How to tell the signs like you

Aries: Will tell you directly what they like about you and ask you out directly too

Taurus: Will wait and see if you like them, but shy to flirt unless they think you like them back

Gemini: Make cheesy pickup lines or say something dorky

Cancer: Will tell their friends all about you but won’t show they like you

Leo: Won’t give up showing they like you until they got you..if they really want you

Virgo: Will ask a lot of questions and watch your every move to see if they want to be with you. Virgo are very serious about this

Libra: Will do casual flirting because they don’t notice it but you do.You won’t know they like you until they confess or buy you gifts/flowers 

Scorpio: Stare at you when you aren’t looking and try to find a way to tell you. But then end up making you ask them 

Sagittarius: Friendly conversation that continues into something deep before they’ll confess to you. They’ll give hints rather than asking directly

Capricorn: They’re business before love. When the time is right, they’ll be very friendly to talk to and you can tell when they flirt

Aquarius: Uses body language more until you go to them, and they’ll rail you in. Though, they’re the pickiest when choosing lovers so they may flirt but not actually like you.   

Pisces: Shy to show it so they’ll fall for the more talkative one who will confess to them first. They will do little gestures to show they’re interested though but won’t make it obvious in case you don’t like them back


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