When I was 17 I started writing this weird fanfic where Kagome runs from the feudal world pregnant, and Inuyasha unaware lets her thinking it’s what she wants because she doesn’t want him. They’re both making the worst mistakes of their life and Kagome gives birth over in the modern world but throughout the 9 months, she relies completely on Hojo’s friendship and support. Inuyasha has no idea he is a father.
Kagome is afraid of having the baby in a hospital because the baby might be born with demon characteristics and she wants to protect her.
She has it at the house with her family and Hojo is there, having learned everything he could about home births in the short time.
Kagome asks Hojo to care for the baby and then she passes away. Nothing anyone could do but Hojo blames himself.
Some years pass and Hojo has since flown through medical school with a focus on animal sciences, so that he doesn’t have to ever take the little girl to the hospital. He loves her and takes care of her and Kagome’s family. He goes through the growing pains of raising a motherless dog demon child. Lots of ramen boxes in his pantry, lots of hats, lots of nail clippers, and reports from school of starting fights.
Kagome’s grandfather passes, Sota is in college, Kagome’s mother in her old age is traveling the countryside on Hojo’s encouragement.
And Inuyasha comes back because he’s a dude who just can’t get Kagome off his mind after ten years.
But instead he finds Hojo, living with a kid who has dog ears in the shrine.
Commence the awkwardness, tension, and tears. I was a dramatic kid…


‘a ship from a book’
↳ Cathy & Chris (The Dollanganger Series)

Angel, saint, devil’s spawn, good or evil, you’ve got me pinned to the wall and labeled as yours until the day I die. And if you die first, then it won’t be long before I follow. 

Exo as Movies. 

Yixing:  Nick And Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Chanyeol:  Elf 

Baekhyun:  The House Bunny

Kyungsoo: The Craft 

Sehun: The Lizzie McGuire Movie

Chen:  Scott Pilgrim Vs The World 

Minseok: Easy A

Kai: The Cheetah Girls 2

Suho:  500 Days Of Summer 

Ranting time.

Okay lemme tell you a little about Lizzie Borden. In the Lifetime movie they completely fucked it up at the beginning and at other parts. Lizzie Borden wasn’t some pretentious, or rebellious woman. She was quiet and obedient girl who spoke only when spoken to. She always kept her head down and was never aloud outside. Wanna know why? Because her father, Andrew Borden, was an abusive little prick on so many levels, to not only his daughters and wife, but to everyone. Hence to why he had a shit tone of people who hated him((and wanted him out of the picture)) her sister was married and lived with her husband while the murders occurred. So she was no where when this happened. When the parents were murdered, Lizzie was immediately arrested because she was the only one in the house when this occurred. After the trial was over her and her friend Alice live together for the rest of their lives, neither married, and many people considered them lovers. In the movie it hinted that she was into that when her father mention to her never getting married and to which she responded “what if I don’t want to get married” and then so. “Never mind you won’t get it.”

Research your shit, Lifetime.