Super Boy

A little follow up to Super Dad 

toungetiedbyyou prompted: Devon’s first day of preschool

“I changed my mind.” Kurt feels a swell of panic pushing against his ribs, every intake of breath tight and frantic and no, this was a terrible idea, this is so wrong.

“Kurt, this whole thing was your idea. Remember? You’re the one who schmoozed the board for spot and greased the wheels and convinced us all how great this will be.” Blaine says, unhelpfully, as Kurt continues to panic.

“I know.” Curse his own considerable persuasive charms. Kurt takes a breath and releases all of his worries, rapid-fire, with Devon nestled safely in his arms; his head on Kurt’s shoulder and sucking his thumb thoughtfully. “What if he hates it? He’s not like Libby, confidently striding in on her first day of preschool without so much as a backwards glance. What if someone is mean to him? What if he cries all day? What if he’s traumatized for the rest of his life because his fathers forced him to go to preschool before he was ready and then he hates us and we both know how important early development is to a child, Blaine, not to mention the life-long repercussions of childhood emotional trauma!”

Blaine gives him one of those indulgent-slash-placating smiles.

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anonymous asked:

ok i gotta say this but u, bramblinq, and princefaery are like this, trifecta of awesome? ur all v stunning and im so glad! u all r just. chilling out here on earth and i smile everytime u all r on my dash!

IM YELLIN this made me very happy thank u <3 <3 

and i already just texted both bebi and fayren about this ask but i am going to link them anyways princefaery bramblinq


I was tagged by tea-tansu for the 20 beautiful people thing, thank you hun 💛 (sorry about the bad quality) I tag abiville-crossing, townofthistle, aniimal-crossing, bontempa, cedarsprout, cheriafalls, cutiegru, demetria-crossing, dewdrop-crossing, gyroidjokes, windcrossing, lilac-leaf, lifeofthee, mayor-essy, mini-dekkoid, minibrewstoids, pookiestumps, sassy-leafeon, spooncrossing, stumpleaf, and anyone else who wants to do it :) Sorry if you’ve already been tagged, and of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ❤

I wanted to be ahead of the game for Patreon awards this month. pembrokewkorgi is still the solo supporter in the tier that starts art awards so upped it from lineart to color and a simple background. He told me earlier this month that he wanted to see Lilac from Freedom Planet. I’m not familiar with the game but I know that her voice actress has shown some love to Pemmy which is awesome!!

Thank you for your support Pemmy! 

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