Quotes from Curse of Strahd

“Family picnic in the crypt?” - the cleric

“If there’s nothing in here I need to stab with a fork, I dump the bones in” - the cleric 

“Na na na na na na na leader!” - the bard

“Neverending durrrr” - the bard on himself

“Do I want to get miniaturized and sucked in to that dollhouse? Hell yeah I do” - the ranger 

“I’m tearing apart the family’s house with their own sword” - the paladin breaking a door

“You have all the strength of a lasagna noodle” - the druid
“Al dente, motherfucker!” - the bard

“No, you’re not noticing that.” - the DM to the cleric 

“So, do you poop rocks?” - the bard
“Sometimes” - the goliath cleric 

“Shut it, jingle balls!” - the druid to the bard 

“Like, your toes are magical?” - the ranger

“I’m so mad, I  want to burn this house to the ground” - the cleric 

“Slap that child! We’re chaotic neutral around here!” - the paladin 

“Before I kill these kids I’m going to make sure I’m not wrong” - the cleric 

“You rub your wood vigorously” - the DM on the druid casting shillelagh 

“That’s duel-able” - the bard

“Maybe it’s a Pillowcase of Holding” - the druid, looting 

“Anything’s a toilet if you try hard enough” - the barbarian 

“He came back? What a douche.” - the ranger 

“You 10’d perfectly” - the DM 

“Good thing it turned out to be the librarian ghost from Ghostbusters” - the ranger 

“From now on, we disarm every suit of armor we see.” - the paladin 

“The barbarian doesn’t so much drink the potion so much as smashes the bottle on her head and drinks the trickle-down” - the DM 

“Ninja! In your face!” - the ranger 

“I’ve been in the closet so long I don’t know where I am anymore” - the bard 

“This is a higher breed of toaster” - the bard on the animated armor 

“You made me bleed my own blood.” - the 1 HP barbarian to the animated armor

“My tambourine sounds spectacularly beautiful to your ears” - the bard to the now inspired barbarian 

“I pull out my masterwork battle tambourine and come running up the stairs” - the bard 

“If I get an arrow in my ass I will kill you with my fork” - the cleric to the ranger 

“I hit it with my fork because it seems like the right thing to do” - the cleric 

“I look at the cobwebs and dust and say ‘This is not a suitable environment for a human child’.” - the barbarian

“Let me rub my spear when I need to, it will go better for everyone” - the ranger 

“I mean, there’s only so many books you can make out of human skin” - the barbarian 

“I mean, I’m going to return the spear. Probably. Maybe.” - the ranger 

“Can you do that wall in sunshine yellow?” - the ranger to the DM drawing the map 

“One does not simply walk in to more doors’ - the druid 

"Your cannon fodder is staying behind?” - the cleric on the paladin’s squires 

“I’m scarier than any monster” - the barbarian to the children 

“Who’s your tailor?” - the ranger to the weird children 

“Who ate your parents? You guys?” - the druid to the weird children in the street 

“Is everyone a mail carrier in this world?” - the druid
Post-apocalyptic.” - the ranger 

“If I am not actively doing anything, I am posing dramatically” - the barbarian 

“I want fogvision” - the ranger

“These may be poisonous but I am going to eat them anyway” - the druid 

“One of these HAS to be the off mushroom.” - the DM on the druid’s mushroom addiction/consequent visions 

“The barbarian is insecure about her height in the presence of the goliath cleric” - the barbarian


A friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep. Welcome to Night Vale.

WTNV is one of the the things that inspire me most. I am so in love with the concept of the unknown and the unquestioned weirdness of this place.
Whenever I listen to the podcast I get the irresistable urge to express my love for this small dessert town so these 8 (postcard sized) paintings were created and I couldn’t stop myself from sharing them and spreading my love for the lovely people behind my favorite podcast of all times.

Update: I gave them to Cecil after the ghost stories live show in cologne
This Be the Verse

Angsty modern AU Lieutenant Duckling for a CS Writers’ Hub prompt. Probably the most pretentious thing I’ve ever written, and that really is saying something.

With apologies to Philip Larkin and dedicated to Sascha, wherever he may be.

1.8k. T for language.

She doesn’t really notice him until he starts bleeding.

She’s used to keeping her head down, always the new kid, always the weird kid with the hand me down clothes and a permanent scowl.

She’s never had time to worry about the other weird kids, not when her own school career has been punctuated by cruelty and laughter, and bruises that bloom like flowers, hidden under too long sleeves.

He’s probably the weirdest of them all. Scrawny and pale, with lank dark hair that hangs in his face and eyes like shards of glass. Nobody seems to know where he’s come from - not from round here and that’s for sure - his accent sharp and bitter and different, just like him.

The kids see difference and they sneer at it. Some half-wild feral boy, unloved and unwanted, his clothes half rags and his cheeks hollow; easy pickings for the gangs of roving jocks with their sly, piggy eyes and their whey protein muscles.

It only takes one of them to hold him, class rings digging into thin shoulders, while three more thump and pound and laugh and holler.

It only takes one punch back to stop them laughing.

So it is that the first time Emma Swan really notices Killian Jones, he’s bleeding from a slash on his cheek and sporting a split lip, his eye purpling as his chest heaves and he spits bile on the floor at his feet.

But more than that, more than gore and bravery and sheer stupidity against the odds, she notices fury.

After all, she knows what it’s like to be angry.

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gallusrostromegalus  asked:

Question: Is putting in a tag to the effect of "Thank you tag wrangler!" appreciated or just more work for you?

Aw, what a sweet question!

That’s fine if you feel like doing it, though no one should feel obligated to do so. I doubt most wranglers would consider a single thank you tag “more work,” given that we don’t have to connect it to anything and can just move it over to the land where everything that doesn’t belong in a single fandom lives. It would honestly be a rather nice counter to the times people randomly curse at us in the tags. :’)

Without seeing the wrangling interface, I think it can be hard to know what’s really work and what takes a few seconds at most?

Tags that are “work”:

  • Unmarked OCs that might be minor characters from canon, especially a canon that doesn’t have a wiki. More info here.
  • Tags in a language that very few (or no) members of the Translation team speak. (Omg, if any of you speak Turkish as your first language, please apply the next time Translation recruitment is open. Please. I’m begging you. You would be a hero to wranglers.)
  • Confusing tags that stay in draft forever, or where the character or referenced thing doesn’t show up yet in the work, so we have no idea what the tagger really means.
  • You know those collections of tiny Tumblr ficlets that people put into a single work instead of a series? And then some of those people only tag with first names for characters and relationships? While tagging like a dozen fandoms, so we’re not sure which Jack and which Harry they meant? Yeah. Full names are a wrangler’s best friends.
  • Generic character or fandom names being used for different characters or fandoms, forcing us to do the disambig dance. It’s not the fun kind of dance. It’s more like the macarena out of tune with zombies kind of dance. Save us from the macarena zombies. More info here.
  • Works tagged with RPF fandoms but that have just fictional characters, and works tagged with a fictional fandom that have just real people characters. More info here. (This is one of those things people yell at us for in the tags, but we have no control over it.)

Tags that are easy:

  • Single-use freeforms/additional tags that clearly either have a filterable meaning or not. Syn and done or move and done. Wranglers can handle hundreds in an hour if they’re all clear, regardless of length. To repeat: we don’t care about length! Chatty is fine. “Tumblr-style” is fine. It’s not more work for us.
  • Using a tag that already exists (canonical or not) for the same meaning that it was originally used for. We never even have to look at it.
  • Original characters that are marked with (OC) or something like that. So fast, much move.
  • Characters from canon with their full names used, or if they only have one name, the fandom name in parentheses after it.
  • Relationships using characters’ full names.
  • Fandom tags that use the full fandom name, and if that’s kind of generic, having the media or author or year in the tag as well (depending on which makes the most sense for the fandom). No longer the sad, plaintive wails of “which Empire? which Librarians? which Ghost?” No more zombie dance.

Basically, every time a tag is clear and unambiguous, a wrangler smiles.

It’s Just September!

Hmmm… maybe September is a nice name for my ghost guy. Hyeck! It’s still too early for drawing spooky things! But it’s creeping up on me. Then again, I’ll be busy with inktober on the actual scary month. Kehehehe!

Anywhooo, here’s September, everyone. A ghastly sorcerer who has kept a massive archive of cursed literature through the ages. The location of said archive is currently unknown, entrance is exclusively invitation only. Exceptions for entrance may include: having a cursed literature of one’s own to trade or dispose; being a close and trusted friend; a supernatural being that can eat curses; a poor sap that can be used as a test subject out of sheer boredom. The Chosen One, ok not really. Claiming to be thuh chosen one may result in becoming a test subject , since technically subject is still chosen.

If anyone asks what counts as cursed literature, well I’m still working it. :U

Index Astartes Shadow Haunters

So for the upcoming novel I slipped in a little bit of action with my own homebrew Space Marine Chapter, the Shadow Haunters. I thought it fitting that I give a bit of background to go with them.

Motto: “Darkness there and nothing more.”

Founding: 19th

Successors of: Raven Guard

Successor Chapters: None

Chapter Master: Revus Shadd

Homeworld: Crowcrag

The Shadow Haunters are a largely Codex-compliant Raven Guard Successor Chapter. They operate from the Feudal World of Crowcrag, on the fringes of the Segmentum Obscurus. 

Crowcrag is a small and impoverished world shrouded in mist and rain. The primitive human population live in walled burghs and meager farming collectives dominated by the bleak, sheer adamantium citadels and keeps that act as the Shadow Haunters’ bases. Their primary headquarters, the Fortress Monastery known as the Blackrock, is a vast castle that looms precariously on its mountain perch over the thatch-and-wattle sprawl that is the planetary capital.

Crowcrag’s settlements are surrounded by deep, haunted forests that are home to cannibalistic tribespeople. These savages frequently raid the “civilised” settlements, and as a result Crowcrag’s feudal society is heavily militarised. While remaining aloof from such minor conflicts, the Shadow Haunters typically draw their recruits from the sons of the greatest knightly retinues, and there are many initiation rituals involved in penetrating and surviving the bleak Deepwoods alone. 

Shadow Haunter combat doctrine is directly descended from the stealth operations preferred by their Raven Guard fore-bearers. They typically eschew frontal engagements in favour of covert or clandestine initiatives, relying on speed, stealth, forward planning and a degree of terror. 

While largely compliant with the dictats of the Codex Astartes, the organisation and nature of the Shadow Haunters includes a number of quirks. The Chapter’s gene-seed seems to suffer from a strange mutation the Haunters call Othersight. This leads to ghostly apparitions and occasional doom-laden visions. Aspirants must master these revenants - normally figures from their own past experiences - if they are to progress through the ranks, though none of the Haunters are able to fully shake off the waking nightmares that stalk them. Shadow Haunter Librarians, known as Ghost Speakers, are particularly susceptible to these, and can supposedly commune with and utilise their visions. The presence of such an unsettling phenomenon combined with the Chapter’s covert tactics has resulted in a somewhat sinister reputation among other Imperial organisations. 

While physically the Shadow Haunters display the alabaster skin and black hair of their ancestors, it has been noted that extended, fang-like canines more in keeping with the Blood Angels or Space Wolves have also developed as part of their genhancements. 

Currently the majority of the Chapter are engaged with the forces of the Archenemy around the Eye of Terror, although there are also elements operating against the fledgling Tau Empire in the galactic east, and others fighting with a number of greenskin incursions in the Segmentum Pacificus. 


As the title says, this list has fanfictions where APH England is the main character. If you are here searching for fics with that characteristic (APH England as the protagonist), I hope it will be useful. This one may be a little confusing, because in this list doesn’t have FRUK and USUK fics but fics with APH England and another partner. Also not all the fics here have romance or love stories.

  • If you are a writer and see your fic here, and don’t want it to be here, please, tell me and I will remove it. Also if you want me to add another link on it.
  • If some of the links don’t work, please, tell me so I could fix it.
  • I like to read angst, drama and hurt… (I’m a weirdo, I know) so some of them are on those lines, I warn you. Not all of them, there are fluff and things like that too. If you are very conscious or sensible to some topics, please, check the warnings and disclaimers of the fics, if they have. 
  • I love long things C: and I love long fics too, so the stories posted here are at least 10,000 words count.
  • All the stories are COMPLETE.
  • The numeration of the lists doesn’t mean anything about the quality of the fics (all of them are great!). Is beacuse is more easy for me to have a control of the fics posted, no other reason. So just ignore it.
  • If you want to read some USUK fics, click here, and also click here for more USUK fics (this list is divided in two parts).
  • If you want to read some FRUK fics, click here.
  • If you want to read some FACE/ACE family fics, click here.
  • I’m up for recomendatios!

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  • HOON KIDOH aka KITTEN ( jeon wonwoo ) - bartender
  • PARK YEONG-HUI aka VENUS ( hirai momo ) - assassin, underground fighter, librarian
  • LEE AERI aka GHOST ( kim hyuna ) - hacker, information broker, money launderer
  • KIM HANA aka ROSE ( jung soojung ) - assassin, criminal confidant, art café owner
  • YONG TAEJUN aka ATTORNEY YONG ( ji changwook ) - attorney

confexionery  asked:

October is upon us! When will the little witches, wizards and ghosties arrive at your door with hollowed-out pumpkins for trick or treating?

Oh they come all year. All the young things in our tiny, haunted village of Peyroux know that Old Man Atticus keeps a bin of treats at his door, and they come constantly. They plague him in the streets, ignoring his protests and disputes that he “only has one bit of candy and was saving it for himself.” They know there is always a second piece, found after searching, that he will “begrudgingly” give them.

“You shouldn’t take candy from strangers, and there are none more strange than I!” he will cry out, and he will be ignored.

And it doesn’t stop at children! Every ghost-damn librarian, diner waitress, villain, goblin, bat, cat, and stray villager without much to do repeats the same.

We ought get out of the stationery business and go into the candy business!