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Got tagged by toakenshire

I cannot draw with a pen (pencil + tablet are fine but pens are my enemies smh) I had no idea at first and then I decided to draw my 2 elf husbands. I made pauses between each drawings because they didn’t took enough time and I was searching for something else to draw but it took under 15min.

Here are the rules!  1. Take out a pen and start drawing for 15 mn (no corrections!) 2. Show your handwriting 3. Tag people 

I tag no one since I don’t know if people would actually like to be tagged to draw something omg 


In a place, on one of spots of this gigantic Universe, in spite of the billion years of light in distance, that I do not even know of the whereabouts, now or in the coming age, there must be one, I must have a place to return home.

A room, that has been yearning of my arrival, that has been awaiting devoutly, that even though the floor and the roof have gotten obsolete, rusty and full of dust are the walls, yet it has soul that is alive and firm, keeps calling out to me to come back.

A room, that eventually can I declare as a home to dwell, as I’m embraced by the sense of secure feeling. If it’s not reached by my 3 dimensional perception, probably someday in my transcendency.

Inside of it, my anxiety disappears, my fear is washed away, and my memory of grief is forgiven. A lifelong waiting surely has an end, a saturated peak as the token of freedom and merciful peace.

A room that is waiting for me. A room I’ve been longing for, seeking for.

thanks to danisnotonafire (babe) for tagging me!

1. Write the rules
2. Answer the questions from the person who tagged you
3. Write down 11 new questions
4. Tag the person who tagged you and 11 new people

1)what’s your favorite pizza topping?
pineapple (yes I’m that weirdo)
2)what color are the walls in your room?
really light purple
3)favorite song(s) atm?
The Judge // twenty one pilots
Listening // Tonight Alive
4)if you could travel anywhere in the universe where would you go?
probably a concert tbh
5)movie date or picnic?
picnic because that sounds fcking adorable
6)would you rather have a phone or a computer?
7)what’s your midnight snack?
chicken nuggets
8) the beach or a pool?
9)favorite movie?
Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland
10)what color are your eyes?
dark green
11)if you had five minutes to live, what would you do?
listen to Fall Out Boy probably

my questions:
1- TV or Netflix?
2- do you like shopping for clothes?
3- do you have plants in your room?
4- art or music?
5- do you wear more colorful clothes or monochrome clothes?
6- describe your aesthetic in three words or less
7- a witch offers to give you a new life. you aren’t told what this new life would be like. do you accept her offer?
8- candles or fairy lights?
9- least favorite color?
10- can you cook?
11- is there anyone you would die for?

I tag groanlester onfirelikegasoline phan-star philipsass sunlighthowell and anyone else in the squad who wants to do this because I can’t remember URLs. also Josh Dun. I tag Josh Dun.

anonymous asked:

green and blue

green: 4 life goals

1. emotional stability
2. makin art all the time
3. make peace with myself
4. own cats

blue: 3 things i like

1. naps
2. the twinkly lights in my room
3. my table full of plants

thank u anon :~)

anonymous asked:


1) The person I like and why I like them

She goes to my school, she’s like the cutest person you’ll ever meet. She’s really nice, and smart, and when she talks her voice lights up the damn room. 

3) 5 things that irritate me about the same./opposite sex

  • fuckboys
  •  “no homo”
  • meninists
  • “u got kik”
  • the damn basketball knee high socks and sandals look

6) How I’d spend 10,00 dollars

I put most of it towards school and keep a little for myself

7) Things I like and don’t like about how I look

I like my hair, and my general androgynous look

I do not like my weight

10) Something I’ve lied about 

“I never treat myself,  today will be treat yo self day”

19) My longest relationship and who it was with

I’ve dated around a lot, but I’ve never been in an official relationship

hmlicorice asked:

When you get this ask, list 5 things that make you happy then pass it on to the last 10 people who reblogged from you

Okay 5 more things XD

1. My westie, jazzy

2. My beautiful sunshiney bed spread that always brings light to my room

3. My parents who are incredibly loving, open, and supportive of everything I do

4. Going “shopping” with Bred and Anna XD

5. Anything with glitter and sparkles