I love very Western culture.
they(pokemon) are voters.

Lickilicky, he is a baron from the effects of the movie, and will waste the tax.
MegaAudino, he is dressed with a ruffle, it looks very elegant.
MegaGallade, he is a prince, attract the attention from everyone.
Mime Jr, he is a contortionist, flattered the visitors and the help of Furfrou.
Furfrou, he is a charlatan, cheat the people with clever words.
Hypno, he is a gentleman of the upper class, heard the worries of the people, and passing the money.
Kricketune, he is a great composer, was harassed by money and composers.


The results of today’s streams. These are really rough concepts for the pokemon variation theme I’ll be doing, starring lickilicky!!

Thanks to everyone who joined my stream it was great having you all and I hope everyone enjoys these lil sketch doodles.

Thanks to the cube for providing scale.

Remember these are in no way finished and I plan on doing a few more and finalizing all of these for a grand finale.