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👏🏽 to you Mrs Potts that was everything I wanted to say when I wrote that ask. Have you seen the shipper blog ? They are some of the people I was referring to, they have accused the haters of being young when I think it's the other way around and that's why they think that way. They believe all the positive things said about JS and CE, I'm the same age as Jenny and I know life isn't full of fairytales and butterflies. Maybe they waited physically but not emotionally and that's still cheating.

Yes, I have seen it, along with every other criticism of anyone who believes that there was something very untoward about this relationship. The general assumption is that many of us are young (I’m certainly not as far as Tumblr goes), that we have little or no relationship experience (being Tumblr old, I have had several LTRs including being married twice), that we’re jealous because we can’t fuck Chris (I stopped believing I had a chance with a celeb when I realized Joey McIntyre and I were never going to marry…I was 11). I think it’s more of a difference in how we see people. I think fans want to believe the best in their favorite celebs, and to give them the benefit of the doubt, no matter how bad it looks. For shippers, it’s really hard to let go of that perfect image they have of that celeb. Hey, I don’t want to believe Chris is a homewrecker. I love the guy. He makes me happy, but I know the world isn’t squeaky clean. 

Humans are very messy, and sometimes we make mistakes and bad decisions. I think he made a really shitty one. And it’s funny, because most of the people who criticize those of us who gossip and talk our shit, they always say, “You guys are just outraged that he’s not actually Steve Rogers. Sorry to burst your bubble.” We don’t think he’s Steve Rogers. We know damn well he’s not, but we do love him, and the parts of himself that he’s shared with us, and I think we’re all taken by surprise that Chris would be involved in the breakup of someone’s marriage. No one wants to see him like that. We invest a lot in him as fans. We see the movies, we go to the cons, we makes friends with other fans, some people get into fan art, some people get into writing. We all get excited to see what he’s doing next, and we rally around him. So when you see him involved in this it’s like “DUUUUUUDE????!!! You’re better than this. Come on!” Everyone reacts differently. I just don’t understand why people are so bothered that this is our reaction. You don’t believe he did anything bad and we need to mind our business, fine. Good for you. Some of us just like to talk, and laugh, or vent. We’ll do us. You do you. Shippers can go ahead and let their ship sail. Bless their little hearts. If I could switch off that part of my brain where suspicion lives, and trade out these side eyes for bright eyes, I would, but I can’t. So I sit and bitch with all of you about our dumb bae, and it’s a good time.

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– Mrs Potts

S1 finale: Andy thinking Sam got shot.
S2 finale: “Where’s Candice?”
S3 finale: “I’ll be at the penny.”
S4 finale: Sam gets shot.
S5 finale: Where’s McNally

The first two seasons was all about the other person believing that they were in danger. The middle was them both being hurt emotionally. Season four Sam actually got shot so season five is where Andy is really in danger.

A fairytale is an interesting concept. There’s ‘happily ever after’ at the end, but that’s not a part of our world. Everything is an ongoing storyline and you’re always battling the complexities of life. But what I got from fairytales, growing up, was a beautiful daydream. I’m glad I had the craziest imagination and believed in all sorts of things that don’t exist.