• Sirius: Go like my Instagram picture for me
  • James: Why should I do that
  • Sirius: Because I'd like you to like it
  • James: For what purpose
  • Sirius: Prongs stop being fucking difficult and like my goddamn picture you twat

Um ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 Tumblr has some really fucked up ppl that are guised as educated and woke and u really don’t see it until u look from the outside in lmao some of y'all really need to take a step back log off and reevaluate ….. reassess ….. some of y'all deadass lost ur humanity bc u think it’s cool to be as extreme as possible

idk how to walk Mary home but I wanna

So I was in the car with my dad the other day...

And we were talking about Star Wars, particularly the last Jedi and where it was going, and fan theories. We got to the stuff going around about Rey’s parentage and I said, “Yeah, a lot of people are still clinging on to the Rey Skywalker theory although it’s already been debunked numerous amounts of time. I just feel bad, you know? They are gonna be really disappointed when the movie comes out.” He nodded, and then I went on to say, “Also I know a few people who think she’s a solo, which…I mean, come on.” AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT MY FATHER SAID??? IN THE MOST MATTER-O-FACT, NONCHALANT WAY, HE SAID : “The only way Rey is gonna be a solo is if she marries Ben.” I SPIT OUT MY WATER ALLLLLL OVER THE STEERING WHEEL. I WAS LIKE “HUH? WHAT??? WHAT WAS THAT YOU JUST SAID?” And he started laughing and said, “Well duh, I thought you knew that. That’s the only way that’s going down.” And I just….

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Snowbaz Tea

OKay so in case you haven’t seen it yet, I just want everyone to know that there is Simon and Baz tea.Yes, you heard me right, Simon and Baz tea. Simon’s tea is flavored like cherry scones and Baz’s tea is flavored like pumpkin mocha breve. ARe your wallets out yet?!??!?!??! @theinsidiouspitch informed me of this wonderfulness right here

But like imagine curling up with your battered but well-loved copy of Carry On in a big comfy chair with a fat cat on your lap and you’re drinking Snowbaz tea?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!???? You would be literally drinking the Gayness™