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Play The Flash S2E13  : Welcome to Earth-2 Here!!

Barry, Wells and Cisco journey to Earth-2 to rescue Wells’ daughter, Jesse from Zoom. Barry is stunned when he runs into Earth-2 Iris and Joe, but nothing prepares him for meeting Killer Frost and Deathstorm. Meanwhile, back on Earth-1, Jay has to take over >>Play’s responsibilities when a meta-human nicknamed Geomancer attacks Central City.


>>Play S2E14 : Escape from Earth-2 

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I want the "k" ;)

Anon 2: I want the K

Anon 3: I WANT THE K

17: Goofy Kiss

Here’s all my other kiss prompts

Last kiss prompts guys! I’ll post the list later tonight.

Will wiggled his eyebrows and Nico threw a pillow at him. “Go eat a rose.” Will snorted loudly and laughed harder, darkening Nico’s already red cheeks. 

“’Go eat a rose’?!” He wrapped an arm around his stomach and doubled over with laughter. Nico considered sticking his leg out and kicking him off the bed. Well, considered isn’t the right word, because he did. Will landed on the floor with a soft thump and more laughing. “I can’t believe you told me to go eat a rose and then kicked me off the bed!” 

Nico covered his burning ears. “It sounded much better in my head.” He grumbled, a light smile playing on the corner of his lips. 

“Mmm, much cooler? I don’t know about that.” Will sat up and made his way back onto the bed, laying his head on Nico’s feet. “You’re too much of a nerd to be cool.” Nico lightly kicked his head, not nearly hard enough to hurt, but Will still sat up and rubbed his head dramatically. “Oh, how you wound me!” 

Nico snorted and crossed his legs, sitting up. Will dropped his hand from his head and placed a hand in between Nico’s legs and was suddenly very close to Nico’s face.  

Nico gulped and blinked, breathing rapidly before his face was showered in dozens of kisses. He smiled as Will’s kisses became sloppier and quicker and he couldn’t hold his laugh back any longer. Will grinned in triumph and pulled away, leaning down to Nico’s neck and blowing a raspberry. 

Nico squealed in surprise and flung another pillow at Will’s head, missing by a wide margin. Falling back onto the bed, he gave up and surrendered himself to Will. 

Will braced his hands on either side of Nico’s head and pinned his hips with his knees, effectively trapping Nico under him. He grinned and Nico couldn’t help but pull his face down and kiss him in between the bubbles of laughter rising in his throat. 

Eventually, Will’s arms gave out and he laid himself next to Nico on the bed, staying on his side so he could watch Nico. Nico cracked an eye open and glanced at Will with a smile on his lips. 

“Can I help you?” Nico shut his eyes again and folded his hands over his chest. 

“I think you can, sir.” Will replied in a horrible attempt at some European accent. “You see, I’m looking for my boyfriend. A very small lad, black hair, haunting eyes, very short temper, perhaps you’ve seen him?” 

Nico suppressed a grin. “Perhaps the boy you’re looking for doesn’t want to be found by you with you calling him such endearing qualities.”

“Perhaps,” Will brushed a stand of hair out of Nico’s face, the accent replaced with his normal voice.  “Or perhaps he does want to be found, endearing qualities and all.” Will’s voice softened to a whisper. “Well, if you do catch him, could you give him a message from me?” He placed a soft kiss on Nico’s forehead. Nico smiled, keeping his eyes closed.

“I think I can relay the message.”

Kiss prompts are done! I have a load of prompts that I can’t wait to write now that these are done!


Pokémon Solar Light and Lunar Dark part 3 is here! We take on the first gym, located in the beautiful city of Serpentine. I hope you enjoy ^o^

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I have an AU prompt for you. Rey is the editor in chief of a really big fashion magazine and kylo is a male model. Go nuts.

I enjoyed this one

Rey Niima made her way down the halls of Jakku fashion. As the youngest senior editor in the history of the magazine, she made it her duty to personally inspect every page of the magazine and attend as many photoshoots as she could. So she found herself into a photographer’s studio, he only went by Hux. Hux was currently adjusting his camera as she made her way over. The man had a good sense of style, shooting his subjects in a way to show the way light and dark played over their faces and the clothes.

With their new light reflecting collection his style would be stunning.

There was a rustle as someone entered from makeup. Her three buns bobbed as she looked over. This must be their model. Tall, dark haired, with a rather large nose and a few freckles on the side of his face. He was handsome, and Rey tried to keep the blush off her cheeks. She worked with handsome men all the time, and most were gay. She’d learned to stop chasing models, it never ended well. Except for one, she sometimes acted as a beard for Poe Dameron when he had to attend some stuffy function.

He usually repaid her in fruity drinks and gossip.

Which usually led to her passing out on his bed, with Poe on one side and his boyfriend Finn on the other.

Damn those men and their comfy bed.

“Hi, I’m Kylo Ren.” The model had made his way over, and Rey looked up from his feet. You know what they say, large feet, large-

Shut up!

“Rey Niima. Glad to work with you.” She smiled, shaking his hand. The hand that practically engulfed hers. She gestured toward the racks of clothing, all zipped up in their garment bags. “You’ll be working your way through all of these, feel free to go get changed.” Kylo smiled, practically twirling the bag on his hand as he went to the changing room. Rey paid attention as Hux ordered his workers to adjust lights and shades, getting the best light for the shot.

Kylo came back from the changing room, clad in a dark blue suit. The true beauty was revealed when he stepped into the light, bringing out shining threads in the fabric, dancing over his skin. The designer had described it as showing the beauty of the fabric through the very light itself. Rey knew it wouldn’t sell well among the older set, but it should be popular among the rich young crowd for at least a year, even if it did make them look like walking disco balls when the fabric was white. Rey had to hold back a little murmur of appreciation, the suit suited him perfectly. It was just tight enough across his broad shoulders, the pants hanging a little loose around his ankles.

The dark blue light across his face made Rey realize that he would look stunning in practically every article of clothing they’d brought. He was a consummate professional, holding every pose Hux asked him to, changing out of the clothes without tearing or staining them. It was when he came in wearing the last piece that Rey suddenly found it rather hard to breathe.

Of course this collection had to offer underwear.

And of course the light drew her eyes straight to his crotch.

“Miss Niima, my eyes are up here.” He said, smiling.

“Tell your boyfriend sorry for me.” She said, grabbing a camera to review the shots that had already been taken.

He stretched, showing off his muscled chest. “Don’t have one. Never swung that way.”

“Then your girlfriend.”

“Don’t have one of those either. Looking, though.” He sidled up to her, letting the reflected light play across her skin. “You got one?”

“A girlfriend?”

“Or boyfriend. Any sort of significant other.”

Rey didn’t want to tell him how terrible her luck had been ever since she became editor, how none of the guys she met ever lasted long once they realized how involved in her job she was. “No, not at this particular moment.”

He boosted himself onto the counter she was leaning against, the briefs sparkling in her eyes. “Then you want to get a drink after this?”

Rey set down the camera. “On one condition.”


“You wear those, it’ll be interesting to see what they look like on my bedroom floor in the morning.”

Jesus,” he whispered at last. “Claire…you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“You,” I said with conviction, “are losing your eyesight. It’s probably glaucoma; you’re too young for cataracts.”

He laughed at that, a little unsteadily, and then I saw that he was in fact blinded—his eyes shone with moisture, even as he smiled. He blinked hard, and held out his hand. “I,” he said, with equal conviction, “ha’ got eyes like a hawk, and always did. Come here to me.”

He looked up at me, smiling as tears streamed down his face. He had large white perfect teeth. Suddenly memory stirred and shifted, showing me the outlines of an urchin’s face beneath the man’s bold visage.

I watched the rise and fall of his breath, and the play of light and shadow on the strong, clean lines of his face, and knew that nothing truly mattered between us but the fact that we both still lived. So here I was. Again. And whatever the cost of it might be to him or me, here I stayed.



Ingrid Prill (from Germany) takes her dog for a walk in one of the local forests. On some days the light is particularly spectacular and that is when she takes her camera out and takes a series of photographs, which will provide the framework for a new painting. In her studio, which is not far from where she lives, she starts the process of creating the painting. Colours are changed, trees are added and some are taken away, all to create the harmony she desires. Light and shade play a particularly important role in this process. Landscapes are created that arouse emotions of happiness, joy, suspense and harmony. The paintings comprise of various layers and with each new layer more light is created, colours get new meanings and the imagination is allowed to roam free.

Ingrid Prill is exhibiting in LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN at The Brick Lane Gallery – The Annexe from 4th – 14th February. To find out more about LANDSCAPE; RURAL VS URBAN or to become a future exhibitor please contact