Lian Leng

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In which kris discovers a watercolor saturn tattoo near his girlfriends tummy?

Tattoos & Kisses ~Kris~ 

I want a tattoo so bad akjdghkjsadg ;A; lol enjoy! ~Admin C

“Ni. Hen. Piao. Liang,” Kris said each character slowly and distinctly, then sat back and waited as you tried to repeat what he just said.

“Ni…h-hen pieh l-lang? Lang? Leng? Lian? Wait, what was it again?” You swept a hand through your hair and groaned at your own incompetence, unable to get the four simple characters right.

Kris laughed at your frustrated expression.

“You don’t have to learn this, you know? What’s with this sudden eagerness to learn Mandarin?” Kris flopped down on the bed and pulled you down with him so that you were lying on top of his chest.

“I don’t know, it’s interesting? I want to be multilingual like you, too. Just knowing one language is so lame,” you whined, flipping over so you were resting your chin on your arms, and looked up at him.

Kris ran his fingers up and down your back, dragging it slowly from your waist, up your spine, to your shoulder blades, then back down. Your skin tingled from his touch, and you shivered slightly. He tilted his head and looked at you with a lazy smile.

“We can do something that’s way more interesting than learning Chinese,” Kris suggested in a low voice, lifting up the edge of your shirt a little.

You nodded absentmindedly, your mind still somewhat tangled in the world of foreign languages. It wasn’t until Kris rolled over and pressed you down beneath him on the bed that you snapped out of your daze.

“What are you doing?” You asked stupidly, blinking up at him.

“Getting your mind off Chinese. It’s not your style.” He leaned down and captured your lips, and you melted into the kiss immediately.

“And this is?” You joked, trying to catch your breath between the deep kisses.

"Making out with me is always your style. Don’t deny it,” he murmured against your lips, reaching down to pull up your shirt.

You slid out of it like a fish, then parted your lips as you waited for more kisses from him, but he froze suddenly for some unknown reason.

You followed his gaze and looked down, gasping when you realized that the tattoo on the left side of your stomach was now in full view. Funny how you felt more self-conscious about the watercolor tattoo than you being pretty much naked in a pink and black bra.

You hurriedly covered the tattoo with your hands, trying to roll over onto your stomach to hide it, but Kris held you in place and wouldn’t let you. He grabbed your hands and locked it in his grip, scrutinizing the tattoo in a mix of surprise and appreciation. He traced the shape gently with his free hand, leaning down to observe it more closely.

"It’s Saturn,” he said excitedly, a big smile spreading over his face as he identified the planet.

“S-stop it, it’s a really weird tattoo…I got it when I was young and I thought it would look cool but now it’s just plain weird and stupid and—stop staring at it!” You tried unsuccessfully to wriggle your wrists out of his iron grip.

Kris’s eyes flickered up to your face incredulously. “Weird? It looks freaking amazing! I love the design and colors. It’s the prettiest tattoo I’ve ever seen. Why don’t you wear crop tops and show it off more?”

You lifted your eyebrows at the suggestion. “You want your own girlfriend to show off more skin in public so other guys could check her out?”

“No.” His brows furrowed as he considered the scenario, but melted into a grin as he looked down at your tattoo again. “But it does look pretty cool. Maybe I should get one to match with you. I’ll be Jupiter or something.”

“Kris,” you groaned, rolling your eyes at his enthusiasm. “I’ll never get your obsession with the galaxy.”

“I don’t get you and your hate for Saturn tattoos,” he retorted, brushing over the colorful patch of skin with his fingers again.

"Jesus Christ, do you have like a fetish for my stomach/hip area now? Kris, you weirdo,” you said, half in exasperation and half in affection.


You opened your mouth to yell at him but he smirked and climbed on top of you again, shushing you with a kiss.

“As much as I love your pretty tattoo, I’d rather make out with you, jagi.”

You smiled and leaned in to his kiss.

Hmm, I guess my tattoo isn’t that bad…if Kris likes it so much.