I’m sorry but I can’t agree with Todd Slavkin that the Shadowhunter society is not homophobic. If it weren’t homophobic, Alec wouldn’t be so afraid of coming out. This wasn’t just about him being in love with Jace, he was literally terrified of anyone finding out he was homosexual. 

If they drop that angle, then I’ll be very angry because the one thing that was so very special about Alec, that made him an actual historical figure on par with Jace and Clary and their deeds, was that he was the FIRST one to openly admit he was gay, the first one, in the whole history of Shadowhunters. 

Now I’m actually worried that they will completely miss the whole point of Alec’s arc and struggle. If they drop the homophobia angle, then what was Alec’s struggle about? What was the point? 

Clary’s new weapon.

(Based on a conversation with @nightfallgoddess​ and some bts pictures/videos).

Clary and Izzy are training one day and Clary can’t help but look at Izzy’s bracelet and also remember Alec’s bow, so she asks her to teach her how to use something no one else in the institute uses.

Somehow it comes to Izzy instantly. Throwing knives. Why? Clary is very lean and also proven to be fast. Also, she’s not as strong as Alec and Izzy to handle physical combat yet. Isabelle knows how to use them, but are obviously not her favorite. So with Alec’s help, they get dummies and bull’s-eyes for Clary to practice and both of them teach her every day. First on still objects, next on moving ones (throwing things in the air or with moving bull’s-eyes).

Clary learns quite quickly, and soon enough she has the Lightwood siblings’ approval, so they get her a leg holster and some knives for their next mission. Trying to throw knives at demons it’s not easy at first, but adapting is something Clary is getting quite good at, so it doesn’t take long before Clary is slaying demons with her new weapon.

One day they go out to look for information on Jace and they are in this downworlder bar or someplace like that, and Clary and Izzy are interrogating this vampire about Jace’s whereabouts or if he saw something unusual. The vampire is not quite cooperative and it takes them long to get some information out of him. The information isn’t quite relevant, but it’s something.

“That’s all I’ve got, little girl,” he says, and it sounds like he’s spitting at them. “So why don’t you and your friend get out? This is no place for the nephilim.”

Clary and Izzy just glare at him and turn around. Alec is waiting for them outside just in case something happens, and he is probably nervous with impatience at this point.

Just when they’re about to get out, Clary stops and turns around again, facing the vampire that is on the other side of room, smirking. Izzy doesn’t know what she’s doing, but doesn’t say anything, waiting patiently for her with the door opened.

Fast as lightning, Clary takes out one of her knives and throws it at the vampire, missing his face by inches on purpose. The vampire, completely stunned, looks at the knife, now nailed to the wall beside his face.

“My name is not little girl.” Clary then leaves the bar, silence filling the air after that. Izzy takes a second at the door, but there’s a clear smile on her face.

“I taught her so well,” she whispers and follows, closing the door with a thud.