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Got any general headcanons for Liechtenstein, Taiwan and Seychelles?

// i always have headcanons for my children so yes of course //


  • She’s in a knitting club with Sweden, Netherlands, Romano, and Norway. She’s basically the club leader/president thing.
  • She’s an expert skier.
  • Her favorite types of movies are RomComs and Comedies.
  • She also has a book club with the other Hetalia girls.
  • She likes to receive piggy back rides from her brother whenever possible.


  • She has an entire stash of yaoi given to her from Hungary who got it from Japan on the down low.
  • She enjoys listening to classical music and rap.
  • She’s really into musicals.
  • She sends everyone really nice messages on anon.
  • She likes to climb trees.
  • She can rap as fast as Lafayette in Guns and Ships


  • She loves going scuba diving. Seeing all the wondrous sea life and beautiful underwater scenery fills her with determination.
  • She has an entire room in her house dedicated to sea life and coral reefs.
  • She can lowkey surf exetremely well.
  • She’ll jump on random nation’s backs for surprise piggy back rides every once in a while.
  • She’s like a walking survival guide. She’s memorized all survival tips and techniques just in case she gets lost.
  • She has no sense of direction whatsoever.

(when liechtenstein and belarus hang out)

liech: *tries on some piece of clothing*
liech: so what do you think?
belarus: *sweats*
belarus: (((shit)))
belarus: (((play it cool natalya))))
belarus: ((((don’t let her know you lowkey wanna push her against a wall and make out with her)))
belarus: ((((you can do this natalya))))
belarus: ((you practiced this multiple times in front of your mirror))
belarus: nah it’s not your tone try something else
liech: aww okay :(
liech: *disappears to change*
belarus: * gay internal screaming bc liech took lingerie into the changing room*

The nations react to being called cute

Canada: “Oh… Um…. I..” Whole face turns red and he apologizes
America: “Is this a joke? Haha, good one, man. I-it is a joke, right? Th-theres no way you think I’m cute. Stop pullin’ my leg.”
England: “Bitch please. I was born cute.” Later when he’s alone he’d go “they called me cute”
France: He just blushes a whole lot with out saying anything
Russia: He’d just hide his face in his scarf
Germany: “I’m manly. Men aren’t cute. They are masculine. A-and Danke.”
Italy: Bitch you know I am" Snaps fingers
Romano: “I’m a Vargas so you believe it, bitch!” Snaps fingers
Prussia: Same as America and a little bit of Germany
Switzerland: “I AM NOT CUTE.” Then his whole face, including his ears, turn red
Liechtenstein: “Excuse you, but I am adorable! That’s way more better than cute.”
Austria: Hides away trying not to cry because someone said he’s cute when he thinks he isn’t
Finland: “Excuse you? But I am not cute. I am FINE. Its in the name, sweetie. FINEland.”

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Hi! Love your blog, everything seems so accurate to me. Anyway, could you do some cutesy headcannons for Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Romano, and Spain? Not necessarily with an S/O, though. I know it's an interesting group, but thank you!!

switzerland is a massive cuddler but he always acts like he hates it, if you hug him he’ll lean on you and go all happy and soppy and if he was a cat he would be purring very loudly (afterwards he’ll deny it ever happened though)

liechtenstein blushes super easily and is really ticklish - even the idea of tickling makes her giggle! she is also really awful at lying, especially for pranks - she blushes and giggles a lot and her voice goes super high pitched

romano hides behind people when embarrassed or shy and everyone finds this hilarious, he also sneezes like a kitten and has been known to ‘blush as red as a tomato’

spain once spent a ridiculous amount on an art class just so he’d be able win a competition for naming a baby turtle at his local zoo and even though he didnt win the zoo valued his art so much they let him name another baby, he also adores small children and lets them climb all over him and everything

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I’m pretty sure this page was the second or first time I drew anything Hetalia-related. Some mochis,  a friend’s OC, and a side view of  Liechtenstein. The third and fourth pictures are something I’ll have to explain later, but but let’s just say I like to personify different Hetalia ships. The third picture (the one labeled ‘Mitchelle’) is  the personification of Leichtenstein x 2p America, and the fourth is Latvia x Liechtenstein. (Liechtenstein x 2p America’s personification may or may not be slightly based off of aphtexts’s Swagalistic Liechtenstein. X)