Changes on the Horizon

To you, dear Gemini

Sometimes one asks a question in the hope of a particular answer and almost immediately wishes that one never did.  Quite possibly it was the wrong question asked of the wrong person. Maybe it’s time to be as true to others as you are to yourself. The resulting weight of the world no longer a burden on your weary shoulders.  Perhaps then what you desire will be the same as what you deserve and all will be better (or at least different). Of course, being an anniversary celebrating Gemini, nobody knows if your mercurial soul will ever relent and allow you to lead a life of simplicity and certainty, with no puzzles, no duplicity to hide within and, more pertinently, intrigue you.

I suppose we will see in the fullness of time Mr Gemini.  I and others watch in expectation. Will we catch you if you fall?  That is a rhetorical question that you don’t ever need to ask.

Happy anniversary you

Lightroom Presets

Are you a photographer that uses Lightroom (4/5/6)? 

I am wanting to test out some of my favorite presets so that I can put them up for sale. So, if you would like ten FREE presets that I use regularly to edit my pictures, please message me! All that I require is honest feedback and some examples of what you have done with the presets.

First five people that contact me regarding this will receive ten free presets.

Please include your e-mail address, the type of photography that you do (so that I could possibly send specific presets that cater to your style), and your skill level. 

Thank you!

Examples below….

CK Colour


BW Haze

anonymous asked:

Hi Daniel, Great pictures. I wondering if you can share your post processing secret? your photos looks to come from Film camera. what kind of app or preset or anything to turn your picture to film mood? thanks very much for your advises.

Hey, I appreciate it. I use a canon 5d MK 3 and I edit all my images in Lightroom 4 and I use vscofilm presets.


Lightroom Before and After #7 - Including Downloadable Preset

I have created a one off preset for my tumblr followers to download and try out. I’m not sure how it will work across all genres of photography but the results about are all in the preset. I would suggest it is good for sunsets, as above. All you need to do once you have applied it to an image is to adjust the white balance and exposure for the image you are applying it to. Of course go ahead and change more settings! I hope it helps out. (Note this was created in LIghtroom 4). Tell me if you post your results with it, I’d love to see how it turns out for others!

To Download the preset, (Instructions are on the right hand side after you click the link) Here is a link to the file:

Freddie Ardley Photography

Light is more important than the lantern,
The poem more important than the notebook,
And the kiss more important than the lips.
My letters to you
Are greater and more important than both of us.
They are the only documents
Where people will discover
Your beauty
And my madness.


Behind the Scenes Editing: Hiding from a Storm

Here is a before and after look at my recent work, ‘Hiding from a Storm’. All of my post processing work from raw image to final image is exclusively done in Lightroom 4. Mostly with dodge and burn. (hint that is how I created the street lamp glow)

I hope  you find the dramatic change and what can be achieved in Lightroom inspiring.

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Lightroom Before and After #1

I have been asked to do a before and after of one of my photographs. This one really shows the detail retained in the shadows that you may assume just weren’t there. To clarify, no Photoshop CS has been used, just Lightroom 4. If you have any more questions feel free to ask.

Freddie Ardley Photography


creating gifts because I was created to be creative.

“your favourite artist might bend words, and my favourite artist bends galaxies. See in the palm of His hand he holds all the sand, the Author of life, when He whispered, "let us make man.” I mean what if you knew that you are God’s poetry. You were created, because someone else was creative. See, long ago He picked up his eternal paint brush, dipped in His glory, placed you in His story and said, “they will live for Me.” I know it sounds outlandish, but we are not the product of random chances. In fact we are not even the vine; we are actually the branches. No, we are not the artist, we are actually the canvas. Because in an instant, God started to make art, shaped uniquely and beautiful individual from the start and He touched the canvas of flesh and said, ‘this one is better than the rest, I’ll give him so much of my image so even when they’re hot off the press they’ll look so much like Me, you can still see the steam of My breath.’

{From Jefferson Bethke’s Poem, ’The Greatest Artist of all Time.“

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