Lightroom Reference View

An update to Adobe Lightroom has added what they are calling “Reference View”.

This is a neat new idea, it allows you to add a static image in a split screen configuration in the Developer module, so that you can (as Adobe describe it) “match the look and feel” of the photo you’re editing to the reference photo.

Two ways of using this spring to mind. If you’re preparing a series of shots to exhibit together, say, in a print display, and you want to make sure they all share a common tonality, you could now tweak each image against the standout image in the collection to ensure you don’t get any with obvious incompatibility.

You could also choose an existing work, by yourself or even an historical photographer whose work you admire to create a piece with the same characteristics.

I guess some folks may feel that they’re already getting a high degree of image consistency by applying batch adjustments on import, but there are always shots that don’t respond like the others in a batch.

This is a great idea, I love it when they come up with something innovative and interesting.

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