Here are the pictures from yesterday! It was such a rushed mess to get these before it got dark so i’m really happy some of them turned out! The whole set is posted here

Seeing these make dragging this beast of a dress through the snow and braving the cold very worth it. 

The dress was made and worn by me! I made it from forty yards of tulle, fifteen meters of LED lights, wreath mesh, and glittery garlands. The bodice is boned and laces up the back with gold ribbons. The whole thing was inspired by a christmas angel my family had when I was younger. 

Details about making it are on my blog and youtube channel


Katy Perry talks about CuteCircuit Light Up Dress at the 2010 Costume Institute Gala


The making of and finished photos of my Halloween couples costume. Day of the dead <3 I found an old wedding dress at the thrift store, dyed it, added a TON of flowers, lights, petals, and other floral accents. I also made a headdress for me, a boutonniere for him and added lights to his jacket. Oh and of course did our makeup lol

Taylor, I’m sitting here on a  typical Tuesday night and for some stupid reason I decided to relive my 1989 tour dates, and now I am all emotional and missing you and the show. So, I wanted to share several of my favorite pictures and memories with you. 

This was from Denver night 1. My sister, me, and my mom had a huge light up YAS sign and dressed like you from an interview you did. I’ll never forget this night, it was the first time I saw the tour, and I got to experience it with my mom and sister.

This was from Denver night 2. Garrett and I had floor seats and I cried when you came on stage because I couldn’t believe you were RIGHT THERE.

And then I was lucky enough to get to go to two more shows in Omaha with @jlc-87-22 and @wehadourownsecretclub! Somehow, I cried more at these two shows than I did in Denver. I couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to get to spend two more nights with you! We had left pit one night and B-Stage pit the second. We had the BEST time. Also, I got to meet your dad that night!

Anyways, I just wanted to tell you that I miss you and love you SO MUCH. Thank you for 4 wonderful nights that I will never forget. See you soon I hope!