“–oh, back in a second.” Libby smiled over towards Clark as she jumped up from her place on the sofa. The pair were watching a movie, one she wasn’t entirely too interested in but suggested when they originally made the plans. In all honesty, she just wanted an excuse to hang out with Clark again. She wasn’t too sure about where they were at all, and it had been a fair while since she’d bypassed the whole fake-girlfriend situation, yet.. neither of them had the courage to truly talk about it properly.

Libby answered the door with a grin on her face as she saw the package. It was a secret she’d held for a long time, having not told a soul but Casey and another about it. But the book she’d been writing for quite some time now had finally been sent off to get printed just for her - just to see what it would look like, and whether it was something she’d continue with when she got feedback. It had been almost a month and they were finally in her hands. After she signed, she thanked the postman with a grateful smile before practically skipping back into the living room with a grin on her face. “I’ve waited so long for these.” She carefully opened the packaging and retrieved the three copies, before placing them on the table.