tuan1x1s  asked:

rank you ocs: best laugh, best smile, who takes the most selfies, who sends the best 3 am texts

make me rank my ocs

best laugh

1. kim bora! she doesn’t hold back and doesn’t care if she sounds like a dying whale while she laughs - that’s part of her charm. her entire body shakes when she laughs too and it’s so infectious it’s hard to keep a straight face around her.
2. yun hana. her laugh is straight up crazy.
3. adrian dunlap. his laugh is thunderous and beautiful tbh.

best smile

1. lee junsoo, no doubt. his fc is choi youngjae and his smile is canon ok.
2. willow graham, little flower princess. she smiles all the time too and it just lights up the room.
3. henry rothschild. his smile is very genuine, friendly and just downright pleasant.

who takes the most selfies

1. zamira fonseca, girl needs to calm down.
2. park seunghwan. like boy, we know you look good, you know you look good… you do you.
3. trevor allen, because this boy is a walking garbage can, but he sure doesn’t look it so why the hell not.

who sends the best 3 am texts

1. nixon harris, though to be fair he sends those kind of texts 24/7, he’s just a bit weirder after 2 am.
2. lee yeongjae. after midnight this man-boy is on acid and will ask the strangest things at the most inappropriate of times.
3. akimoto sayuri. she might act all cool and tough, but lbr, nobody’s cool and tough at 3 am.