The zoids world game graphics are becoming phenomenal. Just some of the latest additions include Liger zero, Jager, Schneider and Panzer. 

   As well as upgrades so that scenery can be seen with some detail from a distance. It’s become one of those games where I’ll find myself stopping just to look at the view. 

 And there’s now also weather! (rain, fog, Thunder and lighting.)

 As per usual, link to the creators twitter page:

Note: (only financial supporters get to play the regular updates, everyone else has to wait for the free public version later in the year or download the older one) which can be found/explained here:

Seeing all this zoids on my dash has reminded me of the AU i came up with when I rewatched the series, so let’s talk about that. It’s a New Century version (only version i know honestly) featuring the tournament. Of course Team RWBY is the main team. 

Ruby’s possible zoids are a Rev Raptor/gun sniper with an additional curved blade on the tail near the sniper section. Good for survey, fairly fast, and well, a sniper. Also possible: Liger, mostly blade or Zero Jager.

Weiss: A raynos. She’s definitely a tactical flyer and it’s definitely very expensive and highly modified.

Blake: Shadow Fox. Fast, stealthy, dark, and quite capable.

Yang: Dark Horn. Fast, powerful, strong, and a bit chaotic and hard to manage. Also an option: Iron Kong. 


I’ve been working on this all week. Custom HMM Liger Zero Phoenix Conversion. Basically modified a Hasbro Fire Phoenix kit into compatible armor for HMM Liger Zero. My goal was to make it removable, and I am happy I managed it! Also gave it a paint job, deeper richer red than the light red Hasbro paint, and gold rather than the Hasbro yellow. I tried making it look more like it does in the anime. I am happy with how he turned out since aside from the Blue Leoblaze I last posted, I’ve never painted a kit before.


Kotobukiya Zoids ~ Liger Zero Jager

This was my first Koto kit, and having collected over 60 Tomy/Hasbro models in the last 13 years; I gotta say this was a huge challenge in comparison. There’s LOTS of small parts and if you have big hands, good luck building these. You practically have to create a balancing act for some of those leg pieces. I actually have blisters on my thumbs from working on this bad boy. 

Alot the parts I glued to prevent any falling off and being victimized by the vacuum cleaner. These kits are much more posable and detailed than Tomy models, but in exchange you sacrifice durability. If you dropped this guy, good luck putting parts back where they belong without a hassle. 

All in all it’s a cool piece and I’m glad I built a Kotobukiya Zoid. However, I think I still prefer the Tomy models more because of their ability to withstand some abuse (and age).