Jordan Spencer is REAL! I just became fed up with people saying that the girl from the National Geographic magazine wasn’t a real person! She is! She’s Black/White mixed and has a younger sister and brother!

People actually do look like this! OMG hard to believe right? (seriously all you have to do is look at my blog and you’ll see there are quite a bunch of people who look like this in the world, myself included). She wasn’t modified in a lab or designed on a computer screen! Okay? So now you know this girl is real, all the people in that magazine are real! :) 

They also have instagrams if you wish to follow them

Please stop telling the following people that they aren’t black enough:

- Black people with vitiligo

- Black people that are albino

- Black people that are light-skinned and/or bi-racial

- Black people with light eyes

- Black people that do not have their hair natural

-Black people who are Latinx

Your black is so beautiful!