Equality Golbat: “Abuse culture is thinking children are too young to be told what abuse is.”

There is no age at which a child is too young to be abused. All dodging the issue does is invalidate their memory and prevent them from seeking help, which tends to lead to conclusions like “it’s my own fault.”


Equality Golbat: “Before calling the police for any reason, consider whose life may be put in danger by virtue of the police being there.”

In particular, police usually decrease safety rather than increasing it if anyone nearby has:

  • any ethnicity other than white


  • any disability


I’m getting really fed up with the “fuck the police” sentiment pouring in from those on the left and on the extreme right.  There’s nothing “fascist” about good officers in a community doing their jobs.  Yes, some of them are bad (as with any job) and need to be fired and/or arrested, but the majority of these people stick their neck out every day for you and me.  And no, we do not live in a “police state.”  Enough with this nonsense.