imagine alec in two sweaters, walking past magnus’s bookshelves, trying to figure out where each one of the books he had been reading belongs. his long fingers are a little cold and he’s dragging them over the titles and the authors because since the last time he was looking at them, magnus has rearranged them and he no longer knows the system. but just as he’s about to put one of them back in the right place, big arms slide around his shoulders and a warm chest presses right up against his back.

the minute it happens alec breathes out heavy, shutting his eyes because it’s like stepping out of the shadows into the warmth of the morning sun, having magnus’s body pressed against his. magnus’s arms are warm and his chest is warmer, and as he presses his face into alec’s shoulder, his breath is hot, permeating through alec’s sweater.

“need some help?” magnus asks, moving his head to press a couple of soft kisses into alec’s neck, just shy of his deflect rune.

alec shivers, smiling bigger than you can even imagine and glancing back. magnus is looking at him, those warm brown eyes all soft, smirking as he kisses alec’s neck again, his goatee just catching against his skin.

“please.” alec replies, but he can’t even remember what he was doing honestly.

it makes me so happy how Alec is the str8 fave because he’s played by a tall white boy but then you watch the show and he’s so gay even from the very beginning and he falls in love with a man and so much of his identity is tied into his sexuality and like he’s ours and the hets can pretend all they want and ship him with women but he’ll always be gay and he’ll always be with a bisexual asian man and like how does it feel straighties??? He’s ours!!!!!!! Ur fave is gay!!!!!