How many Waluigi cosplays do I have?

Too Many.


Wahttack on Titan:

Formal Waluigi:

Wahtoon Squid Kid:

Ouran Host Club Waluigi:

Mario Maker Waluigi:

and last but definitely not the least

Rave Waluigi:

For some reason I thought I had more but I mean there are quite a bit. Who knows I’ll probaby make photosets for each set when I have enough to show for them.



Goodness it’s been forever since I’ve make a post! Sorry about that! It’s no secret that I’m putting Gamzee in the mix of costumes for next year’s lineup, so I’m starting out slow and working my way up.

It’s no secret how much I love plushies, so I went ahead and commissioned grandmotherclocks [on etsy and Facebook] for a Lil Cal doll! I’ve wanted one for a long while, however due to his complicated pattern he was out of my comfort zone in plush making, but Anna pulled through and this is only her second commission!

I can’t stop praising her work, it is honestly even more beautiful and stunning in person and I hope that next year at Sakura Con I can take a lot of photos of Lil Cal with my Gamzee cosplay.

If you get a chance, I would recommend checking out grandmotherclocks on etsy, Facebook and Instagram. Her work is just fantastic, and she herself is a very kind hearted individual who has a very charming raccoon named bucket.

Now to figure if I want to do sober Gamzee or the cuddly clown!