Ever had that feeling when two characters are fighting/enemies/rivals, and the fandom is divided because some are on one’s side and some on the other’s side, and keep blabbling about how amazing is their favourite one and how awful is the opponent, and you are just there like “I actually don’t care at all, I’m here because of the interesting plot”, or “I just want them to stop fighting, how can you desire the defat or death of one of them?!” and things get really awkward with the aggressive part of the fandom?

And the worst is when you also ship them!

So I was re-watching Harry Potter and I realized something

Hogwarts Castle is in Scotland. And the train that takes all the students to school leaves from London

And the students at Hogwarts come from all over the U.K. & Ireland.

So like, what if you’re from Scotland? You’d have to travel all the way to London just to end up back in Scotland.

That goes for all students who come from somewhere other than South/Mid England.

Like yea purebloods could use the Floo Network or apparaire when they are old enough but what about Muggle-borns?


The fact Alfie bought Zoe a Barbie for her birthday cause it looked like her 😭😍🙏🏻 I’ve now gone and bought myself the same Barbie 😁👍🏻two things that mean the world to me!

Friends…. unfriend, unfollow, and block the weird negative people in your fandom life, you deserve to have a safe, healthy, and compassionate online space! Enrich your fandom experience! Years of being in fandom made me realize that the best way to counter any irrational shipper or character hate is to share and make more fanworks and spread the joy!

(Unless they barge into your space and make a mess with their hate, defend yourself of course!)

I’m just worried about you all, don’t make them ruin your experience and personal life!!! 😢

Hugs and love from Mushroom!

I don't think people understand how demanding being part of the kpop (or really any) fandom is.

I spent every free waking moment checking hashtags, checking new news, looking for new debuts. And especially having multiple social medias, oh god. You have followers to uphold, you need to be active and on top of things. Lord help us. I never chose this life and now I can’t escape it

One thing that really makes me feel uncomfortable here on tumblr is real people shipping. I’ve seen it in the Sherlock fandom, I’ve seen it in the Riverdale fandom and it just makes me cringe so hard. These are actual human beings with families and friends. They shouldn’t be made into fan kink free for everyone to read on the internet. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel so uneasy with that kind of content.

Today was actually such a weird day. I tried to act as cool as possible because obviously everyone of us has a life (to some extent) that goes way past Bones. Or any fandom. It’s just so difficult to me to pretend to be okay. But yet, we all need to. Because honestly, there’s not many people out there that could possibly understand what we’re going through. If I had to talk to my friends (minus a couple that know), my family, my co-workers, my uni colleagues they wouldn’t get me. If I told them that these past few weeks have been crazy to me and that I’ve been SAD. They know a person called Marta who basically has a whole other life online they have no idea of. It’s so weird. I just wish I could talk to someone who knew what it means to dedicate years of your life to something. Someone that knows that when you’re feeling crappy you have a safe place called the internet where you’re gonna go and look for a pic/video of someone that doesn’t know you exist but that makes you feel better. I wish I had someone who got me if I told them oh man, today is such a bad day because a part of me is ending with my favourite tv show. In this exact moment I feel so lost. I am not even sad, (or maybe I am, but not just sad.) I’m just so overwhelmed by the pics the cast is posting, by the tweets. Everyone keeps tagging me on things, someone even asks how are you? If only I could tell them how I really am. Does it hurt??? I don’t even know. It’s just so difficult to explain.