Kiznaiver Ep: 6 Storyboarded by Hiroshi Kobayashi (Series Director for Kiznaiver and Episode Director/storyboarder for Kill la Kill, Kyousougiga, Gatchaman Crowds: Insight, and Rage of Bahamut: Genesis.)

“Twin Dolls”

© All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal!

This series I propose is entirely dedicated to Mechanical and Russian Dolls!

Model: Catherine Cabò


- Russian Totem handmade by me

Make-up /Hairstyle by Me.

Assistant - Film: Luca Coculo

Assistant and Backstage: Angelica Scascitelli


. @maccosmetics #MACStarTrek pressed pigments swatched by @ashley_rudder ! Do we love? #CocoaSwatches #Repost
💁🏾:Swatch alert!! Here are swatches of #MACStarTrek Pressed Pigments and The Trip the Light Fantastic Powders! These multi dimensional textures will add interest to you look at warp speed!! 👯: Tag a buddy that would be into some interstellar skin bling!! ✨✨✨✨✨🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🖖🏾 More swatches to come!! ☺️ #maccosmetics @maccosmetics #MACSeniorArtist #sdcc #sdcc2016 @sdcc2016

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The Top Ten Movie Trailers for 2016

The Top Ten Movie Trailers for 2016

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A compelling trailer for an upcoming movie can make or break that movie’s success. And because movies cost in-the-hundreds-of-millions to produce and get a theatrical release for, a well-put-together trailer can make or break a movie. You’ve seen the bad ones that are so bad they remind you NOT to see the movie. And you’ve seen the good ones, the kind of movie trailer that gets your heart racing,…

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My wife’s uncle gifted us a half case of wine from Ingleside Winery (Virginia) for our wedding ( @theoldlaw You should visit). I cracked open the only white wine, an Albariño. This was the first time I had this kind of wine and I liked it. Nice & crisp, nice flowery aroma with light mineral notes, a fantastic summer wine for a 95F afternoon. Grilled some supermarket albacore tuna slathered with parsley, rosemary, and mint/vinegar. I sadly slightly overcooked the tuna, but a nice spinach salad with goat cheese paired exceptionally well with the wine, and saved the day. One of the doges hung out with me as I grilled, while the more spoiled one stayed inside enjoying the AC. Now I’m buzzed off of 3 glasses of Albariño and half a block of goat mozzarella, probably the best wine & cheese pairing I’ve ever had. All in all, a great Sunday afternoon.

karlacton replied to your postHarry Hart would get an A+ on critiquemydickpic…

I think Eggsy’s dick pics would be a bit sloppy, but have a certain charm that would put him firmly as a B+. Charlie’s would be artistically sound but lack any personality.

You didn’t ask for this but here it is anyway.

Kingsman Dickpic Roundup 2016

Harry: literal perfection, as previously discussed. fantastic lighting, class, dignified yet erotic, a true masterpiece

Eggsy: sometimes absolutely ridiculous (occasionally his dick is pictured wearing swim goggles and smoking a cigarette) but when serious, passable. sometimes gets an off angle, most of the time it’s decent and definitely has personality. his dick is almost a celebrity in its own right

Merlin: fairly solid, a lot of points come from the fact his dick is impressively sized. he’s a bit of a tease though and it’s rare you’ll get a full dickpic – he likes to play with angles and hand placement to always leave people wanting more

Charlie: has serious difficulty with angles which leads to a lot of mediocre pics. his dick isn’t offensive on its own but his pics are kind of bland and lack imagination. attempts by people to explain that a dickpic has to be more than just a blurry out of focus cock gets met with a furious “fuck off”

Valentine: has never taken a serious dickpic in his life, always dressing his dick up in mini outfits or putting it in weird situations, snapchats entire stories about his dick’s day, all images are shaky because he’s laughing so hard

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idc what ppl say, human based episodes of su are the best and my fave! the town is so diverse, full of so many interesting characters with different stories and lives! also i’ve never seen a show portray so many dark skinned women in such a fantastic light! 

it was so nice seeing tonight’s ep, bc they didn’t have to give us any insight on kiki and jenny’s relationship. they could have just made it about steven. i’m really grateful for it :’0

thekoolaidspilled  asked:

Okay I literally love everything about your art but the best thing about it is the lighting!!! You do such a fantastic job on lighting!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

ahhh thank you so much!! i’m so happy you like it!!!

Trip the Light Fantastic Ch. 8 Preview:

Idk what I’ll be able to post - I’ll be travelling for quite a while this weekend - so here’s a lil something ;D 

The man who appears in her dreams isn’t the Ben Solo she knows; he’s older, paler, and altogether more massive, hulking shoulders and thick core. His face is the same – crooked nose, fine jaw, dark eyes that light up when he sees her.

They’re in a corridor of a ship, Rey recognizes that much. Everything around her is mechanical-looking and chrome. The man before her is dressed in black robes and has a scar on the side of his face.

“Which one?” he says, and he sounds so utterly defeated that Rey cannot help but pity him. “Which one are you this time?”

Rey’s confused – she’s so, so confused that her Ben would sound like this. She walks forward and puts a finger on the scar, tracing it from his forehead, down his tear duct, over his lip. “This is new,” she murmurs, almost to herself. She looks up at him. His eyes are yellowing around the pupils. “So are these,” and she taps his temple next to his eye. Darksider eyes, she thinks to herself. “What happened to you, Ben?”

His hands come up and clasp hers, hold them to his chest. He bows his head, touching his forehead to hers. “Nothing,” he whispers. “Nothing at all.”