First Time (Final Rose)

“Or what?” Fang smirked. “You’ll shut me up?”

Lightning stopped mid-stride and turned. Fang had been needling her ever since Team LFSC had been put together. Snow and Caius were bad enough, but they had the decency to keep the insults to a minimum. Fang? Not a chance.

“Yes, Fang. That’s exactly what I’ll do.”

“Really?” Fang’s smirk only widened. “Now… I’ve heard you have some kind of powerful Semblance, but you haven’t shown us a damn thing when we spar. How about it, Lightning? Why don’t you show me what you’re made of?”

Lightning’s fists clenched. “Fine.”

There was a flash of light and then Fang was flying backward. She crashed into the ground more than thirty feet away and skidded to a stop against a tree.

“That was me holding back,” Lightning said, her voice oddly flat. If Fang squinted, she could almost make out the outlines of crystalline armour around Lightning. “If I hadn’t you’d be dead.”

Fang threw her head back and laughed. “Dead? I’ve yet to meet someone who could kill me.” Her voice deepened and took on an animalistic edge. “Bring it on, Lightning, and don’t you dare hold back!”

And then Fang was gone as a cloud of heat and destructive force rippled outward. When it cleared, a monster stood in Fang’s place.

“So…” Lightning’s eyes narrowed. “That is your Semblance.” She blurred forward again. “I -” This time her eyes widened. Fang had caught her punch. Lightning immediately broke free, putting distance between them. Something that could almost have been a smile crossed her lips as she summoned a glowing sword. “Strange… your Semblance feels familiar.” She paused, readying herself for battle. “Something about it makes me want to go all out.”

Fang didn’t reply in words. Instead, she roared and shot toward Lightning faster than a bullet.

X     X     X

“You know,” Snow said to Caius. “I thought I was weird. I mean… I summon a giant blue thing for my Semblance. And, hey, you can sort of enslave the dead or something. I’m still not entirely sure how that works.”

Caius snorted and batted a chunk of rock out of the air before it could hit him. “Yes, and then we meet our two other teammates. One of them transforms into a monster that can, apparently, regenerate from pretty much anything instantaneously while shooting beams of energy and exuding what appears to be some kind of highly corrosive acid.”

“Yeah, and the other one transforms into some kind of… magical girl who can somehow beat the crap out of the monster.”

“I wouldn’t say that if I were you,” Caius drawled. “If Lightning hears you call her a magical girl… well, there will be consequences.”

“Crap,” Snow muttered. “You’re right.” He summoned his Semblance to smash a tree that Fang had thrown at Lightning only for the pink-haired woman to somehow evade it without even breaking her stride. “Do you ever wonder what it would be like if we were on a normal team?”

“I don’t think any of the teams at this academy are normal.”


Lightning Farron Leg Armor mini tutorial !!!

So I don’t really know if I’m the best person to be giving advice about anything armor related, but if you wanna get armor that looks like this, here’s a simple way how to.

1. Make a pattern on your leg with normal paper by wrapping your leg in surround wrap and tape and drawing it where you want it.

2. Cut patter off and Copy the pattern onto foam.

3. Use a heat gun to form the foam into the shape you desire it to be.

4. Use elastic, hot glue, and small clips to attach a band to the back of the foam. This will hold it up when you’re all done. I bought small clips off of amazon for cheap.

5. Add whatever details necessary with more foam.

6. Prime foam with modge podge!

7. Paint with acrylic paint.


9. Add a final coat of modge podge !


Hope this helped people? Maybe? Kinda? Not at all? WELL! I’m always here to help if you have questions on how I do something or whatever !