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It’s true: there is no such thing as an average librarian. There are, course, camel-riding librarians, and horse-riding librarians. Patriot Act-defying librarians, absurdly generous librarians, and goddamn hero librarians. Absolutely. But there are no average librarians. Not a one. Let…
By Chad Felix

This man captains a book boat. And brings joy to countless children.


200,000 Rare Books Are Inside 300 Year Old Dublin Library

The Long Room, as this 300 year old library has been dubbed, is stowed away in a corner of Dublin’s Trinity College. The magnificent library is boasted to be the largest in Dublin, and contains over 200,000 rare books that would make any scholar, student or teacher make a permanent nest within these 65 feet long walls holding a precious amount of knowledge. The library was built in 1712 and 1732, and is dotted with Peter Scheemakers’s famous bust sculptures.

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Have you ever thought about how much is available to you, to use and take in and enjoy, without needing to own them? Concerts, libraries, parks, a good joke, sunsets, the smell of freshly cut grass, soaking in the sun a lazy afternoon in August, or sharing a cup of coffee with someone you love on a still Sunday morning, watching the world wake up? And have you ever thought about the fact that memories, all your memories, are built on these things—things you don’t need to own. They are like the universe’s gift to us all, to enjoy. Like a present to celebrate you being here. How beautiful is that?


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1. The National Library of the Czech Republic - Prague, Czech Republic

2. Admont Abbey Library - Admont, Austria

3. Trinity College Library - Dublin, Ireland

4. The Royal Portuguese Library - Rio de Janiero, Brazil

5. Stuttgart Municipal Library - Stuttgart, Germany

6. George Peabody Library - Baltimore, United States

7. Wiblingen Monastery Library - Ulm, Germany

8. University of Iowa Law Library - Des Moines, United States

9. Walker Library - Minneapolis, United States

10. Vennesla Library - Vennesla, Norway

Women in the Appalachian mountains on horseback delivering books and reading to those who could not as a feature of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the 1930’s.  Established in 1935, the Pack Horse Library Project was aimed at providing reading materials to rural portions of Eastern Kentucky with no access to public library facilities. Librarians riding horses or mules traveled 50 to 80 miles a week up rocky creekbeds, along muddy footpaths, and among cliffs to deliver reading materials to the most remote residences and schools in the mountains. Some homes were so remote that the book women often had to go part of the way on foot, or even by row boat. — with Stephanie McSpirit.

Source: Voices of Appalachia (FB)

Here in the northern hemisphere, the Perseid meteor shower should be peaking sometime soon, as Earth crosses into the dust trail left by comet Swift-Tuttle. Are you watching for shooting stars?

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Pérégrinations d’une comète, from Un autre monde : transformations, visions, incarnations … et autres choses by Grandville. Paris : H. Fournier, 1844. MU Ellis Special Collections Rare NC1499.G66 A42. Original image at