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wait you mean you actually came from Lima? you ain't just pretending to be a PoC so you can pretend like you know what it's like or something? I've seen a LOT of white ppl trying to do that in my life and it bothered me when I thought you were doing the same.. sry I'm drunk rn

hope you read over the shit you sent and really think it through bc you said real fucked up shit, friend, seriously.

my entire family comes from peru. lima, cuzco, they spread out into paraguay and shit so like… yeah, i’m full blown latinx. i don’t really owe you an explanation but ill give you one anyways and set this for any other person who comes in raging that i’m white and pretending to be latinx.

my family left peru in 1988/89 (somewhere around that time) to escape the terrorism and deliquency that was at a high at the time. they arrived to florida to meet up with my dad’s friends who moved here years previously and stayed with them until they found a home. i was born in 92 in miami to my two full blown peruvian parents and got birthright citizenship making me the first american citizen to my entire family of peruvians. dad’s side is a little more like the darker skinned peruvians and mom’s is mixed. i have uncles that are the darker skinned. i wound up pale because i literally am like a genetical copy of mom, who’s pale-ish. my oldest sister is more like my dad. middle wound up a mix of the two strangely enough. but we’re still all peruvian af. 

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the only thing american about me is my citizenship. i was born here which made me american citizen but i have both the peruvian and american passports. (expired because we haven’t traveled in years but yeah)

literally my last name is morales omfg. i speak more cuban spanish than peruvian spanish bc ive had cuban friends growing up but i’m still latinx as fuck.

this isnt the first time someone jumped down my throat for being “white” when i’m not omfg and sorry but i’m fucking sick of it. if youre drunk my honest tip is to stay away from social media until you sober up. and apologize for being a transphobic dick. 

She made a post and apparently she’s angry and people have been irritating.
When will this vaguing end?
I had a slight hope that maybe there’s another reason but nope.
She definitely doesn’t like me and I’ll stop trying to contact her now, I sent one more text today asking her if she’s just gonna ignore me, I’ve gotten no response so I take that as a yes.
Why the fuck did she end our friendship because I mentioned my girlfriend like seriously wtf?
Once again I get it if it annoyed her but holy shit.
So far every post has been about her but I’m full of internal rage so I’ll find other people and situations to rant at :D