Lexani LS-55 wheels in Chrome on a on a 2013 Tesla Model S. This car is an electric car that is starting to show up all over. Great looking car with new wheels… can’t get better then that! 

Grayson Smut (w/ Gifs)

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Im a singer. and right now, I am trying to write a song. But its kind of impossible with my boyfriend, Grayson, trying to distract me. “Baby, please. Stop bothering me. You know I’m trying to write,” I say, annoyed at him. “But I want to see you. We never spend time together anymore because of this stupid album, Dyimin.” 

“No,” I say, shooing him away. But he walks over behind me and trails kisses down my neck, sending shivers down my spine. 

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I shrug my shoulders in an attempt to get him to stop. “Let me finish this song, please, Grayson.” He doesn’t seem to care so i stand up and wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him deeply. He picks me up and turns me around, placing my on the couch. 

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We continue to kiss for a while until he breaks away, saying out of breath, “I need you. Right here, right now.” I nod my head and take my clothes off and take his shirt off slowly, trying not to break the kiss. But he senses me struggling and steps back. “Let me, Dyimin.” I take in his torso as he removes his shirt.

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He does a turn, showing off and bends over to kiss me again before shoving me into the wall and trailing kisses down my bare torso. 

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He stops just before where i want him and pushes me into our bedroom and shoves me onto the bed.

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we tangle ourselves into the sheets and he stops and looks into my eyes. “I love you, Dyimin,” he whispers. “I love you, Grayson,” i whisper back as he aligns himself with my heat. He pushes into me and i moan loudly at the intrusion. 

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He trusts hard and steady and bends over me, whispering hot things into my ear, his hot breath caressing my cheek. He pounds into me and i  feel close to the edge. “Grayson,” I moan, “Im close.”

“Me too.” he says and thrusts one more time and yells out my name. I go over the edge and he does and we lay there in silence.

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He goofs around for a bit before saying, “Go finish that song, sweet thang.” 


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