Skytree Blue Hour Aerial by Sandro Bisaro
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Tilework and mosaics at the Lexington Avenue Station on the Broadway Line.


渋谷 by Sandro Bisaro
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Bright Lights, Bigger City: A Reylo Fic

If you want the previous two chapters you can attach under my blog with the tag “bright lights bigger city” or “reylo fanfic” or you can go to my AO3 and search under “eruanna_took”. Thanks for reading! And thank you to @moviebadboyfan for this idea!

Chapter 3

The pair stared at each other. A gulp from Rey broke the silence.

“What the hell are those people doing out there?” Kylo deep voice was laced with worry.

Rey’s hand found Kylo’s and she squeezed it lightly, then leaned her forehead against his arm. He looked down at her, her brown hair was disheveled from sleep and her eyes were screwed shut in concentration. Finally she opened them, exhaling loudly onto his arm.

“The actors that we were mistaken for, that’s who those people must think we are.”

Kylo grunted in agreement.

“We should probably go somewhere else.”

Kylo nodded, then moved away from Rey and gathered their belongings. Rey fixed her hair back into her three buns and stood by the door, waiting. Kylo joined her and froze by the door, she noted the fear that flicked across features. She didn’t even have to try reading his mind to know what was wrong, he hated showing his face. He felt insecure and vulnerable with his face exposed. Every emotion was easily read on his expressive face, and he hated it.

“Let’s just go”, she spoke soothingly, “Keep your head down, don’t speak, don’t make eye contact-just pretend you’re at a trading outpost.”

Kylo nodded and grabbed the doorknob and Rey’s hand then he opened the door. He practically dragged her down through the lobby and to the outside, her legs having to take two strides for every one of his.

Outside it was a lovely day, the sun was shining, the air was crisp-but they couldn’t tell because all they could feel was the crush of the photographers against them. They were barraged by an onslaught of endless questions: “How long have you two been seeing each other?” “Isn’t the age difference weird?” “Did you meet on a project?” “Why are you hiding in a little motel?”

One exceptionally daring (stupid?) reporter got right in Kylo’s face,

“And how was last night’s hookup, Adam?” the reporter sneered.

Kylo reached into his jacket for his hidden lightsaber, and it took all Rey had in her to keep him from pulling it out and running the man through. Kylo eyes were wild and he looked like a frightened animal trying to find an escape. Considering his first instinct was to publicly kill a man, Rey decided that it was now time for her to take charge.

She gripped Kylo’s hand tighter and yanked him through the throng. Once they had finally broke free she turned to face him.

“Are you okay?”

He wasn’t. His hand was trembling in her’s, but he nodded anyway. Rey lifted onto her tiptoes and gave him a light peck on the cheek, his face flushed in response.

“Let’s go find somewhere to stay.”

He nodded and, much to Rey’s surprise, followed her obediently. They found a new hotel, this one a little nicer than the last, and Rey played her little mind trick once more. Kylo beamed proudly at her the whole time, and she tried to push away the feeling that she was betraying the light side.

Once inside their room, Kylo instantly collapsed onto the bed. To Rey’s surprise he was asleep within minutes. Well, she certainly wasn’t tired yet so she flipped on the tv. The station was set on an entertainment program and the image that greeted her was of her with Kylo leaving the other hotel that morning. The program’s voice over began,

“Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley were spotted leaving a seedy motel in New York City this morning…”

Rey flipped the tv back off. She hasn’t even heard Kylo wake up next to her, but that “news report” had made him stir.

“They’re not going to stop bothering us are they?” he asked.

“They will if they can’t find us.” She smiled.

He looked up at her, so positive, so cheerful even when things were going terribly wrong. How? He watched her lay down next to him, she pressed herself against him and placed an arm around him.

“Is your lightsaber still on you?”

“Oh.” He said, standing up quickly as he took the lightsaber out, setting it reverently on the dresser. Then he removed the rest of his layers until he stood in just his undershirt and soft black pants. Then he crept back down next to her.

She nuzzled back into him and this time Kylo decided to be a little brave. He lifted her face up to his and kissed her. She responded by wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. Kylo moaned at the sudden contact, breaking the kiss; Rey took this opportunity to begin kissing at his neck. He tilted his head back in pleasure and she ran her tongue up the long column of his throat eliciting another groan from Kylo. Drunk with the idea that she was causing these sounds to come from him, Rey decided to try something new; she sucked at his neck, drawing the skin into her mouth then releasing it with a little pop. This threw Kylo into a frenzy, he flipped Rey over onto her back and began kissing her with fervor. He leaned back and looked down at her, the failing daylight bathed her in a soft gray glow. Breathtaking. That’s what she was.

Kylo dipped back down and began kissing her again. He shivered when he felt her cold hands slip under his shirt and make contact with the soft skin of his stomach. Rey wondered at the taught muscles she felt beneath his skin, and she raced her hands up his torso, prompting him to sit up and remove his shirt. Rey sat up and, on some strange new impulse, began kissing at his chest. Another wanton moan escaped Kylo’ s lips and Rey felt heat pool in her belly at the sound of it. Just as Kylo’s hands slipped under her shirt, there was a banging at the door.

They froze, staring at each other. The banging came again and Kylo flew off the bed, crossed the room, and opened the door.

The reporter from before. The man who had gotten into his face. He raised the camera he had in his hand a took a picture. A sadistic smile grew across his face. The man turned to leave, throwing a jab over his shoulder, his voice dripping venom.

“Enjoy your evening, Mr. Driver?“

The man headed towards the elevator. He didn’t make it. Kylo extended his hand and his lightsaber flew into it, igniting as it met his grip. This time Rey wasn’t able to stop him. Kylo lurched forward, running the man through.