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Meg sauntered into the venue of the party like she owned the place, one Lindsay around her arm. One hunk of rock in her purse. Still not given up. Still not holding hands yet. What was her hesitance this time? Timing. The timing had to be perfect. 

So naturally she brought it along. Because the timing might be at the party. And if that happened, she had to be completely prepared for it. She glanced at Lindsay, who looked nothing short of stunning in her outfit for the evening, and decided that if the timing wasn’t this party, it might not be ever. God, what a knockout, what a woman, wow… “U-Uh, shall we?” She squeaked out. Excellent. Eloquent. Perfect. What a way to fuck up already. 

sexyawesomeandgay replied to your post “I feel like rosepearl is such a queerbait-y tragic lesbian ship. Like…”

literally rose does not show attraction to pearl in the show?? thatd make the part where pearl is jealous of greg and rose just laughs it off very Uh

yeah that’s where i was like “either you’re aware of pearl’s crush but you refuse to address it” or “you’re dating someone who’s uncomfortable that you might get another potential partner and you choose to laugh it off”

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rose hardcore crushing on jade when she was like 12 is a headcanon near and dear to my heart. Years down the line she looks back and is like "oh.......OH"

get this rose hardcore crushin on jade for years, it peters out when she spends 3 years completely separated from her on the meteor and falls in love w her girlfriend. she still thinks of jade durin those years like ‘wow i was such..a lesbian’ but when they reunite it like rushes back to her and she finds that she never got over those feelings. kanaya grows super affectionate of jade meanwhile (remembering her fondly as the space frog girl who she helped Work Thru Some Stuff years ago, who was also roses dear friend, they bond over their love of the outdoors and the sunlight) anyway BOOM jaderosekanon


You were a flowerbed
flourishing between paved
gray, and the heavy blue
sky. You break into
the horizon, leaving
a midday sun to peer
through the winter fog.

The soldiers lined up
against my two-chambered
bunker had long been
shell-shocked; they
floated in their boots
when you rose like
a flower stem through
the beaten soil.

You hoisted them, your
wavering flags through
the smoke, thick with cries
of holy, vivacious surrender.

You lie now, a petal
on my pillow, quiet in
a windless cocoon of
hands gathering scent,  
as we drink from the leaves
after decades of drought.

In the morning your dress
is a kite. and I run
up your pale beach,
entrenching my feet  
and bracing for the pull
of the sky.

Like, wow

I never thought anything would give Legend of Korra a run for their money in terms of homophobia, but some RWBY fans are really pushing through with their hatred and misconceptions about queer characters.

It seems that even mentioning representation issues this show has can cause some to lose their chill to the point of sending asks filled with the |f*****| word and the like.

But the open homophobia is easy to deal with or to ignore. What’s worse is the thinly veiled cases. Trying to be reductive about LGBT representation, trying to shame people for wanting it or for calling out writers, trying to downplay the issues into “those salty shippers, amirite?”, which frankly reminds me how some people try to downplay sexism issues in real world via “pfft, you women” and the like.

I mean, it is not hard to educate oneself on the issue. But that requires WANTING to be educated. And being ignorant and using that ignorance to downplay the issue or demonize LGBT people is so much easier.

i got a sample of perfume fat electrician i really like the dry wood/resin smells in it? ? idk what it is specifically but it reminds me of orchestra room at jr high . there was a sweet cumin-y-ness as well that i didn’t care for so much but i haven’t noticed it as much as the very first time i tried it on. anyway i like the orchestra room smell so much i keep wearing it despite the bits i don’t care for. i would love smth like this but like not sweet at all ?? also i read reviews on fragrantica and i want to know what people’s idea of ‘wearable’ scents are if they find this one to be unwearable??????? it doesn’t really seem that odd imo and lowers my expectations for scents with that kind of reputation which is a little bit of a let down!

Nextgen chats
  • Dominique:"So that must be cool, being a Healer..."
  • Rose:"He's not a Healer yet, he's still studying - "
  • Dominique:"With the sexy Healers with sharp jaws and glasses - "
  • Rose:"Like I said, not a Healer - "
  • Dominique:"Nurses in naughty outfits..."
  • Scorpius:"You do have a point..."
  • Rose:"Don't act like what she's saying is an actual thing."
  • Dominque:"I bet you're one of those Healers who wear nerdy glasses but when you take them off... wow!"
  • Rose:"NOT a Healer yet!"
  • Scorpius:"Yesterday I pulled a wand out of a patients ear."
  • Dominique:"????"
  • Rose:"Last week he told me a Witch got a cat stuck in her mouth."
  • Scorpius:"Rose, you loved that story!"
  • Rose:"I prefer the wand story..."
  • Dominique:"Stop ruining this for me. Merlin, no wonder you two are together. Freaks."

While I do think that the idea of Jasper being literal when she said that she’s been fighting since the second she broke free of the Earth’s crust because Garnet and Bismuth were attacking is what most likely happened, I do find some parts of the discussion rather silly.

Like Rose either had to be there herself or Team Bismuth went without her knowing? What kind of shitty leader wouldn’t that make Rose?

We know Rose (and Pearl) used hit-and-run tactics earlier in the rebellion. Probably because they were heavily outnumbered due to Rose not having built a substansial army yet.

Beta was built because Homeworld needed soldiers fast. So the war had been going on for a while at that point. Rose sent some of her best warriors on a mission to shut down that Kindergarten before the Quartzes could compose themselves. Its brutal, but effective. And most likely a tactic Jasper would begrudgingly respect once she got a chance to catch her breath so to speak.

As for Jasper - her taking down 80 Crystal Gems might seem puny compared to the three battallions Garnet and Bismuth took on. But not really. Garnet and Bismuth took on three battallions yes, but it was three battallions of freshly hatched soldiers. An easy mark for experienced battle-hardened warriors.

But a Quartz fresh out of the ground who managed to take down 80 experienced Crystal Gem warriors?

Pearl pulling that Nephrite (Centi?) out of the cockpit or Garnet and Bismuth taking on three battallions of Quartz soldiers is delivered as playful banter. Like fuck yeah wasn’t that awesome? The reality is that it was most likely brutal and bloody because that’s what is really like.

If that Nephrite was Centi, then that was likely the event that caused her to be separated from her crew. Which led to her not getting off the planet in time because she was looking for them. And they were waiting for her, which eventually led to her and them being corrupted.

And it raises my suspicions that Lapis wasn’t merely a civilian casualty. Because no mere civilian would be allowed to just “visit” a battle zone like that. Lapis isn’t telling the full story here.


idk if i posted this on my blog yet, but i decided monochrome is my thing now

i mean, i still like white rose and bumbleby, it’s just that i can easily imagine monochrome being a thing in the canon universe, i love their whole dymanic. i think it’s a very interesting and complex ship that can show lots of development and positive change for weiss and blake. plus they look simply stunning together.

i love the whole idea of someone from the schnee family dating a faunus. i love the whole idea of their love being unconditional, pure and caring, despite the fact that they come from opposing backgrounds. i feel like their love can be what can create change. change for the better.

i want them to always be there for each other. weiss can fight for blake’s acceptance, regardless of the fact that she isn’t a faunus herself. blake can help weiss get away from her conservative family and find true happiness.

even if they have to fight for it, i want them to be okay in the end and to have each other. always.

sorry if you followed me for white rose or bumbleby, you can unfollow me if that’s the case. i’m sorry to disappoint you.

i still like white rose and bumbleby, but i prefer to ship monochrome in the canon universe just because how romantic their friendship dynamic seems to be and how great a story it would make if they got together ;w;

i just want weiss and blake to be happy with each other and to have moments together where it’s just the two of them, peaceful and sweet. i guess that’s what it means by shipping them.


gems and their gemstones

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[the Yellow Diamond fan art]