Like it's not some random thing on the internet

Okay but one of my favorite things is when I’m talking to an Internet friend and they’re going to a store or something and they’re like “hey want me to get you something?” like? yes of course? please pretend like you’re going to buy me something because you’re my friend and you care yes I love you

Bonus points if they actually buy some random thing and send you a picture of it captioned “got it” or something yes I love you so much friend

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The funniest thing to me is that the gay prince himself doesn't give a shit about people talking about his non straightness lmaoooo He's out there not labelling himself, publicly ogling Ryan Gosling, walking around town with a pride pin while his "fans" get mad when the gays comment on things Harry himself has done. Sis, it ain't my fault, go stan Bieber or some other straight white boy, there are plenty

I KNOW FOR REAL its just so funny because like who are these ppl even stanning tbh…. its like we’re looking at two different harrys…. how can anyone think harry styles is someone that would want random people on the internet acting as his heterosexual defence squad like i just…. it doesnt add up

every single time I see someone complain about the “serial killer fandom” I wanna vomit like honestly??? they are not hurting you… some of them are doing more good for prisoners, criminals, and people with violent mental illnesses than any of you ever will. These people matter. They are human and it is not wrong for people to be interesting in the morbid side of humanity, and it’s not wrong to treat human beings who have done bad things like human fucking beings.

i want to be snarky but… its sad that people want to make fun of random people on the internet for being passionate about something that most people don’t think twice about. 

it just brings me back to stupid middle school bullying… its absolutely pointless to fight back but… I was never able to keep my mouth shut about the Jonas Brothers then, and I won’t shut my mouth about murderers now.

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Klaroline/Charmed fusion

This is like 90% done right now… I have like 1 scene and sort the ending out a bit better than I have done and then its ready… It is basically Caroline and Phoebe becoming fast internet friends and then drama surrounding Mystic Falls Caroline needs to call in a favour from San Fransisco.

Rewrite the past

LOL this one… I have to finish writing Chapter 4… and edit chapter 3. Then i have to actually figure out where to take the rest of the story *hides* 

Heretic Vs Hybrid

I have to start typing chapter 3 and then 4. The rest of the fiction is already mapped out into my note book, i just need motivation and time to get it typed up. Its basically a small pic of Caroline coming back to Mystic Falls after finding out she is a heretic and collides into Klaus and his need for hybrids in the Gym on prank night.

The Storms of The Heart

I am really excited to get started on this fiction… I have 60% of the fiction mapped and planned out in my notebook… I need some more scenes and then to type it….. It is a story of Esther sending Caroline and Came back in time for Klaus to kill, but she didn’t send them back enough. Present time Klaus comes to the girls rescue, but with the means to bring one girl back…..

Unnamed Gifset

My attempt at gif making and a soulmate mini drabble to accompany it… Gif is ready, I just need to crack on its the drabble…
Heres a sneak peak…

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Hello, this is my first time submitting a post of my own🙈 I’ve met some pretty cool people on this blog so it thought I’d try it. My name is Sazzy!! and I’m 15 years old. I live on the west coast in America (p.s my eyes are really brown lol its just a filter )

Some random facts about me💕
-I love to draw and write. Those are truly two of my passions.
-I like to make things and am very crafty. A diyourselfer if you will😂
-I love to go on adventures and just travelling in general🌹
-I have a dog. A pug whom I adore with all my heart so I’ll probably send you pics!
-I love old movies ( Gone with the wind, gentlemen prefer blondes, It Happened One Night)
-A big kpop junkie OmFg ( bts is my fave boy group)
-I’m a beginner in sewing
-Hot cheetos and boba tea are 😍👌
-I love fashion and makeup and girly things
I’m down for internet friends and pen pals so we could be either or both. I’m a really fast responder and I would appreciate it immensely if you were too. I just worry a lot and overthink things. I don’t care what sexuality or gender you are , as long as you’re not mean and rude. I don’t care about background either.As for age I would prefer 15-18. Learning about new cultures intrigues me also. I’m a really chill person and enjoy talking about anything and everything. I especially love late night convos where we send each other memes and stuff😂 I’m here to form deep bonds so this better last haha💖💖

Tumblr: sulitaurora
Kik: sazzydulcet


It’s been a while since I wrote about GamerGate. Every once in a while someone will still email me about it, sometimes in response to my plea for both “sides” to defend themselves, though I admit a certain disappointment in many of the replies. It’s not that they are poorly written, but as a general trend they have shifted toward a new claim, “GamerGate is damaging the gaming industry”, which never comes with as much defense as I would like. 

As forewarning, this post isn’t particularly thought-out or well-structured; it’s just me sharing some general thoughts.

I guess I should explain where I’m coming from here. Back when I was a teenager, I used to be one of those internet art critic people. Like, you know the type: assholes who went out of their way to provide honest (if often overly harsh) criticism of every art piece someone had the gall to request feedback on. We rebelled against this thing we called, at the time, the “DeviantArt mentality”, where artists would exclusively get their feedback from a small group of friends who would positively regard their work no matter what. Most of us on the more critical side of things knew, from personal experience, that this behavior hindered artistic development and sort of took it upon ourselves to stamp it out.

As I got older, of course, I grew out of it. I realized, as I think most people eventually do, that it’s perfectly okay for someone to do something in a way they personally enjoy. The real issue with what we called the “DeviantArt mentality” was that it was not economically viable. A person who has their work coddled and never learns to appeal to a diverse and discerning crowd will not be able to compete adequately in a professional setting, their audience limited to that small group of friends (who are often artists in the exact same situation). As a result, you have a professional art community of people who expect and value candid and varied feedback, and a “hobbyist” community of people who are primarily interested in working for themselves or a small group of friends. This, I feel, is a working model. 

If you read through my stuff, it’s pretty clear that I am very audience-focused. I talk about audience statistics a lot, as well as directly interact with fans at every possible opportunity. I don’t spend a lot of time around other artists, even going so far as to avoid seriously participating in any “artist circles”, since I’ve learned many audience members hate the schism this drives between creators and their fans. My policy regarding these things is a simple one: I work for the chaotic and diverse mass of fans that consume my material, and generally stand against anything that discourages them from sharing their thoughts or feelings (since, you know, that’s what my model pivots on catering to).

I never really joined GamerGate, which is why it’s sort of weird when people lump me in with them. What I did was pretty much the same thing I always do: value audience members the same as content creators. When a whole bunch of people are upset about something and a creator says “nah, it’s fine”, my first instinct is to hear both sides out, because as far as I’m concerned neither one has more credibility. As I’ve stressed before, the people who attack me for my thoughts on GamerGate never actually address anything I say as being misinformation, they just attack me for “listening to 4chan/8chan/gamers/whatever”, which is incredibly unsettling because it conveys this idea that I should value certain people higher than others - not because they support their ideas better, but because they are inherently better

Which I guess takes me back to this idea I mentioned at the beginning: GamerGate damaging the gaming industry. When people are defending this assertion, they point to the “angry mobs” with no coherent demands, the general level of vitriol flung at creators, and the privacy-crippling digging they do into their targets, etc. All through this, though, I’m just left thinking “Holy shit. This is my jam!”. This thing they’re complaining about is the exact environment I’m used to navigating - in fact, as far as I know, it’s the exact environment the gaming industry always had. When people point to all the horrible harassment developers “received from GamerGate”, it’s tamer than what I’ve gotten just by virtue of being a relatively popular creator. As someone who’s in this industry, the notion that GamerGate is ruining it makes no sense to me since nothing actually changed

What seems more likely, to me, is that people stumbled outside their Artist Circles and hit a wild audience for the first time. They didn’t know how to handle a critical and diverse audience, they turned it antagonistic, and they don’t know how to deal with it. It would explain a lot of the behavior you see: demands to see some kind of GamerGate leader they can blame/complain to, assertions that abuse is okay when it’s against the “right” people, lamenting their own harassment when it’s pretty much the bog-standard someone gets from working with a mass audience, etc. From my perspective, it feels like these are fish-out-of-water, dealing directly with my industry for the first time.

I admit when I first started writing this, I considered whether I should be showing these people more sympathy. They are probably scared, I realized: flung headlong into a scary environment their more tightly-knit artist circle did not prepare them for. But, then I thought back to when I was a young artist, and the first time I encountered a harsh critic: I wasn’t a dick to him, I didn’t tell him his opinion was stupid, and I adapted to a critical environment pretty quickly. A lot of these people vehemently decrying GamerGate, however, are kind of accusatory dicks to these groups of individuals they label as “angry mobs”. I started to consider a different theory:

What if this is about privilege? 

What if this is some group of well-connected, well-to-do people who are stepping into a hostile and critical environment for the first time and are completely ass-blasted that they are not inherently valued above others? What if these people are realizing, with horror, that this is an industry where their word is just as valuable as that of some random non-creator on an internet forum, and they’re trying to “fix” it by reinstating a hierarchy with them on top? 

I mean, just speaking personally, there are a lot of things I like about GamerGate and its affect on the industry. I like that when a creator is accused of something, GG digs into it and tries to gather evidence. I like that they’re critical of reporting and have made their presence known as a massive, vaguely-united mob that will lash out and potentially gain dangerous credibility if faced with things that are verifiably false. They’ve been bringing a lot of ideologically diverse people together in an environment where they can typically discuss things without attempting to harm one another. They’ve been speaking out against the tendency to “speak for” minorities. Best of all, it makes it harder to prevail above your competitors with nothing but money and connections. These are all changes I wanted to see in the gaming industry. But, frankly, I can understand why a privileged dickwad would oppose every one of them.

This is just a theory, of course. I mean, all I know is that from my perspective, a bunch of kind of rude and dismissive people are coming in and attacking the group I consider to be my audience as being horrible monsters who don’t appreciate True Art or whatever. I’m not particularly worried, because as I’ve stated before this only facilitates the development of a niche, but I’m still kind of offended when people say GamerGate is damaging the industry or driving away minority developers. Like… I’m here; you can talk to me. I approve of the changes, and I just explained why. I know that some people will be driven away, but a lot of them are kind of assholes to their audience and I parse the hostility toward them the same way I’d parse a rude waiter getting fired by his boss. 

I don’t know. Like I said, I’m an audience person; my primary concern is with the tastes and desires of the people who play my games. I wish people who talk about GamerGate damaging the industry would talk about how it damages it for people like me, because it feels like the focus is purely on making the industry comfortable for the exact type of people I oppose. 

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hey its been a bad day and I just keep getting misgendered (I'm a transguy) and youre my fave person and idk can I have like some words or inspiration or comfort please.

There’s no way for me to understand the struggle of being trans, but I do know how it feels to have someone say something to you that cuts you. I get it all the time. Random strangers on the Internet saying awful things to me and about me. 

These strangers who are misgendering you obviously don’t know you, they’re not your friends. Whenever I get lost in the sea of shitty things people say to me, I just focus and remember that those things aren’t me, they don’t define me, that’s not who I am. They’re just words and they only have meaning if I give them meaning.

I hope that wasn’t too vague or cliché. I wish I could give you better advice. But I hope your day gets better, friend. <3 I support you and I will destroy anyone who hurts you.

dear people who say “tumblrs not an accepting place”

im gonna drop some bombs here, so i want you to be sitting down for this one. tumblrs a website. tumblr doesnt stand for anything. tumblr, as well as just about any website, is just a random collection of anyone with internet access and an email account. the thing you are describing is the world. the thing you are mad at is literally any random joe off the street

its not a hivemind its a bunch of strangers with a thousand different opinions all sitting in front of monitors doing nothing

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in lsw, fushimi looks up mikoto after the fire bottle incident and it said the ones that can't handle the red king's flames die. is that just internet lies, or is there actually some truth in there? and if it's true, how does homra feel about it?

I’ve always kinda wondered about this one, actually. In MOR I think it was mentioned as well, that anyone who can’t pass Mikoto’s test gets burned into ashes, but is there any proof of that ever actually happening? Considering in R:B there’s a thing with random Homra members doing what they like without Mikoto’s order and presumably having little respect for him it seems like just about anybody can get Mikoto’s power. Maybe the whole thing really is just a rumor, cooked up by Mikoto, Totsuka and Kusanagi to be sure that people don’t just try to join Homra to get awesome fire powers, they have to be willing to risk their lives to get it. (If it wasn’t a rumor though imagine poor Kusanagi’s face the first time Mikoto immolates someone in his bar. Friends help you move, real friends help you sweep up the ashes and cover up all traces of the guy you technically just murdered.)

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I was wondering, what is Crypto? What can cause it and how can you tell if a leo has it? Is it easily preventable? (I saw that little baby Brook(?) post and it's got me thinking about my babies and I just like to make sure my knowledge is up to date, I forget things easily and I don't trust random websites on the internet, rather come to someone I'm sure they know what they're talking about, aka you XD)

Hello! c:

Crypto is short for ‘Cryptosporidiosis’.  It’s caused by a single-celled organism, a parasite called ‘Cryptosporidium varanii’ (although some older literature refers to it as ‘saurophilum‘). 

It’s VERY easily transferred between reptiles because the oocyst (sort of an egg) of this parasite can last for years and very little can kill it.  When the oocyst is eaten by another reptile, it comes out of hibernation and wrecks havoc.  Very little can kill the oocyst.  For hobbyists, we only have a few choices: ammonia, steam, or just throwing out everything that’s infected.  Crypto can wipe out entire collections.  This is why quarantine is essential for new animals.

Crypto lives in the small intestine of infected animals and starts to damage the walls.  The small intestine is where most of nutrition absorption actually takes place.  As the cells are damaged, the animal stops being able to absorb food, which leads to diarrhea.  This chronic malnutrition leads to very rapid weight loss and a condition called ‘stick tail’ (which is just a very skinny tail).

There’s no cure for crypto.  It will eventually kill any reptile it infects.  Most infections come from pet store populations since most of their animals come from large-scale breeders (like puppy mills for geckos) and aren’t quarantined. 

So here’s a run-down of the symptoms again:

  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Chronic stomach/intestine infections
  • Extremely smelly stools that have a cottage cheese consistency and a lot of mucus
  • Lethargy and weakness (an animal who is lying down flat all the time)
  • Anorexia
  • Large dark blue or black spots in the gecko’s belly
  • Regurgitation of shed skin
  • Loss of muscle tone in the legs, especially the hind legs

Prevention is best achieved with a good quarantine.  When you get a new animal, ideally it will be kept in an entirely different room for 3 months.  Take care of this animal LAST to make sure you’re not transferring anything nasty from it to your current animals.  Wash your hands after handling/feeding the new animal. Basically, just keep it as far away from your other reptiles as possible.

It’s diagnosed by a fecal test, but you have to request it specifically because it can be hard to detect.  It often hides behind other infections as well, since the immune system is lowered. Avian Biotech does mail tests if a vet can’t perform them.

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How do you think Attack of the Clones would have gone if it had been Padme pursuing Anakin instead?

Okay this is one of those things where I gotta re-confess that I STILL haven’t seen the full movie (I confess this kind of thing a LOT in regards to Star Wars, THERE IS JUST SO MUCH STAR WARS), so my knowledge of its plot is largely based on random scenes seen out of order/context and the rambling vagaries of the internet and, like, gifs. << 

THAT SAID, are we talking “Anakin is exactly as infatuated and ready to break Jedi Code as he is in canon” or are we talking “full role reversal and Anakin’s trying to stoically restrain his feelings like he thinks he’s a Kenobi or some shit”? Because the first one means they’d NEVER have kept a lid on the relationship, Obi-Wan would be like “we have been here literally five minutes and also weren’t we talking about a threat to your life?” and Padmé would be like “I hear ya buddy but ‘Jedi’ is basically a religion, right, so like, does that mean you can perform marriage ceremonies? the best man can do that, right, that’s a thing? if not that’s cool, I’ll lend Ani a handmaiden to be his best woman, that’ll work. also where’d R2 go, we need a flower droid.” 

The second option I doubt would’ve involved as much restraint as Padmé managed in canon (by which I mean, um, basically none basically no one in any of these movies has ANY CHILL WHATSOEVER lbr), but they might actually not have gotten married as quickly either, if that makes sense? Like, if Padmé’s the one pursuing Anakin while he’s all “but my PROMISES and VOWS :CCC”, she might be willing to be a little slower about things and be like “okay as soon as you’re knighted and all this shit is over you’ll leave the Order and we’ll get married THEN, so you aren’t breaking any promises or the Code, see, that’ll be fine!” And Anakin of course is Anakin so he’s like “PERFECT, A FLAWLESS PLAN, PADME YOU ARE THE SMARTEST AND MOST AMAZING”. 

… also, does the second option mean Padmé staring at Anakin like he hung the moon while he’s all flustered and nervy like “stop looking at me like that” and cannot handle the blatant adoration just ROLLING off her, because if it does then I am now deeply offended that canon did not give it to me.