Gah okay seriously now I need a blurb or writing focused on the Mrs and Harry in their new relationship giving handjobs and blowjobs

Here we have a mixture of fluff and smut, for our sweet little Harry. A little reminiscent something between the missus and Harry during their engagement, getting some flashbacks to the cheeky moments they had. I changed up this story a little bit, but, it’s still got the general idea of the missus giving Harry some pleasure; some handjobs, some blowjobs, some sneaky touches. 

Enjoy. xx

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I was in the car with my dad and Story of My Life comes on and he was like oh this is five direction or is it one second of summer

Sneak Peek.

A little something from the newest story I’m writing - flashbacks to blowies and handjobs and a little reminiscence. ;))

With a push to the door, and a hand around the knob, you found the lock on the inside of the room unused and allowing you to step inside, the room engulfed with steam as you looked ahead. His darkened silhouette visible behind the steamed glass, droplets of water trickling down the door to the shower cubicle and forming vertical stripes.

A smile carved onto your lips, devilish with the thought at the back of your mind, as you pulled up your t-shirt and dropped it to the floor, shuffling out of your sleep shorts with your knickers following close behind, leaving the cotton in a heap on the fluffy rug.

Joining him in the shower was nothing intimidating.

Silently pulling the door to the cubicle open, you were stunned at the sight ahead of you. 

Joining him in the shower whilst he had his hand wrapped around his cock was nothing but intimidating.

“F’you needed to get off, you could have asked me” you stated, a yelp leaving his mouth as he looked over his shoulder, his fringe almost blocking his vision, “s’this all about? Did you wake up with a boner or somethin’?”

His hand stayed grasped upon his shaft, too embarrassed to make any movement, as you slid you hand around his bare waist. 

“Could’a woken me up, Harry. I’m your girlfriend. Nothing new,” you smiled, pressing open mouth kisses to his sweet-tasting skin coating his shoulder.



“Even though we’re in a crowded place , you’re the only one I see ”

I just wanted to make your ovaries explode


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