Like it's not some random thing on the internet

chrome extensions for ppl w/ paranoia

i found + downloaded these while i was having a psychotic episode and they really helped me calm tf down so i figured some of u would appreciate

paranoid browsing sifts through random webpages in the background (u dont have to look at or deal w any of these while its running btw) which masks whatever ur doing and makes it impossible for anyone to track ur internet history

ghostery notifies u every time u go on a site w any sort of stat counter or anything of the likes, it also gives u the options to block these sorts of things from tracking ur ip

this doesnt help w paranoia but its still useful, no more tumblr players automatically removes any music player on ppls blogs so u dont have to put up w annoying ppls autoplays. it doesnt affect other sites tho

stay fresh, pals!

People complaining about Myerrs Briggs like it’s some fad teenagers came up with an not a long trusted, well researched and scientifically founded test used to determine personality types. 

every single time I see someone complain about the “serial killer fandom” I wanna vomit like honestly??? they are not hurting you… some of them are doing more good for prisoners, criminals, and people with violent mental illnesses than any of you ever will. These people matter. They are human and it is not wrong for people to be interesting in the morbid side of humanity, and it’s not wrong to treat human beings who have done bad things like human fucking beings.

i want to be snarky but… its sad that people want to make fun of random people on the internet for being passionate about something that most people don’t think twice about. 

it just brings me back to stupid middle school bullying… its absolutely pointless to fight back but… I was never able to keep my mouth shut about the Jonas Brothers then, and I won’t shut my mouth about murderers now.

there is sometimes though, the occasion when something like that does get to you though. but its usually when you’re already having those thoughts about yourself. when i already hate myself, and some random person on the internet confirms those thoughts. i’m not going to pretend i’m invincible from words on the internet because i’m not. i used to cry every day because of hurtful things that people have said to me from this blog. i’m getting stronger but at least remember that not all people are. i’m happy enough to take it if it means i’m distracting the blow from someone else at this point.

dear people who say “tumblrs not an accepting place”

im gonna drop some bombs here, so i want you to be sitting down for this one. tumblrs a website. tumblr doesnt stand for anything. tumblr, as well as just about any website, is just a random collection of anyone with internet access and an email account. the thing you are describing is the world. the thing you are mad at is literally any random joe off the street

its not a hivemind its a bunch of strangers with a thousand different opinions all sitting in front of monitors doing nothing

I saw this right before i was gonna upload a cute photoset of Arin in his new haircut and now i gotta pause to write this spiel lmao

listen friendo im totally here for ppl doing what they want w their own bodies but im also allowed to have an opinion/personal preference; my friend thinks arin and mark both look ugly 24/7 bc they have a beard; someone thought arins beard was cut TOO SHORT and thought it was ugly; another friend thinks his clothing style is atrocious and shouldnt be allowed to dress himself lol; all these ppl like him and still watch him; a new haircut isnt gonna change that or my overall opinion of him tbh and besides hes got better things to worry about than some random girl on the internet saying his haircut is bad haha

(If its not clear, im just poking fun; its not that terrible, i just appreciated the long hair more)