I’m sitting on my front porch when it happens: The ground starts shaking.
I’m a small Good Omens meme farmer, enjoying life in my small Good Omens community, but I have seen life in the big fandoms. “They’re coming…”
My youngest son, a stringy chap who only knows this peaceful way of life, stops sweeping the porch and looks at me. “Who’s coming, Ma?”
I stand up and stare at the horizon, waiting for Them. “The Tennant fans, lad. The Tennant fans.”

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Team “I just wanted to know their names”
Team “I just wanted to watch an episode”
Team “I just wanted some good songs”
Team “Maybe one more chapter”
Team “One more episode”
Team “I didn’t asked for any of this”
Team “how the f*ck did I get here?”


When the apocalypse is closing in on Arcadia Bay but you’re just enjoying a beautiful snow storm with her, because bae>bay™ ❄️👭


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so… as some of you know, much of my 2017 has been spent as a tattoo apprentice at a shop in los angeles. i’m really stoked to be following my dream, but working 60+ hours a week has absolutely affected my activity level on this blog - i know i’ve been a ghost.

as a way to thank you guys for still hanging around, and for the messages and new followers and constant support, i really wanted to find the time to make something new, and in an effort to combine my work life and my fandom life, i decided to make TRC tattoo flash.

in the next week, i will be posting a sheet a day - i’ve made one for gansey, adam, ronan, noah, blue, henry, and kavinsky - and then i’ll probably make a master post. if you are interested in getting a preview of all of the designs right now (!!!), you can follow my tattoo instagram, needlef0x! i know i’m slowly breaking the mystery in my secret fandom identity, but i want to include you guys in this part of my life since it consumes a large majority of my time now.

and - if any of you wonderful gems of humans are in los angeles and interested in getting one of these designs inked on your beautiful bod - i would be honored. don’t hesitate to message me so we can set something up!

(please keep in mind that these are all my original designs and i am a working tattoo artist at an existing shop. please do not take these images to a different tattoo artist to trace or copy. i would like to be the only one who tattoos my designs if i can help it! thank you for understanding!)


When you gotta take some cute selfies for bae but your cat is having none of that Christmas crap 😾☠️👁