Library of Congress

It’s about broadening their perspective of what the library is. At an open house, you could see the awe and joy people had in discovering that there was the first edition of [the comic-book series] Luke Cage—things they could relate to. Knowing that the library has the largest collection of comic books in the world and that they could get a reader’s card and use the resources. I’m really interested in making sure people understand that the library’s not just for scholars but that everybody can be a scholar.
—  Carla Hayden, 14th Librarian of Congress 
Elizabeth Hamilton to Margarita Schuyler, 1781

Count Charles my Dear Margaret arrived here last night and brought me the enclosed letters from our Amiable Angelica.  The Celebrated Beauty Count Dillon accompanied him.  He is handsome but nothing equal to what Uncle Cortlandt was nor do I imagine very Clever.  There has been a _____ Ball given to Mr. Carter (?), and the only one.  Let me know if your friend Maria Morris is with you and how you pass your time.  As to me I am the happiest of Women.  My dear Hamilton is fonder of me every day.  Get married I charge you and give this advice to your friend.  There is no possible felicity but in that state imagined me my Sister.  I was much in want of it.

Adieu. Give my love to Papa and Mama and our friends and the others.  ____

With every regard,

Eliz Hamilton

January 21st, 1781

Source: Library of Congress