I was checking a Lego news fansite, because I’m an adult with mature interests, and I saw that the 2018 DC Super-Heroes sets are available.

Those are some pretty cool sets and there are a couple of new mini-figures…

wait just a God-damned minute…

Look at that Logo on the bottom right of the packaging.

Is that Krypto? Oh my God.

Green Lantern? Aquaman? Fuck ‘em.

Sooperdoge! is taking their place on the Justice League.

The Super Friends need their super good boy.


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Everyone, please reblog and lets give some Super-Wonderful support for this show. It deserves a second season. It’s got it all - fun, great characters, humor action and animation. A perfect show for young and old together. Cartoon Network has been very inconsistent re its schedule and times and this is not fair to a show that has just debuted.  It is a shame something this good doesn’t get a chance to shine.  Shout out some love! 


Supercorp Medieval AU

Isn’t it weird, Lena thinks bitterly, how the odds keep on stacking against her? She never asked to be a Luthor. She isn’t even a real one in the first place. And yet, here she is, dragged by the arms through cold, silent corridors, surrounded by a dozen guards in their polished armor. She is bound, bruised and dirty, escorted to be judged for crimes her brother committed. Lena chuckles derisively. Not Luthor enough in her family’s eyes but enough to be punished in their stead by everyone else.

( aka I’m a sucker for femslash medieval AU and this is without a doubt my favorit Supercorp fic ever )