Lieutenant Governor


“On April 21, 1967, the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville — a blue two-door Caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches; the lieutenant governor even showed up.

“Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have, because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car — no, the most important object — in pretty much the whole universe.”

Happy Birthday Baby! April 24th





While “Through Imperial Eyes” is a GREAT Kallus episode, it didn’t leave much room for Chopper to act like Chopper. :( Though it DID have Chopper and AP-5 working together alone for the first time on a mission. Of course there’s some bickering but then that’s what we like to see.

Next episode will feature Liea and as such will be dedicated to the great woman who brought her to life. Coming soon.



Flying to Tinian

Hafa Adai! 

Tinian is 1 of the 3 main islands in CNMI and as you’ll see in our video; served an important role during WWII with their long air runways. 

Today, the United States owns and leases about 2/3 of the island; and the 3,000 residents are working with U.S. military on its expansion. 

Si Yu'us Ma'ase

When [President] Coolidge was Lieutenant-Governor of Massachusetts, he had occasion to give a talk at a dinner in Boston celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Chickering Piano Company. Mrs. Coolidge attended the dinner, for she loved music, and was amazed to hear her quite unmusical husband talk knowledgeably about the great composers and their masterworks. After the dinner, when she laughingly asked him where he had acquired all the musical information, he looked embarrassed and quickly changed the subject.

Mrs. Coolidge decided the Chickering speech was the only ghostwritten speech her husband ever delivered. Years later, she observed, he omitted it from a collection of speeches he approved for publication.

—  From Paul F. Boller’s Presidential Wives: An Anecdotal History.

My olive imperial Uniform arrived 😍
I am gonna use it for Lieutenant Lyste and Governor Pryce :)

On saturday i will wear it for an event with my loved Girlfriend and the Northern Outpost for the first time :D

I will do Lyste and my dear with join by my side as Kallus ♡

The Chorley Park estate was built between 1911-1915 and served as a residence for the Lieutenant Governor. Initially designed by architect Francis R. Heakes, in a style reminiscent of many French chateaux in the Loire Valley. This architectural masterpiece was one of the most expensive residences constructed in Canada at its time, which is what made it the center of controversy over the years. While many families were struggling, the sheer maintenance and upkeep costs of the estate were made the center of public attention. It was during the Great Depression, in 1936 that Mitchell Hepburn made the closing of Chorley Park the main aspect of his party’s election platform. He promised that such an opulent palace would not be maintained by the tax payers. In 1937 he kept his promise and Chorley Park was closed, in 1938 its contents were auctioned off. Over the next 22 years it would serve as a military hospital during World War II, the headquarters of the R.C.M.P. as well as a residence for refugees during the 1956 Hungarian uprising. In 1960 the City of Toronto paid to have it demolished, throughout this era, municipal dollars were used to demolish various heritage structures around Toronto to be replaced by modern buildings. Such a tragedy in retrospect.

Unknown Photographer, 1928, Toronto Transit Commission Fonds

Wait wait wait. In chapter 20 on the audiobook (which is chapter 19 in the actual book, and unfortunately I don’t have page numbers…) Eli says he’d been serving together with Thrawn for 4 years. How long does the second half of the book take??? 

Masterpost: Political TV-Series (drama and comedy)

I’ve finally managed to make a list of political TV-series (drama and comedy).

Of course I haven´t seen all of them, so I don´t know if all of them are good.

The shows are divided by country (UK, USA, Australia, Canada and non-English-speaking countries). Furthermore, they are in chronological order; starting with the oldest one and ending with the newest one.


Yes Minister + Yes, Prime Minister (1980-1988; satirical political sitcom); Starring: Paul Eddington, Nigel Hawthorne, Derek Fowlds (follows the career of a British politician)

The New Statesman (1987-1994) Starring: Rik Mayall, Marsha Fitzalan, Michael Troughton (a parody of the Conservative government of that period)

A Very British Coup (1988, four-part miniseries) Starring: Ray McAnally, Alan MacNaughtan, Keith Allen, Geoffrey Beevers, Marjorie Yates (about a far-left Labour politician who becomes Prime Minister)

House of Cards (UK-Version) (1990; political thriller) Starring: Ian Richardson, Susannah Harker, David Lyon, Diane Fletcher (about an MP who wants to become Prime Minister) Sequels: To Play the King, The Final Cut

GBH (1991, political drama) Starring: Robert Lindsay, Michael Palin, Lindsay Duncan, Julie Walters (about a feud between a far-left Labour politician and a school headmaster)

The Politician´s Wife (1995; political drama); Starring: Trevor Eve, Juliet Stevenson, Minnie Driver (when a UK minister becomes embroiled in a tabloid scandal, his wife becomes the centre of media attention)

Our Friends in the North (1996, drama) Starring: Christopher Eccleston, Gina McKee, Daniel Craig, Mark Strong (about four friends from Newcastle, with many references to political and social events over a period of 31 years)

Spooks, sometimes also called MI-5 (2002-2011; spy drama series) Starring: Peter Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Rupert Penry-Jones, Hermione Norris, Richard Armitage (follows the lives and the missions of several MI-5 agents, gives quite a good overview about the security problems Britain had to deal with in the years after 9/11) + Spooks- The Greater Good (2015) Starring: Kit Harrington, Jennifer Ehle, Peter Firth

State of Play (2003, six-part political thriller); Starring: David Morrissey, John Simm, Bill Nighy, Polly Walker, James McAvoy, Marc Warren, Philip Glennister (tells the story of a newspaper´s investigation into the death of a young woman who was employed by an MP)

The Thick of It + In the Loop [Movie] (2005-2012, comedy/satire tv-series); Starring: Peter Capaldi, Chris Langham, Rebecca Front, Roger Allam, Chris Addison, Joanna Scanlan (about the conflicts between various members of the UK-government)

The Amazing Mrs Pritchard (2006, political drama) Starring: Jane Horrocks, Steven Mackintosh, Jodhi May (about a woman with no political experience who becomes Prime Minister)

The State Within (2006, a six-hour political drama serial); Starring: Jason Isaacs, Ben Daniels, Sharon Gless, Nigel Bennett (about a British Ambassador to Washington who finds himself at the centre of an international political conspiracy)

Party Animals (2007, political drama series) Starring: Patrick Baladi, Andrew Buchan, Matt Smith, Raquel Cassidy (tells the story of different people involved with the UK Parliament, including researchers, lobbyists and MPs)

The Last Enemy (2008, science fiction thriller); Starring: Benedict Cumberbatch, Anamaria Marinca, Max Beesley, Robert Carlyle (set in the near future, deals with topics such as total surveillance and tells the story of a mathematical genius who accidently comes across a political cover-up)

Secret State (2012, four-part political thriller); Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Charles Dance, Douglas Hodge (when the plane of the British Prime Minister crashes under mysterious circumstances, the Deputy Prime Minister has to take command and uncovers a conspiracy at the heart of the political system)

The Politician´s Husband (2013, 3 episode-miniseries); Starring: Emily Watson, David Tennant (A woman replaces her husband in Cabinet after he resigns)

The Honourable Woman (2014, political spy thriller about the Middle East); Starring: Maggie Gyllenhall, Philip Arditti, Andrew Buchan

The Night Manager (2015, six-part miniseries) Starring: Tom Hiddleston, Hugh Laurie, Olivia Colman, Elizabeth Debicki, Tom Hollander (based on the novel by John le Carré, spy thriller about a former British soldier who infiltrates the inner circle of an international arms dealer)

Bonus: TV-Series about British history

Downton Abbey (2010-2015; period drama) Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Jessica Brown Findlay, Samantha Bond, Laura Carmichael, Jim Carter, Dan Stevens, Maggie Smith (about a fictional aristocratic family and their servants who live through important historical and political events, like WWI, the sinking of the Titanic, the Irish War of Independence, the Teapot Dome scandal, the general election of 1923, etc.)

Indian Summers (2015-2016; period drama) Starring: Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Nikesh Patel, Julie Walters, Patrick Malahide, Jemima West, Alexander Cobb (about a group of British socialites at the time of the British Raj and the fight for Indian independence)

Victoria (2016, historical drama) Starring: Jenna Coleman, Tom Hughes, Rufus Sewell, Peter Firth, Eve Myles (about the first few years of the reign of Queen Victoria; her ascension to the throne, her friendship with the Prime Minister, her marriage and the birth of her first child)

The Crown (2016, historical drama) Starring: Claire Foy, Matt Smith, Vanessa Kirby, Jared Harris (about the first few years of the reign of Elizabeth II, from 1947 to 1955)


The Governor and J.J. (1969-1970; political television series) Starring: Dan Dailey, Julie Sommars (about a conservative governor and his more liberal daughter)

The Man and the City (1971-1972; political drama) Starring: Anthony Quinn, Mike Farrell (about a long-term Hispanic mayor of a city in the South-West)

Benson (1979-1986, sitcom) Starring: Robert Guillaume, James Noble, Inga Swenson; Missy Gold René Auberjonois (about the rise of African-American butler from head of household affairs for a governor to state budget director and eventually lieutenant governor)

Tanner ´88 (1988; political mockumentary) and Tanner on Tanner (2004 mockumentary) Starring: Michael Murphy, Cynthia Nixon, Pamela Reed, Matt Malloy (about a fictional presidential candidate)

The Powers That Be (1992-1993; political sitcom) Starring: John Forsythe, Holland Taylor, Eve Gordon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (about a U.S. Senator and his complicated and chaotic family)

Spin City (1996-2002; political sitcom) Starring: Michael J. Fox, Charlie Sheen, Carla Gugino, Connie Britton, Alexander Chaplin (follows a fictional Mayor of New York and his staff)

The West Wing (1999-2006; political drama) Starring: Martin Sheen, Rob Lowe, Moira Kelly, Dulé Hill, Allison Janney (about a fictional Democratic administration)

That´s My Bush! (2001; political satire, sitcom) Starring: Timothy Bottoms, Carrie Quinn Dolin, Kurt Fuller, Kristen Miller (follows the fictional personal life of George W. Bush)

Commander in Chief (2005-2006; political drama series) Starring: Geena Davis, Donald Sutherland, Harry Lennix, Kyle Secor (about the fictional first female President of the United States)

The Good Wife (2009-2016; legal/political drama) Starring: Julianna Margulies, Chris Noth, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski (about the wife of a disgraced state attorney who returns to her career in law after a scandal involving her husband; widely praised for its insight in society, politics, law and social media)

Parks and Recreation (2009-2015; mockumentary, political satire, comedy) Starring: Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Paul Schneider, Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Rob Lowe, Adam Scott (about a fictional local government department in Indiana)      

Boss (2011-2012; political drama) Starring: Kelsey Grammer, Connie Nielsen, Hanna Ware, Kathleen Robertson, Jeff Hephner (about a U.S. mayor who is diagnosed with a degenerative neurological disorder)

Homeland (2011-present; political thriller) Starring: Claire Danes, Damian Lewis, Morena Baccarin (about a CIA agent who believes that a war hero, who was held prisoner by al-Quaeda, was turned by them and is now an undercover agent)

The Kennedys (2011; historical and political miniseries) Starring: Greg Kinnear, Barry Pepper, Katie Holmes, Tom Wilkinson (about the lives of the members of the Kennedy family)

Political Animals (2012; comedy-drama miniseries) Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, James Wolk, Sebastian Stan (about a former first lady who serves as Secretary of State)

1600 Penn (2012-2013; political sitcom) Starring: Jenna Elfman, Bill Pullman, Josh Gad (about a dysfunctional family living in the White House)

The Newsroom (2012-2014; political drama) Starring: Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, John Gallagher Jr. Alison Pill, Dev Patel (about a fictional news channel)

The First Family (2012-2015; political sitcom) Starring: Christopher B. Duncan, Kellita Smith, Jackée Harry, Khylin Rhambo (about a U.S. President, who tries to balance his private life and his duties as President)

Scandal (2012-present; political thriller) Starring: Kerry Washington, Tony Goldwyn, Darby Stanchfield, Katie Lowes, Bellamy Young (about a crisis management firm in Washington, D.C., White House staff and politicians in D.C.)

Veep (2012-present; political satire, comedy) Starring: Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky, Tony Hale, Reid Scott, Timothy Simons (about a fictional Vice President and later President of the United States and her staff)

Alpha House (2013-2014; political satire, web television series) Starring: John Goodman, Clark Johnson, Matt Malloy, Mark Consuelos (about four Republican U.S. Senators who share a house in Washington, D.C.)

House of Cards [US -Version] (2013-present; political drama) Starring: Kevin Spacey, Robin Wright, Kate Mara, Corey Stoll, Michael Kelly (about an ambitious congressman who wants to become President)

Madam Secretary (2014- present; political drama) Starring: Téa Leoni, Tim Daly, Patina Miller, Geoffrey Arend (about a female Secretary of State who tries to balance her family life and her work)

Show Me a Hero (2015; political drama miniseries) Starring: Oscar Isaac, Carla Quevedo, Peter Riegert, Jim Belushi, Alfred Molina (about the desegregation of public housing in the state of New York between 1987 and 1994)

BrainDead (2016; political satire, science fiction) Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Dany Pino, Aaron Tveit, Tony Shalhoub (about a documentary film-maker who discovers that Washington, D.C. has been invaded by extra-terrestrial insects that are taking control of people, including politicians)

Designated Survivor (2016; political drama series) Starring: Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Adan Canto, Italia Ricci (about the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, who is sworn in as President of United States, after the President and all his other Cabinet members are killed in an explosion)

Graves (2016-present; comedy television series) Starring: Nick Nolte, Skylar Astin, Heléne Yorke, Chris Lowell (about a former President admitting to mistakes he made while in office)


Embassy (1990-1992; political drama serial) Starring: Bryan Marshall, Ria Yazaki, Jim Holt, Gerard Maguire (about an embassy in a fictional South-East Asian country) The series was rather controversial, particularly its portrayal of Islam was heavily criticised.

Grass Roots (2000-2003; comedy) Starring: Geoff Morrell, Zoe Carides, John Clayton (about the fictional Arcadia Waters Council, a local government department, near Sydney)

The Hollowmen (2008; political comedy) Starring: Rob Sitch, Lachy Hulme, Merrick Watts, Neil Melville (about a fictional political advisory unit whose main aim is to help the Prime Minister get re-elected)

Party Tricks (2014, political drama/thriller, romance) Starring: Asher Keddie, Rodger Corser, Angus Sampson, Adam Zwar (about two political opponents and ex-lovers running for the office of State Premier)

Secret City (2016-present; political thriller) Starring: Anna Torv, Damon Herriman, Daniel Wyllie (about a political journalist who uncovers a conspiracy)


Quentin Durgens, M.P. (1965-1969; political drama) Starring: Gordon Pinsent, Leslie Barringer (about an idealistic young lawyer who becomes a Member of Parliament)

Duplessis (1978, political and historical miniseries) Starring: Jean Lapointe, Gabriel Arcand (tells the story of Maurice Duplessis, a controversial Premier of Quebec)

Rideau Hall (2002; sitcom) Starring: Bette MacDonald, Fiona Reid, Jonathan Torrens (the Prime Minister appoints a disco queen as Governor General in the hope that she will become a national embarrassment and disgrace the Canadian monarchy)

Trudeau (2002, miniseries) Starring: Colm Feore, Polly Shannon (about the political career of Pierre Trudeau)

Snakes and Ladders (2004; miniseries) Starring: Catherine Disher, Amy Price-Francis, Jeremy Akerman (about an executive assistant at Parliament Hill)

Da Vinci´s City Hall (2005-2006; political drama) Starring: Nicholas Campbell, Venus Terzo, Ian Tracey (about a former coroner who becomes the mayor of Vancouver)

Dan for Mayor (2010-2011; sitcom) Starring: Fred Ewanuick, Mary Ashton, Paul Bates (about a slacker who runs for mayor to impress his ex-girlfriend)

The Best Laid Plans (2014; comedy-drama) Starring: Jonas Chernick, Kenneth Welsh, Mark McKinney, Sarah Allen (a parody of the 2008 Canadian federal election)

TV-Series from non-English-speaking countries

There are probably quite a few more, but unfortunately they´re difficult to find if you don´t speak the language of the country of origin.


Borgen (2010-2013; political drama) Starring: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Mikael Birkkjær, Pilou Asbæk, Birgitte Hjort Sørensen (tells the story of a fictional politician who becomes the first female Prime Minister of Denmark)


Spin/Les Hommes de l´ombre (2012-2016; political thriller) Starring: Bruno Wolkowitch, Grégory Fitoussi, Philippe Magnan, Emmanuelle Bach (when the French President is killed in a suicide attack, a former spin doctor returns to his job in order to find a suitable candidate for the presidency)

Marseille (2016; political drama) Starring: Gérard Depardieu, Benoît Magimel, Géraldine Pailhas, Stéphane Caillard (the former protégé of the long-time mayor of Marseille becomes his new opponent)


Eichwald, MdB (2015; satire, political comedy) Starring: Bernhard Schütz, Rainer Reiners, Leon Ullrich, Lucie Heinze (about a fictional member of the German Parliament and his incompetent staffers)

Deutschland 83 (2015; historical and political drama) Starring: Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader, Alexander Beyer, Sonja Gerhardt, Ulrich Noethen (during the Cold War an East-German soldier is sent to West-Germany as a spy)

Die Stadt und die Macht (2016; six-part political drama) Starring: Anna Loos, Thomas Thieme, Burghart Klaußner, Martin Brambach (about a female lawyer who becomes the mayoral candidate for a fictional conservative party in Berlin)


1992 (2015; historical political drama) Starring: Stefano Accorsi, Guido Caprino, Domenico Diele, Tea Falco, Miriam Leone (follows six people who are affected by the rapidly changing political landscape in Italy in the early 1990s and the “Clean Hands” investigation into political corruption)


Mammon (2014- present; thriller, political thriller) Starring: Jon Øigarden, Nils Ole Oftebro, Laura Christensen (about a Norwegian journalist; the first series is about a financial scandal, the second series is more political)

Occupied/Okkupert (2015; political drama) Starring: Henrik Mestad, Eldar Skar, Selome Emnetu, Sondre Larsen (fictional story about Russia invading Norway)


Cuéntame cómo pasó (drama, history, comedy; 2001-present) Starring: Imanol Arias, Ana Duato, Ricardo Gómez, María Galiana, Pablo Rivero (follows a family during the last years of the rule of Francisco Franco and the beginning of the Spanish transition to democracy)

If you know any other good political TV-Series, please reblog with the title and a bit of information!


Thomas Hutchinson (1711-1780) was an American politician during colonial times as well as a judge and historian born into a prominent Boston family. He began his career in politics in 1737, and was named speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives in 1746. Later he held numerous positions simultaneously which included chief justice of the Superior Court of Judicature and lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. While governor beginning in 1771, he struggled to establish control during a rather turbulent time and was replaced by General Thomas Gage in 1774.

Stories were beginning to circulate around town that Hutchinson not only encouraged parliament to pass the Stamp Act but actually was drawing up the law here in his mansion on Garden Court Street. On August 25th 1765, in the early morning, Thomas Hutchinson returned to Boston from his Milton country estate. By afternoon, he was hearing rumors that a mob was being raised again. He even knew it would attack officers from the Custom House and the Admiralty office. Hutchinson’s friends assured him that he would be spared. They said his courage in the rocks and insults won the mob’s respect. However, for some reason, thought filling with anxiety, Hutchinson believed their words. 

At supper that evening, the night was warm and he was dressed informally in a woolen jacket over his waistcoat. Around him at the table was his sister-in-law, Grizell Sanford, who had raised his children since his wife’s death; his eldest sons Thomas Junior and Elisha, graduates of Harvard who were training to become merchant; Sarah, a daughter; Billy, Hutchinsons’s youngest son; and Peggy, her father’s favorite, only eleven years old and already acting as his secretary. 

As the family ate, a friend burst in through the door to warm them that the mob was indeed heading their way. Hutchinson sent the children from the house and bolted the doors and shutters, determined to wait out the assault. But Sarah came running back to say that she would not leave unless he came away with them and her father did not resist before hurrying away to a neibours house. A few minutes after his escaped, the mob descended upon the Hutchinson home in a fervor for hatred and violence. 

One of the Hutchinson sons was near enough to witness and hear the axes splitting the front door and heard a cry into the night: “Damn him! He is upstairs! We’ll have him!” 

Some men ran at once to the top of the house, while others swarmed into the drawing room and raided the basement for liquor. Merely breaking windows and furniture was not enough for the pulsating crowd. Instead, the men shattered inner does, beat down the walls and crashed the chandeliers. Standing in the upstairs windows, then they split open all the mattresses and covered the lawn in a “summer blizzard” of features. After two hours, they left. 

Word reached the Hutchinsons in their hiding place but the crowd “picked up his scent” and he wound his way through neibouring yards and gardens to a house even farther away. he stayed there unsleeping until four AM; by then, the mansion was splintered to a shell. Near dawn, men were still crouched on the roof prying up the wooding. Every fruit tree had been cut down to a stump. A strongbox had been broken and nine hundred pounds was stolen as well as clothes and books destroyed. 

The next morning, Hutchinson’s fellow justices took their places in court when he arrived. he was wearing what he had fled in. He was pale after a sleepless night and his clothes were “trampled in the streets.” He received pity, even from Josiah Quincy. Quincy described it in his diary, “thus habited, with tears starting from his eyes and a countenance which strongly told the inward anguish of his soul.”

Hutchinson rose to speak and rejected any suggestions he was speaking for sympathy. He had come to count because “there wouldn’t of been a quorum without him.” Hutchinson in the words of A.J. Langguth “demonstrated[ed] that the patriotic leaders had no monopoly on eloquence.” But he added “some apology is necessary for my dress,” he said, “indeed, I have no other. Destitute of everything: no other shirt, no other garment but what I have on, and not one in my family in a better situation than myself.” He wished to acquit himself, “I am not obliged to give an answer to all the questions that may be put me to me by every lawless person, yet I call on God as my witness–and I would not, for a thousand worlds, call my Maker to witness a falsehood–I say I call my maker to witness that I never, in New England or Old, in Great Britain or America, either directly not indirectly, was aiding, assisting or supporting–in the least promoting or encouraging–what is commonly called the Stamp Act but, on the contrary, did all in my power, and store as much as in me lay, to prevent it. 

“This is not declared through timidity, for I have nothing to fear. They can only take away my life, which is of but little value when deprived of all its comforts, all that was dear to me…” Hutchinson hoped the people would see how easy it was to spread false reports against the innocent. But violence was wrong, even against the guilty. “I hope all will see how easily the people may be deluded, inflamed and carried away with madness against an innocent man.”

“I pray God give us better hearts!”

  1. The Enamel Maple Leaf Brooch -  A bouquet of six maple leaves made from blended colors of enamel from green to pink. The leaves have a boarder of diamonds all gathered at the bottom with a single pearl in a diamond setting. Leslie Field writes in The Queen’s Jewels that Queen Mary received an “enamel maple leaf spray” by the ladies of Montreal while on an extended tour of the Realm in 1901. 
  2. Tutti Frutti Brooch - This floral bouquet brooch, most of the flowers look like rubies with diamond centers with two sapphire flowers also with diamond centers at the top. The bouquet is surrounded by carved emerald leaves & has diamond stalks with additional diamonds scattered through the leaves. The brooch is done in the Tutti Frutti style  (carved stones, not cut and polished) popularized by Cartier, a combination of emeralds, sapphires, rubies, and diamonds.
  3. Czech Garnet Parure - HM Queen Elizabeth II wearing the brooch from the Czech garnet parure on 1st january 2006
  4. Cartier Leaf Brooch - HM Queen Elizabeth II received the Cartier Leaf brooch from her parents. Art Deco style with staggered frame of diamond baguettes and a leaf “vein” of pavé-set diamonds features cabochon sapphires in the middle with small amethysts, emeralds, and a ruby. Originally this was a gift from King George VI to his wife Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, while they were the Duke and Duchess of York in 1928. 
  5. The Saskatchewan Tourmaline Flower Brooch - designed by Rachel Mielke of Hillberg & Berk, it was presented to Her Majesty by Lieutenant Governor (of Saskatchewan) on October 17, 2013.  Made of Madagascar tourmaline in pink shades with set in 18K white gold with a white fresh water cultured pearl in the center surrounded by 300 diamonds . 

Source: some information from her majesty’s jewel vault

Louis Meijer  (1809–1866) - The Conquest of Palembang (Sumatra) by Lieutenant-General Baron de Kock, 24 June 1821 - 1857

Hendrik Merkus, Baron de Kock (25 May 1779 – 12 April 1845) was a Dutch military general, minister, and senator.
Hendrik Merkus de Kock was born on 25 May 1779 in Heusden in the Republic of the United Netherlands. His father was Johannes Conradus de Kock, a banker, and his mother was Maria Petronella Merkus.
In 1801, he joined the Batavian navy, and by 1807 was posted to the Dutch East Indies. In 1821 he commanded a military expedition to Palembang to suppress a local uprising. Later, as Lieutenant Governor-General (1826–1830), De Kock led the fight against Prince Diponegoro in the Java War.
The triumphant commander was declared a baron in 1835, and served in the Dutch government as Minister of the Interior from 1836 to 1841. He was Minister of State from 1841 to 1845. He remained a member of the First Chamber of parliament until his death. He died in The Hague on 12 April 1845.
Texas to pass bill banning transgender students from choosing bathrooms
Lawmakers inserted a bathroom amendment into an otherwise unrelated bill and Texas’s House gave final approval, paving the way for Senate backing
By Tom Dart

Texas is to pass a “bathroom bill” that will ban transgender students from using the restroom that aligns with their gender identity.

Conservative politicians in Texas have agitated strongly for the measure despite the backlash against such a law in North Carolina, which involved economic boycotts and attempts to repeal it after it was introduced last year.

A wide-ranging bill more similar to North Carolina’s that would have affected all public restrooms and preempted local anti-discrimination ordinances was passed by the Texas senate earlier this year but stalled in the state house of representatives, where the speaker, Joe Straus, was worried that businesses and sports events could pull out of the state and damage the economy.

However, a key advocate, lieutenant governor Dan Patrick, threatened to force the extension of the legislative session beyond its final day of 29 May unless a bill was approved.

Lawmakers used a tactic on Sunday night to circumvent the problem of time running out: a bathroom amendment was inserted into an otherwise unrelated bill about how schools plan for emergencies such as natural disasters and bomb threats.

The state house gave final approval on Monday and the bill now goes to the senate – which is also Republican-dominated and expected to back it. The legislation will then head to the desk of the Republican governor, Greg Abbott, to be signed into law.

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Preview: Nice Girls Finish Last. (Swan Song S05E22)

Episode Summary: The showdown between good and evil is at hand. With the apocalypse looming, the reader, now a demon, abandons the Winchesters to work at Lucifer’s side to help further his plans along. Sam and Dean realize they are out of options to save her and the fate of humanity. They are forced to make heart-breaking decisions that will change their lives forever.
Warnings: Demon!Reader, mentions of violence, blasphemy. 
Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader (Very minor Lucifer x Reader)
Word Count: 3,574.

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anonymous asked:

What are your assessment of the current field of potential California Governors?

I think Californians – and I’m one of them – should feel good. There is a deep field of prospective candidates for Governor in 2018, and there is a solid selection of Democrats who might run for Governor or other offices throughout the state. California has some really, really good candidates ready to take the next step in 2018 and beyond. And that “beyond” part is important because several of the leading California Democrats have an opportunity to make a difference not just in next year’s statewide races, but nationally in 2020. Most of the top contenders in California are young and relatively fresh faces, much like Kamala Harris was last year during her Senate run. California Democrats (I’m one of those, too) should be appreciative for what Nancy Pelosi, Senator Feinstein, and, especially, Governor Brown have done for us, the CDP, and our state, but on Election Day in 2018 Pelosi will be 78 years old, Feinstein will be 85 years old, and Brown will be 80 years old, so it’s comforting to know that the younger generation of progressive California leaders are ready to take over.

Rght now, I’m still supporting Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom for Governor, but I’m also still open to other candidates. I’m definitely paying attention to Tom Steyer and keeping an eye on Eric Garcetti, but I think Garcetti is going to just wait and try to make the jump from Mayor of Los Angeles to President of the United States in 2020. And that’s the smart move for him. Garcetti has a chance of making a splash in 2020 if he runs for President, but he would cut himself off at the knees if he ran for Governor in 2018 and lost, and there’s no guarantee that he would win. If I was advising Garcetti, I’d keep him away from next year’s Gubernatorial race and just have him work at raising his profile and being the anti-Trump accomplishing tangible things in the community while building a network of grassroots supporters, loyal donors, and an innovative national campaign.

As I was saying in regards to the 2018 gubernatorial race, I’m currently leaning towards Newsom, but I’m intrigued by Steyer. I think John Chiang, the California State Treasurer, has been very good at the jobs that Californians have elected him to statewide (Controller and Treasurer), but he’s not a terribly exciting guy and he’s going to be facing several rivals for the Governorship who certainly aren’t lacking in the charisma department. I think Chiang would be better off running for Lieutenant Governor, and I think it would be a good fit for him.

I’m not a fan of Antonio Villaraigosa. I’ve never been a fan of Antonio Villaraigosa. I used to get a downright uneasy feeling about John Edwards – even when Edwards was a favorite of many Democrats who wished that the Democratic ticket was reversed in 2004 because they thought Edwards was a better potential Presidential nominee than John Kerry. He wasn’t, and my instincts about him were proven correct when he did a one-and-done term in the Senate, ran for President again in 2008, cheated on his wife as she was dying from cancer, and then tried to get an aide to take responsibility for the baby that Edwards had fathered with his mistress (during the campaign where Edwards’s wife was dying from cancer). Anyway…I get the same feelings about Antonio Villaraigosa that I used to get about John Edwards so I definitely hope he doesn’t get anywhere near the Governor’s office.

I also don’t like Kevin de Léon, who is currently the leader in the California State Senate. He hasn’t announced that he’s running but he’s exploring the possibility. Fortunately, Gavin Newsom dislikes de Léon (and I mean that he genuinely does not like the guy) even more than I do, so if he does get in the race I’m pretty sure Newsom will actively work to take de Léon out.

It’s still somewhat early in the campaign cycle, so there’s a chance that some other candidates will jump in the race, and that’s why I’m keeping my options open. But, like I said, California is in good shape when it comes to the next few elections because there is truly a host of quality candidates ready to make the leap. Besides Garcetti, I’m really keeping an eye on Xavier Becerra, who isn’t running for Governor but is well-positioned to break through nationally. Becerra is a former member of the House of Representatives (in fact, he represented the district that I now live in after moving to Los Angeles), but he resigned from Congress to accept Governor Brown’s nomination to be Attorney General of California. Perhaps more than anybody in California, Becerra has the ability to be President Trump’s biggest headache, and he has an opportunity to raise his profile significantly by leading the fight against Trump’s policies when they adversely affect Californians. Like Garcetti, Becerra has the rare chance to make a huge jump from local or statewide office into something on the national level – possibly the Vice Presidency on the Democratic ticket in 2020. Becerra was strongly rumored to have been one of candidates vetted for the Vice Presidency by Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2016. He’s made it clear that he’s seeking an elected term as Attorney General in 2018, but the best-case scenario for him – and for California – would be if Dianne Feinstein decided not to run for a sixth term in U.S. Senate. Feinstein will be 85 years old when she runs for re-election next year, and I feel like Becerra would be perfect if made the jump from Attorney General of California to the U.S. Senate exactly like Kamala Harris did in 2016. It’s time for energetic leadership everywhere, and Becerra could provide that much better than an 85-year-old who has barely been challenged for her seat in a quarter century.

I went a little further than just the 2018 race for Governor of California, but it’s an interesting time in California politics. And for those who might be wondering why I didn’t mention any Republican candidates, it is because California has a jungle primary system (which I’m a big fan of and is one of the reasons why California has developed such strong and fresh Democratic candidates over the past decade). Instead of the leading Democrat facing the leading Republican in the general election, the top two vote-getters face off in the general election regardless of their party affiliation. That’s why two Democrats – Kamala Harris and Loretta Sanchez – ended up running against each other in the general election for the U.S. Senate in 2016. The jungle primary and the state’s diverse population has resulted in what is very nearly a super majority for the Democrats in California, so the system works really well in the the state since it ensures that the two candidates who truly had the most support in the primaries advance to a much more competitive general election as opposed to a lopsided matchup between a Democratic nominee who would likely crush a Republican nominee for 20% of the vote. There are Republicans running for Governor in 2018, but it’s unlikely that any of them will come close to finishing in the top two of the jungle primary and advancing to the general election. A Republican hasn’t won a statewide election in California since Governor Schwarzenegger was re-elected in 2006. 

Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover


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“Hey babe” Lydia greets her boyfriend and kisses him on the cheek.

“Hey, are you excited for today” Stiles asks his beautiful girlfriend Lydia. 

“No stiles i could care less if our favorite author is here for a book signing” Lydia replies

“I thought sarcasm was my thing” Stiles laughed

Lydia rolled her eyes and than smiled. “Stiles of course i am very excited, it is chuck. It is the supernatural books” Lydia exclaims and stiles chucked at his cute girlfriend. 

“Well then hurry up and get ready so we can have lunch before we go” Stiles pushes Lydia in the direction of her clothes and shoes. Lydia gets changed and touches up her makeup for the book signing. 

They both are thinking to them self how amazing it’s going to be to meet chuck. Chuck will be in the Harvard University Library doing the event. Yep Harvard, where they are devoted to excellence in teaching, learning, and research, and to developing leaders in many disciplines who make a difference globally. This is where Stiles and Lydia have been attending and are in their first year.

Lydia and Stiles make there way to the lunch area holding hands. 

“I will have a garden salad please” Lydia orders 

“And i will have a cheese burger with curly fires” Stiles smiled and spoke to the lady at the counter. The lady nods and says “Okay, That will be fourteen dollars and thirty five cents”. Stiles gives the lady the money and a small tip. They wait for their orders and once its done find a small table to sit at together. 

“You have a serious issue with curly fries stiles” Lydia said

“Waaat” Stiles says with a mouth full of fries

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“Curly fries are the best kind of fries” Stiles declares

Stiles and Lydia finish their lunch and walk over to the library where they can not wait to see chuck.

Lydia and Stiles brought their favorite book, Swan Song. They were lucky to have showed up when they did at that exact moment, because Chuck was just starting to read the beginning of the prologue.

“On April 21 1967 the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in janesville. A blue two-door caprice. There was a big ceremony, speeches, the lieutenant governor even showed up. Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her, but they should have. Because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car, in fact the most important object in pretty much the whole universe.” Chuck read and stops at that point.

There is so many people here. Though Stiles and Lydia sure can believe it, it is the best book series of all time.    

The young couple went to wait in line to get their copies of Swan Song signed. Stiles was jumping with joy while Lydia was calm on the outside but surely freaking out on the inside. After a bit of waiting it was Lydia and Stiles turn coming up. To both their surprise there was two other people sitting with Chuck signing books and talking to fans. As they get closer they saw the other people’s name tags. Sam Winchester, Then there was the girl. She had sandy blonde light brown hair and green eye’s. Her name Y/N. Stiles and Lydia approach the table.

“Hi who should i make this out to” Chuck asked with a smile

“You can make it out to Lydia Martin, that would be me” Lydia smiles

“And mine to Stiles” Stiles spoke

Chuck gave a weird look to Stiles “What’s a Stiles” He asked. Lydia chuckled.

“It’s a person, me, i’m Stiles” Stiles replied to Chuck

Chuck nodded and signed the book. “Would you like are special guests to sign your books as well” Chuck asked while Sam and Y/N smiled at them.

“Hello, I’m Sam Winchester” Sam greeted

“Like Sam and Y/N  from the books” Stiles looked at You and Sam confused. You both nod and smile.

“Is this not fictional writing” Lydia asked with her eyes wide

Lydia looked around seeing others freaking out about Y/N and Sam being real. Who wouldn’t freak out in a good way once they find out the characters of their favorite books are real.

“Yeah we are real, flesh and bone” You say while slapping Sams cheek lightly as if that proves your real. Sam gives you his famous Bitch Face.

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“So would you like us to sign your books” Sam asked politely

“Yes that would be fantastic” Lydia smiled answering

“I actually think i’m going to pass out” Stiles dramatically says while holding onto the table.

You and Sam signed both books.

“Hey where’s a good place for a slice of pie around here” You ask looking at Chuck and Sam

“The cafe by the lunch area has amazing apple pie” Stiles butts in

“Good, let’s get me some pie” You say while rubbing your hands together

“I’m guessing i probably can’t get a beer in the lunch area on campus” You ask

Sam hit your arm lightly. “What i’m thirsty and we have been signing shit all day sitting around” You pout

Everyone still hears squeaking and squealing about the special guest’s Sam and Y/N.

“I can’t believe the Y/N and Sam Winchester are going to eat pie at our campus” Stiles fangirls over the thought of it.

Lydia rolled her eye’s at her ridiculous boyfriend but fangirling inside also.

“Alright show me to the pie” You Say putting your hand on Stiles shoulder

“Okay” Stiles looked a little confused. He did not expect for and Lydia to take them to the cafe but he sure is not going to reject.

They watched Y/N eat a lot of pie and talked with Sam. They all talked about what is not fictional in the Supernatural books. Stiles and Lydia spent a lot of time at the cafe with Sam and Y/N having their dreams come true about their favorite character from their favorite books be real.


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On April 21, 1967, the 100 millionth GM vehicle rolled off the line at the plant in Janesville – a blue two-door Caprice.

There was a big ceremony, speeches. The lieutenant governor even showed up. Three days later, another car rolled off that same line. No one gave two craps about her. But they should have, because this 1967 Chevrolet Impala would turn out to be the most important car – no, the most important object – in pretty much the whole universe.

She was first owned by Sal Moriarty, an alcoholic with two ex-wives and three blocked arteries. On weekends, he’d drive around giving Bibles to the poor “gettin’ folks right for Judgment Day.” That’s what he said. Sam and Dean don’t know any of this, but if they did, I bet they’d smile.

After Sal died, she ended up at Rainbow Motors, a used-car lot in Lawrence, where a young marine bought her on impulse. That is, after a little advice from a friend. I guess that’s where this story begins.

And here’s where it ends.

Brief Australian History - The Eureka Stockade (Gold Rush)

Well! I’m procrastinating, and am going down to Sovereign Hill next week, and knowing it’s been brought up on my feed recently, I felt compelled to educate a little today on the Eureka Stockade. Forgive me as a lot of my knowledge is aged and coming from text books I have from school. But, it’s an interesting thing and if I bore you, I pray you look it up elsewhere and it won’t. The Eureka Stockade is an important part of Australian history, and is strongly symbolised in our pop culture.

// Also, specifically for the Hetalia fandom, the gold rushes were mentioned in the strips with little Australia and Canada. It’s said his character aged drastically due to the gold rushes and wool industry. (Chapter 201 / 202)

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