Storm over Sydney

April, 2015

This storm dumped bucket loads of hail around Sydney on the weekend before moving out to sea. I was further south in the dry (pays to check the satellite images) on a photo quest and stayed around to capture lightening bolts as the sun disappeared. Never really shot something like this before. Totally epic photos all weekend long! Stay tuned 😄


Lightening at Long Reef

Last week I drove down to my favourite sunset spot on the coast north of Sydney. There were plenty of massive clouds around and I was hoping for something epic. So the sunset was pretty nice, but then the lightening started! It was passing by to the south and north so I got a great view out on the point. Later the storm eventually got to me and bucketed down - I was totally drenched and now the speakers on my phone don’t work properly. Worth the shot? I hope so….. (i need this shot to earn $1000 i guess)