Light Installations

Last night was such a necessary healing.

After spending three weeks couped up in the house writing, I went to the first black sex matters poetry slam of this year.

I got a lot of compliments on my outfit

I got to meet one of my movement idols for the first time in real life and she confided in me about her difficulties with polyamory and heartbreak, which was super tender and I felt honored af.

I saw people I hadn’t seen in such a long time

The vibe was everything

Someone who I met two years ago told me they read my interview on autostraddle about anti-oppressive polyamory and how much it helped them put words to their experience. 

I reconnected with one of my old mentors from when I came out like ten years ago and became a part of the chicago black queer women’s art scene as a teenager.

I got to see the Stony Island Arts Bank, which is truly a sight to behold.

I watched black folk twerk and cha cha slide around a dope light installation. 

The night was beautiful and everything I needed

black joy is the medicine


Christmas Light Sculptures, Laura Adel Johnson

Perth-based artist Laura Adel Johnson’s light installations never cease to amaze. Using fairy lights as her medium of choice, she explores ideals of human connectivity and emotions throughout her ongoing series of stunning sculptures. 

Johnson was first inspired to use lighting in her practice when she saw the “gaudy” Christmas lights and decorations during her 2007 residency in Omaha, Nebraska.


Lighting, Layers and Reflections by Autumn de Wilde

American photographer, Autumn de Wilde has designed a pair of transparent and reflective jewel toned structures for a photo-shoot in the dry Californian landscape.  

Made of a combination of mirror and colored plexiglass, images of the landscape are reflected on the structure, and  the landscape is simultaneously cast with rose, warm gold and aqua tinted sunlight.