• Mason: Liam, look!
  • Liam: Oooh it's the new game
  • Mason: I want to play that so badly
  • Liam: Same. My dad said its too much money right now
  • Mason: Yeah, my parents cant afford it either
  • Both boys: *Looking at the new game with longing*
  • Later:
  • Mason: Dog obedience show, winner gets $100. That can pay for the game for both of us!
  • Liam: Yeah, but I dont own a dog and you don't either
  • Mason: But we have a wolf...
  • Liam: A very intelligent wolf...
  • *Both boys turn to look at Theo*:
  • Theo: No way!
  • A week later:
  • Judge: First place winner is ... Liam with Theo. Well done Liam!
  • Liam: ^_^
  • Mason: ^_^
  • Theo: ...

How teen wolf should end

Kira comes back to save the day and scott and her live happily ever after.

Cora comes back and her and malia became besties. Lydia and cora begin to date

Malia and lydia are end game though

Theo dies

Mason and liam are endgame

Peter dies and henry comes back to see malia

Melissa and chris are happy

Derek comes back with his fiancee braeden and they have an epic wedding

Stiles … well i dont exactly care but i guess he could come back.

okay but picture sciles and liason on a double date.
they didn’t think it would be, but it turned into one when they saw each other sitting squeezed into a tiny booth at the all night diner finishing up the onion rings, fries, and pickles while they waited for the burgers. liam feels a knock against his knee and he looks up at mason who’s staring because stiles is sucking on the end of a really long french fry and pointing the other end at scott with a smirk on his face, and scott is leaning in to take a bite. liam can see the grin on mason’s face from the corner of his eye and it makes him all warm inside so he breaks into a huge smile and leans back so his arm falls around his best friend casually but so snuggly cuz the booth is a tight fit. he can feel mason’s heartbeat pick up a few ticks but he leans towards him anyway. scott’s nose is right up against stiles’ when he realizes they’re being watched (he was a bit lost in the moment), so he pulls back fast but not fast enough because stiles tackles him into the corner of the booth and mason and liam are shaking with giggles as they watch their best friends make out like little teenagers. they all walk out of the diner holding hands.