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Courtesy of Juliana (JRod) from the Rocky Mountain District! Take a minute this Thanksgiving to thank your LTG! :) They love each and every one of you Key Clubbers, and they’ll love you even more if you show your gratitude for everything they do!

Happy Thanksgiving, Key Club! You truly make a difference, all day erry day!

My advice to anyone who wants to run for Key Club Lt. Governor:

Go. For. It.

I can only speak on my experience as LtG for Division 35 of PNW District, and I am well aware that little old Lakewood/Spanaway is a lot different from, say, Seattle or Portland divisions, or even moreso divisions in places like CNH, but it is such a great experience.

Speaking from my experience, a few things to keep in mind if you win are to always stay humble, always stay pleasant, and always stay vigilant. Also, when someone tells you about an opportunity to go somewhere (a rally that isn’t your own, a convention, some K-family event) GO TO IT. And if you can’t pay for it, ASK KIWANIS.

Just saying. It’s the highlight of high school so far. That coming from the kid who got to go to Japan, leadership camp twice, among many other things.

Florida’s lieutenant governor resigns amid racketeering probe

With ties to a racketeering case trailing her, Jennifer Carroll has called it quits. Carroll, a Trinidad-born politician who was the first non-European-American to hold statewide public office in Florida since 1868, once consulted for a nonprofit internet cafe company called Allied Veterans of the World, which is now at the center of a racketeering investigation. The owners of the company were recently arrested. "Effectively immediately, I hereby resign the Office of Lieutenant Governor of the State of Florida. It has been an honor to have served the State of Florida in this capacity,“ her statement, in full, said.


Tennessee Senate Bill 132 — scorned by opponents as the “Starve the Children” bill — went down in flames today, after 60 outraged protesters led by a gutsy eight-year-old girl marched on the capitol and publicly shamed State Senator Campfield into dropping this controversial legislation. But first, things got reeeeeallly ugly in Nashville, as recorded in a shocking video uploaded to YouTube by Eric Patton.

The professionally produced video from the Tennessean, as shown in a previous AI article, is easy on the eyes, and tells a charming tale of a spirited little girl telling Truth to Power. Patton’s homespun effort, on the other hand, reveals the darker story of a lawmaker who pushes senselessly cruel and discriminatory legislation, who refuses to face the people he’s hurting, and who has no problem with brutally snubbing a little girl who’s scared that her family won’t have enough to eat or be able to keep the lights on. It definitely puts the “raw” in “raw footage,” and catches a lot of stuff the Tennessean‘s camera crew missed. Patton also helpfully added some captions to help viewers follow the proceedings.

The excruciating four minutes and twenty six seconds begins as people file out from a meeting in Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey’s office, trailed by Ramsey and Campfield. Off-screen, a woman chimes in a overly-cheery, lilting voice, “Look, someone wants to talk to you.” It’s not clear whether she’s addressing Campfield, or the little girl that roared. Campfield immediately gets his b*tch on, pats eight-year-old Aamira Fetuga on the head, and snarks, “Hey, thanks for coming to school today.” As the woman declares, “She’s got something to give to you,” Fetuga hands him a petition protesting SB 132.

Then, in an amazingly sleazy move that you’d have to see to believe, Campfield poses for the cameras while grinning and leaning in towards the eight-year-old, and then exclaims:

“Thank you! I LOVE it when people use children as props!”

The remaining video footage consists of the determined little girl and her band of protesters following Campfield and trying to get a word in edgewise, while the Senator marches imperviously through the dark, narrow, and claustrophobic corridors of power chanting in a creepily repetitive, sing-song voice, “I don’t use children as props.” The intrepid elementary schooler finally catches up with him on the escalator and declares, “I don’t like the way you take benefits from people.” Campfield then engages in a shouting match with the protesters and nearly knocks down a woman while desperately trying to escape the reporters, photographers, and film crew.

Conservative Missouri Lt. Governor Makes $86,000 A Year, Says He's 'Impoverished' And Needs More Money

Conservative Missouri Lt. Governor Makes $86,000 A Year, Says He’s ‘Impoverished’ And Needs More Money

The “fiscally” conservative Lieutenant Governor of Missouri is whining about his $86,000 per year salary, claiming that he is “impoverished” and needs a significant raise.

Tea Party Republican Peter Kinder currently draws a salary that nearly doubles the median income of Missouri. The average Missouri salary stands at $44,306, while Kinder brings in $86,000. However, he doesn’t think that’s…

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KIWIN'S Fall Rally South 2011: Some of my last AWOOGAs

I have been preparing for this fourth to last KIWIN’S weekend ever since I became Lieutenant Governor. I never thought I would struggle with the fact that my life in KIWIN’S is almost done. Standing on the stage for my last Fall Rally was surreal. From a common member four years ago to a present LTG, this was one of the moments I have been waiting for. Looking down at the crowd instead of looking up at District Board because I am a part of District Board. For once, I could be looked up to. I’ll never forget my first rally as a sophomore. Getting trampled on during a spirit battle. Watching Vera get pie’d. Wearing my “Ain’t no party like a Goldstone party” shirt with pride. Learning my first Goldstone cheer.

I did feel somewhat disappointed at the end of this rally. I was a little mad at myself for messing up my division’s cheer and for not having the opportunity to take photos of my last KIWIN’S moments. Nonetheless, I know that this is partly due to my perfectionism and my position as LTG. Chaos and loss of time comes with the job of a District Board member and I still have a hard time accepting that. I know that taking pictures of Fall Rally seems menial, but I always feel the need to have something tangible just to ensure that I don’t forget any of my KIWIN’S memories.

Anyway, what is funny is that I’m not even mad for not winning the spirit stick. I realized that my division isn’t perfect and I’m not perfect, but I think that’s why Goldstone is perfect for me. (Excuse the cliche.) Yes, we are laid back. Yes, we are “off”, but I’ve grown up with these people for three years. I’ve see how I’ve rubbed off on people and I’ve seen how many people I’ve brought into my KIWIN’S life.

Each time Bernadette and I talk about how far we’ve come. We always say that we never thought we would be where we are today.

My term ends in five months. Winter Board, Conclave, and DCON. Out of all of these events, the last one will be the hardest.

Every KIWIN’S post starts to turn into a long and nostalgic post. I can’t do this right now, not today anyway. It’s not the end yet.

With all its imperfections, all my hopes and dreams for my fourth to last KIWIN’S event were fulfilled today. For now, goodbye Fall Rally South 2011.

ThrowbackThursday - wish there was a photo!

In 1975, by quirky happenstance I won an election to become the Lt. Governor of Divison 26, Cali-Nev-Ha District of Key Club International. It was only at the swearing in ceremony later in the year that Deborah Kline (a sweet girl from Vegas) and I discovered that we were the first females in the history of Key Club to ever have this honor.

Glass ceiling shattered.

As an aside, I was later engaged (twice-ish) to the Division 5 Lt. Governor.

Former South Carolina Lt. Gov. Charged With Ethics Violations
  • seven charges of violating state ethics laws were leveled against former South Carolina Lieutenant Governor Ken Ard, who resigned Friday
  • $7k+ was spent for Mr. Ard’s direct gain according to the indictment, including over $2000 on travel, and $3000 on multiple devices from Best Buy
  • $75k funneled by Mr. Ard from personal accounts, through people claiming to be outside donors, into his campaign during the 2010 elections source

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Texas' Next Lt. Governor Thinks God Speaks to America Through Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Texas’ Next Lt. Governor Thinks God Speaks to America Through Racist Homophobe Phil Robertson

Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, the Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, is dead-set on taking his state even further into the dark ages. Texas, known for injecting revisionist history and anti-science propaganda into its school curriculum, has many reasons to be ashamed — and we’re not just talking about the ammosexual crowd stroking their glocks in the aisles of supermarkets.


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Key Club

I feel like no one in the world could begin to comprehend the pure beauty in one organization. It makes me genuinely happy inside. I have learned so much from joining in December of 2010. 

First of all, I learned the joy of working hard with others for a common goal. Whether this was a service project, a report, a meeting, a social, whatever…I learned how to apply my perfectionism to benefit the group, but not take over it.

Secondly, I learned how to speak in front of people. I still get nervous time to time again, but I’ve grown so much. More than just this, I learned how to have confidence in myself. I hold the position of Lieutenant Governor and to me, this is a BIG DEAL. I never though that I would be where I am today. But with hard work, anything is possible.

I have such a network of love surrounding me now through Key Club. Most key clubbers are also Christians which just makes it that much easier to relate and spend time with people.

I am so blessed to be with such an amazing group of people.

SO EXCITED FOR DCON 2012…and maybe even ICON if God provides :DDDD
WOOP <33333 


On October 23, 2013, His Honour David Onley welcomed HRH The Princess Royal to the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite in Queen’s Park. Those attending included members of the Royal Victorian Order Association and The Duke of Edinburgh Commonwealth Study Conference.