Here are the pictures from yesterday! It was such a rushed mess to get these before it got dark so i’m really happy some of them turned out! The whole set is posted here

Seeing these make dragging this beast of a dress through the snow and braving the cold very worth it. 

The dress was made and worn by me! I made it from forty yards of tulle, fifteen meters of LED lights, wreath mesh, and glittery garlands. The bodice is boned and laces up the back with gold ribbons. The whole thing was inspired by a christmas angel my family had when I was younger. 

Details about making it are on my blog and youtube channel


Prom pics part 1
I couldn’t decide which picture I liked better, so here is both! This is my prom dress, it took two weeks to make. Both of the proms i attended had the theme “A Starry Night” so i decided to become the starry night. I make tons of costumes and other clothes so it was only right to end my senior by making my own prom dress. It looks weird and uneven in the second picture because it was caught in the wind, but I’m so happy with how it turned out!

anonymous asked:

to the person behind the blog: ever consider doing Cosplay (if you don't) ? Just based on that PJ photoset you posted a minute ago, I could easily see you as Fem!Lock, and also Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII. cheers~

I actually like cosplaying a lot! I just don’t get a chance to do it very often. I’m going to Denver Comic Con this summer, though, and will be going as Sherlock one of the days, possibly more! And I’ve been compared to Selphie, before, and also Elizabeth from Bioshock. It’s really nice of you to say, thank you! 

Here’s some pics from when I did Sherlock for Halloween. It wasn’t a full-blown cosplay and I just did it real quick for a party, but still! It’s really fun! Even if his clothes are essentially a walking heat stroke. Thanks again for the nice message! x


Katy Perry talks about CuteCircuit Light Up Dress at the 2010 Costume Institute Gala

Glitter and Diamonds- A Mabifica Fanmix (Listen)

C’mon guys this was inevitable. 

You know the drill- tracklist is under the cut. But! There’s a bonus this time- the original sketch that I drew and finalized digitally!! 

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The making of and finished photos of my Halloween couples costume. Day of the dead <3 I found an old wedding dress at the thrift store, dyed it, added a TON of flowers, lights, petals, and other floral accents. I also made a headdress for me, a boutonniere for him and added lights to his jacket. Oh and of course did our makeup lol


How to make a cognitive dress

Does your wardrobe know you feel? Or better yet, how the world feels?
It can with the design prowess of Marchesa and IBM Watson. The designers worked with the cognitive computing system from concept to creation to craft a dress that reflects the real-time emotions of social media. Here’s how they did it. First, Watson read thousands of articles to help Marchesa find unique materials.Then, Watson looked at hundreds of red carpet dresses so Marchesa could create an unexpected color palette. Finally, Watson scanned massive amounts of social data to help Marchesa’s dress light up with voice of the fans. Who knew Watson was so fashion forward?

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