Lifted Anchor

Its funny how Cedric wanted super strength in “Cedric be good” but sometimes I see Cedric in other episodes and its surprizing to see how strong he really is.

Its like when Cedric lifted that anchor in "The floating palace" and he didn’t seem to struggle that much or look tired afterwards.

In my opinion I think Cedric is stronger than he knows…  

… But then I see Sofia lift an anchor in “The princess stays in the picture" and I’m like 

"Damn Sofia , your 8 years old and you can do that 0.o " Looks like Cedric has some competition here ;) But seriously though how strong are these two XD

Shorelines unknown

His breath slides in small loops now
Weak roller coasters of gentle air
Grace is etched on his face
A gentle chalk drawing of a startling soul
It is marked time now
Not counted in hours or even minutes
Just acknowledgment of each sweet
Inhale and exhale
It is time to tell my sailor to let go of the shore and return to his wondrous sea
Time to tell my Father goodby
I realize now he would not leave
Until his lifeline to me was knotted
In strength and love
Until he knew his starfish daughter
Understood the real reason for tentacles
In a surrender more dignified than the cosmos my Father sailed away
And I lifted anchor no longer afraid
Of shorelines unknown

Trunk Twist

Lying on your back, extend your arms out to your side, to create an anchor. Lift your legs so your hips and knees are at 90 degree angles.
Starting the movement from your core, rotate your knees to the left, hovering just off the floor. Hold for this position for three seconds. This completes one rep. Then, initiating the movement with your abs, slowly rotate your knees to the right.