he really is such trash for phil like we joke but he really fucking is isn’t it he went to the bahamas for literally an hour just to stay with phil on the lester holiday can you imagine them all being happy he got back okay and laughing at his journey and worrying because his flight was cancelled and then seeing phil finally and having the best time and wow guess i’m trash too high five me daniel

Forget everyone else, focus on yourself. Focus on healing, focus on being better, focus on achieving the goals you set, focus on being the person you have always wanted. Find your balance. Find your inner peace. Find what makes you content. The saddest thing is when people focus on others. Stop and think about your own life and what you can do to make it the one you have always wanted. Life is too short. Do good and be good. Be a warrior, be a force of nature, be passionate, be the change, be strong, be you, love you, accept yourself and continue to grow. Put yourself first, because you matter. You matter.

That moment you ask yourself, what have you been doing with your life? Do you have anything to show for it ? Do you have any long term goals? What about short term ? Does anything make sense to you ? Do you make sense anymore?
—  Unanswered questions in my head

کہامشکل میں رہتا ہوں
کہا آسان کر ڈالو!
کہ جِس کی چاہ زِیادَہ ہو
وہی قُربان کر ڈالو!

کہا بے قَلْب ہیں آہیں
کہا اُس سے تَڑَپ مانگو!
اُٹھو تاریکیء شب میں
ذرا خونِ جِگَر ڈالو!

کہا رازِ سُکُوں کیا ہے؟
کہا لوگوں کے دکھ بانٹو!
جو چہرہ بے دَھنَک دیکھو
اُسے رنگوں سے بھر ڈالو!

If I ever have a daughter

When she starts getting her period,
I will get her a present every month when she gets it.
This is both a congratulations for not being pregnant gift
And a condolence for having to deal with the suckness of being a woman.

I encourage all mothers of girls to do this.

I can just see her at school one day talking to her friends about this months “period present” and all the other girls being jealous and I’ll instantly be “Coolest Mom”

Do you ever just stop and think about how every word you say is just a sound. Just a distorted sound that over countless years was given meaning. That every movie you watched, play you saw, conversation you had, was made up of garbled, distorted sounds that the human brain has assigned meaning to?
Cause I do