Lilith was never made to be delicate.
Lilith who was blamed for loss,
blamed for not breaking the tree branch.

Lilith with narrow eyes
and the taught mouth.
Lilith who refuses to bend.
Lilith who would have ground Adam’s rib into sand,
would demand clay instead of bone.

Lilith who will not knuckle under
Lilith who smiles when Eve bites the apple.
Lilith enlightened.
Lilith enraptured.
Lilith magnificent in her solitude.

Lilith knows chaos.
Lilith knows she is worthy.
Lilith knows “no.”

Lilith who begs Eve to take her hand,
wants to tell her she is more than garden,
more than fertile soil,
more than rose petals between his fingers,
more than shame.

She is sublime.
She is gorged womb.
She is spine like the iron sword.

Eve, she does not need to be so still.
Oh Eve, when she was told she was Adam’s,
Lilith was told she was everything.

—  Jessica Real, “Lilith”


Soooooo I was going through the Borderlands 2 tag and kept finding genderbent versions of Brick that were, to a one, skinny little ladies, some with luscious locks, which is like, come on, have you SEEN him

So ofc I had to work on my own genderbends to show ‘em how it’s done, and I ended up having way too much fun drawing dude Lilith. Expect lady Brick soon.

Also fauxhawk. Because firehawk.

I’ll see myself out.