At the end of Atlas Shrugged
  • the capitalists: we're leaving this society and we're gonna create our own, free from the chains of common ownership and democratic sensibility!
  • the capitalists: *try to get their new society off the ground*
  • a capitalist: does anybody know how to cook or clean?
  • another capitalist: i just know how to pay other people to cook and clean
  • a capitalist: what about construction or manufacturing? anyone?
  • another capitalist: i just know how to extract and appropriate surplus value from the working class that constructs and manufactures
  • other capitalists: same
  • original society: *thriving in a robust system of economic democracy where collectivized ownership over the means of production and social property has ushered in a new epoch of classlessness and liberty, happy about the self-imposed banishing of the bourgeoisie*

I think it’s safe to say that the average person on Tumblr reblogging libertarian memes at this point is significantly more ideologically authoritarian than the average American liberal

Very accurate. Currently focusing a lot of my research on why the majority of meme culture is made up of those that could be identified as part of the Authoritarian Right camp. Why are ironic memes so appealing to those with fascist, and often reactionary, predispositions? How is it that conservatism rooted itself so deeply in the world of memes? I consider the Authoritarian Left and Libertarian Right meme communities so astronomically small - relatively speaking - as to be rendered irrelevant in my research.