1. the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.
  2. A person who believes in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes.

Hailed as the female rap spokesperson for gender-based rage and a 90s revolutionary for her sexual personal, Lil’ Kim has made a name for herself for never being afraid of speaking her mind. Lil Kim’s freedom, ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude and passion to express her thoughts on sexual objectification along with her steady challenge of male dominance and challenging stereotypes alongside what African-American womanhood means through various lyrics makes Lil’ Kim nothing short of an underrated feminist icon. “Can’t Hold Us Down” has a feminist theme as it criticizes gender-related double standards which has been widely recognized as a feminist anthem. [x]


Lil’ Kim Speaks on Her Previous Abusive Relationships, 2009.

Source Magazine, 2005. Lil’ Kim opens up about her abusive relationship with now convicted murderer Damion ‘world hardy’

I;Tell us about the Lil Kim Cares foundation.

LK;In reference to battered women, just recently, and I’m talking about a year ago. I got out of a relationship with a very abusive man. I have had a black eye, busted bloody lips, bruised face. I came out of the hospital from getting my nose done and he broke my shit again. I have had to have MRI’s because he beat me up so bad I couldn’t even move, I had blood clots in my back. One day a voice told me you better leave right now. I had to leave from my own damn house.If I had something like my foundation where I could get help then I wouldn’t have gone through it for so long

I; You wouldn’t think that Lil’ Kim in all her glamor and glory was at home dealing with that.

I’m sharing this story because a lot of women don’t think women in the industry go through it. They probably thinking we got it good but oh yeah, we go through it. 

I; How did you recover from it?

LK;I kinda prayed the whole time … I didn’t know what to do. And it has a lot to do with my maturity too. Its been times I was in the car with my ex boyfriend and he punched me in my face and [I was] bleeding all over the car, and we were on our way to pick up his mom, and I was trying to conceal it, she was staring like, ‘I don’t believe it’ … It could’ve been right before I had to be in the studio or on stage and I have to pack on piles on piles of make-up and go and smile. I remember people asked, “what’s wrong with you” and I would say I had a allergic reaction.

I; You metioned he broke your nose..?

LK; Yeah twice, I just came from getting it broke . He punctured it again. True story. Big cast on my face. 

I; Did you get it done again after that?
LK;… The doctor had to fix nose [because] it was almost shattered. You really can’t tell but if you look close it goes to the left.

I; Does it bother you that people talk of the work you have done?

The thing that messes me up is that a lot of women in the videos get it done themselves…And I hate that it’s like ’ damn why y'all all on me?’ I’m standing here right next to somebody that had more than me done, and you don’t even know it. But like I said I’m the realest with it, so everybody wants to be all on me. Whatever.


Recently Ive been receiving more and more haters from a certain other female hip pop artists’ fan base in my inbox making fun of Kim’s appearance, Then implying she deserved it and was at fault for a man putting his hands on her when explained the situation just seriously made me sick. I decided to make this to inform others who did not know of these events & how they affected kim mentally & physically.