Sneaking Around

This the first fanfic I’ve written. Just a little one shot of snowbaz. Baz’s POV

I hope he doesn’t try to attack me with a bat. My keys jingle. Is it even possible to sneak in at 3 A.M. without waking anybody up? Here goes nothing, I think as I stick the key in and twist. The door nudges open ever so slightly.

Usually I spend the weekends with Penny and Simon, but this weekend I had to visit family because my great aunt’s cousin died (I think Bertha was her name). I had some issues with a certain person from that side of the family, so I decided to leave after supper instead of in the morning. Plus, I could surprise Simon, he was a bit disappointed that I would miss the two nights we could be together.

Most of my family is accepting of me, but you see Aunt Maybel didn’t know about my situation. Either of them. No one figured it would be a good thing to warn her that I was a vampire, and it didn’t go well. She put extra garlic in my food (that’s what Simon tried in year four). It didn’t work then, and it didn’t work now.

After the family calmed her down she decided to move on. “Well at least I hope you got yourself a good girlfriend,” was her icebreaker. Everyone sort of looked down at their plates, as they knew where this was going. At first I thought about lying to keep the peace, but I mumbled, “fuck it” and stood up.

“Maybel, I have a boyfriend,” I looked her right in the eye. My dad glared at me from across the table. He knew that I knew that she wouldn’t be okay with this.

“You what?” I thought she was going to break out in some crazy spell, but she just sat down and looked like she was on the verge of tears. This almost made me angrier.  

“His name is Simon, Simon Snow.”  At this she looked horrified. I sneered, and before she could say anything I ran off. I wanted to leave right then, but they were handing out some of Bertha’s will at supper.  The best I was hoping for was possibly some old violin music but I decided to stay out of spite.

Supper continued fairly smoothly. We sat at different ends of the table and didn’t look each other in the eye. At the end of supper we each got an envelope with a list of what we inherited on it.  When mine was passed to me, my heart bubbled up to my throat.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” I snarled.  I gripped my wand tight with my hand.  “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star!” I shouted.  Maybel dropped to the ground, covering her eyes. The spell had done its job of enhancing every light in the room 3 times over. I snatched my envelope off the table and exited the room.

My cousin found me sitting outside. She gently grasped my hand and brought the paper into eyesight. The word written in such beautiful script tore right through my stomach whenever I read it. FAG.

”I’m sorry,” she mumbled.

“I’m leaving right now,” I sighed, “Also Maybel will be fine, I didn’t cast the whole spell.” She hugged me and then turned to go back inside. I just don’t understand how people can spread hate, so I decided to go spread some love and write “LOVE WINS” across Maybel’s car. On her passenger side door so she won’t notice. It felt so right.

I sighed a breath of relief once I got the door shut. Maybe Simon wouldn’t kill me.  I tiptoed to the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water. A cute little note was left on the table reading: “Penny and I are going out to supper. Unlike you, I was not kidnapped by numpties. Love, S.”  A huge looping smiley face followed that. I chuckled. I guess I crashed their dinner.

I pushed open Simon’s door. Sure enough he was snuggled in bed. And he was drooling. How does he look cute drooling? It doesn’t matter, all that matters is that he is my dorky drooling boyfriend. I sit on the bed right next to him. My fingers trace his freckles.

“Snow,” I whisper. I see his eyes flutter.

“Baz? Is that you…” He could barely get the words out before he fell back asleep.  I press my lips against his neck and silently mouth the words, “That was from Aunt Maybel.”

I lay down close to him. Close enough that I know I could never lose him. My mouth trace his back like it’s the night sky. My hands wrap around him and in a delicate voice I sing:

“But I can’t help… Falling in love with you.”

Something tickles my foot and I nearly kick him in the achilles. I hear a faint giggle. Simon’s tail starts to wrap around my foot. Simon sure does know how to fuck up a moment.

“Hey Baz?” he pauses, “I love you too.”  A tear rolls down my cheek. Even with all the hate in the world, there is love.  And all the hate makes you appreciate the love you have more. I hope I never let go of him. I hope that when I die I am holding on to him. Aleister Crowley, that would be a charmed life.

Thank you for reading! That was kinda longer than I intended… whatever. I got heated into the plot so this piece isn’t just straight fluff (pun unintended, but it can stay)  thank you to my fren @thedestroyedlover for helping edit and @readonlyifyoudare for telling me I should write one.

Preference #78: You're the only reason.

Request: No
Word count: 635

You had recently gotten into a fight with your boyfriend Calum, you walked out with a small bag of your things and went to stay in another room in the hotel. You had joined him and the guys on their tour, but now you were really contemplating going home to give Calum some real space. You’d never fought like this before, and you didn’t think there was any way back from this, his words raced through your head:

It’s liked you don’t even care about me or my music.
My music is important to me, it was here before you and it will be here long after you.
I can’t do this anymore.
You ruining my life.
Just get out and leave me alone.

The last thing was what prompted you to leave; his words made you think you weren’t even important to him. It was like you meant nothing at all. Yes people said things they didn’t mean when they were angry, but you believed Calum meant every word due to the look in his eyes. Calum was on the fifth floor of the hotel and you were now on the first, you thought it was a good amount of distance, plus with his crazy schedule you thought you wouldn’t run into each other. Little did you know Calum was searching for you, and he asked at the desk if they knew where you were that’s when he got your room number. He knocked on the door “can we talk?” he asked. You opened the door “I think you’ve made it perfectly clear that I mean nothing to you Calum, that I’m ruining your life, and that I don’t even care which is complete bull since you know damn well that I do. So go and be a rock star Calum, it was here before me and it will be here long after me. Goodbye” you screamed some of his words back to him along with your own before slamming the door closed.

He knew he had messed up big time, he never meant those words he said he was just angry. He went back to his room and wrote a letter sine you wouldn’t listen to him. He returned back to your room and slipped the letter under the door. You noticed the white piece of paper and went and picked it up, your eyes scanned over the words written.
You won’t listen to me so let me give you 10 reasons why I love you.

1. You’re not afraid to speak your mind.
2. Your laugh, lights up a room.
3. You support me through everything, and you’re always here when I need you.
4. You can put up with my crap.
5. When there are days when I want to throw in the town, you’re there cheering me on.
6. Even when we are miles apart you’re still beside me.
7. I love you because you’re my best friend.
8. I love you because even if you deserve and could easily have better, you still choose and love me every day.
9. I love you because I’m your blanket and you’re my pillow.
10. And lastly you give me a reason to smile every day.
I’m sorry for our fight, just please accept my apology and take me back. I can’t be without you.


You wiped a tear from your eye and folded the letter up, you left your room and took the elevator to the fifth floor, you knocked on the door of the room he was sharing with Luke. You smiled when you saw Calum “h…” you didn’t give him time to finish before you crashed your lips into his. “I’m sorry, I love you” you said. “I’m sorry too, and I love you” he smiled.

Supernatural!5sos (Part 3)


Part 1

Part 2

Part 4/END


I tighten my grip on Luke.

”Luke, somebody’s in the doorway.” I say with a shaky voice.

He lets go of me and stands up with his pitch black eyes glaring at the unknown strangers.

“Show yourselves.” Luke growls

The figures laugh and step into the light in the room. The 3 beings that I once weren’t able to recognize are actually three boys, one with dirty blond hair and  glowing golden eyes. Another boy with pale skin and black hair, his eyes a light shade of green with a red ring around the pupil. The last boy is tan and looks absolutely normal, but I doubt he is.

“Oh, its just you guys.” Luke says, his tough demeanor being replaced with relief.

The pale boy lets out a laugh as they all walk into the room and sit down.

“See ya’ got yourself some company Lukey!” The dirty blond boy says, patting Luke on the head.

“Ya, I do have company.. So if you don’t mind leaving?” Luke says in an annoyed tone.

“Oh but we just got here! So why don’t you introduce us to your lady friend.” The tan boy says with a smirk.

“It was a rhetorical question…” Luke says pinching the bridge of his nose and leaning back on the couch.

I let out a little laugh and bring my knees up to my chest. Luke places his arm around me and buries his face in my shoulder. He stands up and starts to introduce me to his friends, Calum, Ashton and Michael.

We all talked and got to know each other a bit. Through out the conversation Ashton was being a bit flirty, sending me winks and sitting next to so he could place his hand on my knee a couple times…But I just past it off as how he acted around everybody.

Luke gave Ashton a few death glares with his black demon eyes through out the chit chat. I felt a vibration coming from my pocket, I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone to see a text from Liam…

Liam: Where are you?

I didn’t realize that ive been with Luke for the whole school day…

You: Im so sorry, I lost track of time.. I meet you at the front of the school soon!

Liam: Where. Are. You?!

You: I’ll explain at my place, just stay put and I’ll see you soon…

I say goodbye to Luke and his friends, but before I leave Luke pulls me down for a quick peck on the lips. I give him a smile and walk back to the school, where a pissed looking Liam is waiting for me.

“Hey!” I say to him

“Where the fuck have you been!?”

“I’ll tell you at my place ok.” I say, walking over to his truck.


Liam and I got home in about 20 minutes, the car ride was filled with silence until I turned on the radio for some type of noise to make the drive less awkward.

We decided to watch a movie and of coarse, what would that movie be? Mean Girls… We cuddle on the couch, I as the small spoon and Liam holding me by the waist with his arm. By the middle of the movie Liam sat up and paused it, he turned to face me and I turned to face him.

“Tell me..”Liam said in a serious tone

“Tell you what?”

“You know exactly what I want you to tell me.”


I looked down at my lap so I didn’t have to meet his accusing gaze.

“I was with Luke..” i mumbled

“You were what?”
“I-I was with Luke!” I say louder

“What the actual fuck were you thinking Y/N?!”

“He isn’t that bad!”

“He isn’t that bad!? Are you fucking kidding me! If only you knew what he really is!”

“I know what he is! He’s a cambion, he explained it!”

“Then you would know that he’s not to be trusted!”

“You’re just protective because you love me!” I say making Liam look up at me in shock.

“H-how do-”I interrupt him..
“Luke told me..”

“That son of a bitch is trying to manipulate you Y/N! Yes I love you, but I have to protect you from harm..”

“He is kind and he wouldn’t hurt me!”

“How would you know that? What he is, his kind trick innocent girls like you!”

“He’s different…”

“Ya..He’s different alright.” Liam says while he gets up, grabs his things and leaves.

I let out a little scream in frustration, grabbing and pulling at my hair. I decide to walk it off for a while at the train tracks… I grab my jacket and put on my shoes so I can walk to the train tracks. 

The train tracks are a quick walk from my house, I always walked around there when I needed to cool down. It was quiet because the trains stopped running years ago, and nobody would go there because it wasn’t really a fun place.

I walk along the tracks and end up crossing the train bridge, its quite a long bridge so it took a couple minutes for me to even get to the middle of it.

I continue my walk along the train bridge, when I start to feel the the tracks shake. ‘What the hell?’.. I look ahead and see a bright light coming straight toward me. ‘OH SHIT!’. I start to run back to get out of the way from the on coming train. I look over my shoulder and see it is only a couple inches from me and that’s when I feel a sharp pain hit my body and see nothing but black and a bright light…


‘‘Where am I?’’ I ask myself.

“You’re dead sweetheart..” A soft voice says

I look around and see nothing but clouds and light… I look at my clothes and see im wearing a white flowing dress and- ‘Oh my god.. Do I have wings?’…

I suddenly myself lift up and look at my white wings to see them flapping up and down, lifting me up in the air. I let out a laugh and stop moving my wings so I can get back to the “ground”. 

“Im dead.” I ask, feeling an overwhelming amount of fear and nervousness.

“Yes dear, you’re and angel now..”

“But what about Liam? What about Luke?”

“You’re friends will be attending your funeral today… Thats the reason you’re now awake.”

“My funeral?”

“Yes.. Do you want to watch?’’

“May I..”

The voice is now a figure of an angel, she reaches out to touch her fingers on my forehead. When she touches my forehead, a blast of light and a cold wind hit me.. Im in the towns graveyard, my family and friend all surrounding a coffin, some in tears and some standing with their heads down. My mother crying on my fathers shoulder . I look over and see Liam, he looks at the- my coffin with no expression, just a single tear falling down his cheek.. I look around and notice a figure lurking in the shadows under the trees, I walk over and am meet with the sight of Luke, his head down and tears falling freely from his eyes. I reach out to touch his cheek, I expect my hand to slip through him but instead, I actually touch him. He looks up from the contact and meets my gaze, his once sad demeanor changing into one of shock. He reaches out to wrap his arms around me, he grabs me and pulls me close to him for a kiss. He leans in as do I , but when our lips meet Luke lets out a yelp in pain. I look at him and see his lips look as if hes been burned. I let go of him and take a few steps back, afraid of hurting him again. Luke reaches out for me as if he never wants me to be out of his grasp. But I make sure to stay away from his touch, because I know that if I get close to him Ill want to kiss him and that will hurt him. 

I feel a hit of cold air and a bright light flash in front of my eyes. I see that Im back in the clouds, and the angel is in front of me.

“Will I ever be able to see them again?” I ask



“You can right now, but we need to explain so rules.”

I nod.

“You are in love with a creature of the dark, I know that when you are down there you will want to be with him. But there are 2 ways for you to be down there, and one will allow you to be with Luke and the other will allow you to have eternal life. If you choose Luke there may be some difficulties to behold, but if you choose eternal will be as you are now.”

“I choose Luke.”

“Alright then, you have to go to the one that will allow you to be with him.”

“Who will that be?”

“The devil himself..”


Im so sorry if this sucked…XXX

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