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Walking Dead Characters

Warnings: Blood, Language, violence, violence towards women, food, water and sensory deprivation, suggestions of non-consensual sex.

Chapter Summary: To break or not to break, is the question.

Chapter One: First Encounters

Chapter Two: Empty Threats

Chapter Three: Dinner Date

Chapter Four: The Grocery Store

Chapter Five: We Get What We Deserve

Chapter Six: A Dark Surprise

Chapter Seven: Solitary

“What’s a lil’ girl doin in the deep dark woods all by herself huh?” The man challenged.

“Well, I could say the same about you” I snipped.

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The Garden, she noticed upon first touching the earth, was too small. The walls pressed in, too tall and too dark. She felt the grass under her feet, soft and new and unharmed, not a single blade broken. Winds blew through the Garden, and then past it. They said to her: feed us. Follow us into the desert. Walk next to us, carry nothing but the sun with you. But when she turned her face to the sun God said, you would turn your back on this man, and for what? But she did not see a man; she saw only what Mattered and what Did Not Matter. She saw the grass, broken only under Adam’s feet, and she saw the sky. The sun. The mercury-still mirror of the lake. She saw herself. And she turned to face God and said in a voice louder than He had given her: to walk, Lord, free of the chains you would have me wear. To walk.
—  VII: Lilith 

The first image was my initial piece I was going to do for the Invisible Kingdom zine but then I later changed my mind. So that piece has been sitting in my hard drive, incomplete. LOLOL It was suppose to feature the Vallite family, including Anankos and King Cadros (who Shigure looked like based on the DLC)~

So I doodled my take of King Cadros, using Arete’s design as a reference and kept the colors similar to Azura and Shigure~ I wished Intsy gave us more information on King Cadros. ;w;

I love the fact that you only get Azura, Jakob, and Corrin when you choose Revelation. LOLOL The struggle was real.

Lilith - The Black Moon

Our Deepest Fears (x)

Aries: Fears unworthiness and can be prone to compare themselves to others. To overcome this, they should not measure their own success by other peoples, but to value themselves and others as unique individuals.

Taurus:  Fears scarcity and can be prone to indulge in compulsive consumption. To overcome this, they should not fill the empty void they feel with ‘things’ but should stretch themselves beyond their comfort zones in the material world by tuning into their spiritual nature.

Gemini: Fears rejection and can put too much emphasis on what other people think of them. To overcome this, they should express their own individuality instead of projecting their insecurities onto others, or accusing them of not doing the right thing.

Cancer: Fears abandonment and can be prone to feelings of loneliness and lack of support. To overcome this, they should learn to do things for themselves and practice unconditional love, instead of detesting other people that come across as needy or clingy.

Leo: Fears change and can be arrogant and self-centered, they are prone to project this part of themselves onto others that come across as overbearing or vain. To overcome this, the should give credit to others where credit is due and welcome the opportunities that present themselves by embracing the change that these opportunities may create.

Virgo: Fears failure and can be prone to self criticism and therefore projects this criticism onto others, feeling that they are not performing well enough, or are incompetent. To overcome this, they should not focus too much on flaws or errors and not to do everything in excess, it is not their responsibility to have to fix everything.

Libra: Fears loneliness and isolation and has issues forming boundaries. They are prone to criticize others, particularly how they appear, or seem. To overcome this, they should not have to have things so perfect and to find solace and comfort in being alone.

Scorpio: Fears loss and always has to win. They are prone to having a tremendous need to rescue others at any cost. To overcome this, they should learn how to accept closure and not be so competitive.

Sagittarius: Fears dishonesty and dislikes people that lie or come across as naïve. They are prone to doubting the things people say and always need proof. To overcome this, they should not get too caught up in persistently seeking the ultimate answer, but accept that the ‘truth’ comes from many different perspectives.

Capricorn: Fears neglect and is prone to controlling and attention seeking behavior. To overcome this, they should learn how to be comfortable when not in charge and to stand up for themselves in a 'self controlled’ way.

Aquarius: Fears powerlessness and are prone to reacting negatively when they don’t get their own way. They have issues with power struggles and have a great distaste for people that come across as weak or undisciplined. To overcome this, they should stop being so detached/stubborn and learn to control their need to overpower others.

Pisces: Fears vulnerability and has issues with trusting people that come across as too nice, they believe these people must want something from them. To overcome this fear, they should find the appropriate people to confide in and focus on themselves as much as they do others.

Lilith as Complexes
  • Lilith in Aries: Icarus Complex
  • Lilith in Taurus: Cleopatra Complex
  • Lilith in Gemini: God Complex
  • Lilith in Cancer: Inferiority Complex
  • Lilith in Leo: Ego Complex
  • Lilith in Virgo: Martyr Complex
  • Lilith in Libra: Adonis Complex
  • Lilith in Scorpio: Don Juan Complex
  • Lilith in Sagittarius: Messiah Complex
  • Lilith in Capricorn: Superiority Complex
  • Lilith in Aquarius: Napoleon Complex
  • Lilith in Pisces: Cassandra Complex
Lilith in Astrology
  • ~Dark Moon Lilith~
  • Aries Lilith: Impulsive, Independent, Passionate, Rebellious, Fierce, Physical.
  • Taurus Lilith: Sensual, Natural, Desire, Inspired, Deep-Rooted, Resourceful.
  • Gemini Lilith: Honest, Communicative, Adaptable, Charismatic, Curious, Mischievous, Clever.
  • Cancer Lilith: Imaginative, Mysterious, Volatile, Emotional, Affectionate, Artistic, Strong, Perceptive.
  • Leo Lilith: Expressive, Compassionate, Creative, Playful, Dramatic, Stubborn, Curious, Generous, Suggestive.
  • Virgo Lilith: Pure, Attuned, Aware, Talented, Natural, Respected, Mature, Instinctive.
  • Libra Lilith: Peaceful, Balanced, Graceful, Flirtatious, Magnetic, Tactful, Adamant, Lively, Observant.
  • Scorpio Lilith: Intense, Desirous, Influential, Passionate, Seductive, Powerful, Resilient.
  • Sagittarius Lilith: Adventurous, Cheerful, Curious, Truthful, Generous, Knowledgeable, Friendly, Tenacious, Lively.
  • Capricorn Lilith: Sarcastic, Mature, Ambitious, Strong, Dominant, Authentic, Experienced, Romantic.
  • Aquarius Lilith: Enticing, Uncoventional, Liberated, Expansive, Experimental, Unique, Friendly, Revolutionist, Inspired.
  • Pisces Lilith: Ethereal, Romantic, Dramatic, Intuitive, Artistic, Empathetic, Compassionate.
how the neighbor houses meet

1st and 2nd:
your outfit, your signature scent, what you pick off the menu

2nd and 3rd:
sharing toys with your siblings, a book collection

3rd and 4th: the kids table at a holiday dinner, reading the newspaper at the breakfast table

4th and 5th: family game night, toddlers

5th and 6th: beautiful detail in gifts for a loved one, making your child’s lunch lovingly every school day

6th and 7th: calligraphy in a love letter, lipstick marks on the seal of the envelope

7th and 8th: intimacy, discovering yourself through another

8th and 9th: realizations about human nature, spiritual truth through the occult, mind blowing sex

9th and 10th: a bright eyed and bushy tailed intern, success

10th and 11th: an office party, invention through necessity

11th and 12th: video games, organized religion, digital art

12th and 1st: perception altering drugs, death to birth