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I'm kinda dissapointed how easily touka went down I was hoping she got extremely powerful and there were some theories about her having a kakuja man

Omg no, she didn’t go down easy at all. Don’t let the fact that she fell to her knees exhausted fool you!

It’s because she’s an Ukaku ghoul and she’s been firing off lightning. Ukakus are specialised for finishing fights quickly. They’re the highest energy kagune because of their more fluid structure (the bonds form and break very quickly between RC cells) so Ukakus aren’t known for Stamina. It’s incredible that she lasted that long and Kiyoko and Mougan even comment on how strong she is.

Not only did Touka hold off 2 Special Class by herself for quite some time, she was also firing lightning. Yomo a few chapters back fell to his knees from exhaustion after firing a bolt of lightning so I think it’s fair to say that’s a huge energy drain. 

I also can’t see Touka being a kakuja tbh. Anytime I try to picture her cannibalising other ghouls, all I can see is her spitting it back out saying “I’m not eating this shit” :’D

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Hi I love your blog <3 just wondering who you ship in avatar the last airbender (if you ship anyone at all)?

Hello anon! <3

I ship Zutara, dude. They’re the ship that should’ve been. And they look sooo good together omg. I really wanted them to be together! 

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I mean just look at them (!!!!) like when I watched this scene I had to pause and internalize things hahahaha and yeah afterwards I’m crying feels (I always do every time they are on screen together I’m trash)

And then this also happened

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Omg would you look at that he took a lightning bolt for her omg omg. Isn’t that enough reason to ship them goodness

So yeah if I could rewrite the ending of atla I would make them canon af

I have more reasons on why I ship them but haha this might get waaay too long!

Haha thanks for asking. :)


California lightning strike looks like its in slow motion