honestly the scene where magnus tells alec to get out is so important??? because yall love to portray alec as this saint and magnus as oh so forgiving and that he should be grateful but the reality is alec has a hell of a lot of privilege over magnus and that needs to be shown in their dynamic and yaknow alec needs to learn but it’s not magnus’ job to teach him and magnus has every right to tell him to get the fuck out because alec was raised in the same racist society as all the rest of them and i’m really glad the show crushed this idea that some of yall have that alec is some perfect ally to the downworld because there is no such thing and his relationship with magnus doesn’t make him immune to being shitty


This. Everyone knows this feeling. When someone you love says something hurtful without realizing it. You can’t help but feel betrayed in that moment. You keep calm and collected while they’re there. Yet as soon as they’re gone, your walls start breaking down. Your breathing picks up and anger fills your veins. Rage fills you and all that you want to do is scream and cry.

I think my favorite thing about Alec being the Head of the Institute is that now thousands of closeted LGBT+ shadowhunters will hear about how a gay man who is dating a warlock is the head of the New York institute. Just by being himself and doing his job Alec is such and inspiration.

malec wedding
  • jace: releasing birds at a wedding is romantic!
  • jace: magnus i need you to take this buzzfeed quiz
  • magnus: sure what is it
  • jace: it tells you what mcdonald's burger you are
  • alec: *mumbles something incoherent from the other side of the room*
  • jace: i'm sorry can you repeat that
  • alec: i said he's a 'big tasty' no need to take a quiz to figure that out