Window Shopping by Justin Brown
Via Flickr:
The windows on Main Street have very unique displays, often they very little, or nothing to do with the merchandise inside the store, but instead show an interesting scene, or an advertisement for Disney’s latest movie. The secret to getting Disneyland photos without people in the scene is simply to stay in the park after they close. Security slowly closes the park from the points furthest from the front gate a little while after midnight, and usually doesn’t force you out until more than 1 hour after the posted closing time. This is a 6 exposure HDR tone mapped with Photomatix. I used Lightroom, Nik Color Efex 4 and Topaz Denoise to process the image after Photomatix.


creating gifts because I was created to be creative.

“your favourite artist might bend words, and my favourite artist bends galaxies. See in the palm of His hand he holds all the sand, the Author of life, when He whispered, "let us make man.” I mean what if you knew that you are God’s poetry. You were created, because someone else was creative. See, long ago He picked up his eternal paint brush, dipped in His glory, placed you in His story and said, “they will live for Me.” I know it sounds outlandish, but we are not the product of random chances. In fact we are not even the vine; we are actually the branches. No, we are not the artist, we are actually the canvas. Because in an instant, God started to make art, shaped uniquely and beautiful individual from the start and He touched the canvas of flesh and said, ‘this one is better than the rest, I’ll give him so much of my image so even when they’re hot off the press they’ll look so much like Me, you can still see the steam of My breath.’

{From Jefferson Bethke’s Poem, ’The Greatest Artist of all Time.“

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