerned* “Did you catch fire again?

Jasper: “Nah, just the stage… Listen, I was wondering. If you’re not doing anything this-”

David: “Jasper, I can’t. I- *glances at Max* I got a lot to deal with right now…”

Jasper: “I know! But I figured maybe sometime-”

David: *Sniffs air* “You smell like a lawn mower*

Max: *After David leaves* “Don’t worry. He likes your butt and fancy hair. I read his diary.”

Jasper: “He thinks its fancy?”


Saeran + Lilo & Stitch AU xD

This is one of my ultimate favorite disney movies and while rewatching it recently I found it funny imagining Saeran as Stitch. So here some fast sketches *_* I really am not good with chibi style but I’ve tried to play with Lilo’s proportions and got this!

“OHANA means family,
family means nobody gets
left behind or forgotten”

This is very true considering Saeyoung’s and Saeran’s gratest fears.

Lilo & Stitch Au

* Shiro is Nani (trans Shiro yes please, has to raise his adopted little brother alone after their parents passed)

*Keith is Lilo (adopted weird kid who doesn’t make friends easily, honestly Nani and Lilo’s dynamic is broganes all the way. I love it)

* Matt is David (dorky cute guy in love with Shiro, he’s white yes but I’m not gonna write him doing traditional Hawaiian things. He and pidge are military kids and their parents were stationed in Hawaii. Also you can’t tell me matt wouldn’t say “you can just date me and we’ll call it even” also?? Nice butt and fancy hair?? Matt)

*Altean Lance is Stitch? (It doesn’t really work but I suppose it could? Maybe. If Lance is more of a run away prince than a monstrosity?


Please tell me this is something lance would soo do xD (Voltron Lilo and Stitch AU)