Liam: dude, I can’t find zayn he’s been lost for an hour now idk what to do

Louis: don’t worry, man give me a sec *rips liam’s shirt open* *screams* dAMN LIMA HAVE yOU BEEN WORKING OUT?!?!

Zayn: *appears out of nowhere* hOW ABOUT YOU FIND YOUr oWN MAN AND STOP MESSING WITH MINE?

Louis: there he is

  • *Harry, Liam, and Louis can't find Niall in a crowded room*
  • Liam:We've lost Niall.
  • Louis:I got this. WHY DOES NIALL LOOK SO SMALL?
  • Niall:*yells across the room* NIALL LOOKS SMALL COZ ERNIE ELS IS ABOUT 6 FT 5
  • Harry:There he is.