Lewis Morley

Soy el que ya comienza a no existir 

y el que solloza todavía. 

Qué cansancio ser dos inútilmente.


Foto: Florence, Italy by Lewis Morley, 1949  

I did the thing, you guys. I RACEBENDED THE BEANS OUT OF PART OF THE BATFAM. Two can play at the racebending game, Hollywood.  Not enough Asian actors my buuuutttttt.  I just built you a sizeable chunk of the Batfam out of Asian actors.

You know that part in “Batman Forever” where Nygma peers into Bruce’s brain and sees the big black bat flying in darkness? That has been my brain lately.

Like I spent all of Saturday spelunking in a Bob Morley investigative hole, and he is like an adorable ray of Australian sunshine… And then Lewis Tan posted something so ridiculously Jason Todd… So I had to reconfigure some things…

Someone else is already doing God’s work… Putting Red Robin’s mask on Ryan Potter, so bless them.

AND THEN Alex was all like “Ian Anthony Dale as Bruce… Which means that Grace Park would be Selina Kyle, of course…” AND THEN LIKE A DUMMY I FINISHED THE REST OF H5-0 ON NETFLIX AND COULDN’T UNSEE BECAUSE THEY ARE PERFECT.

Also Keanu!Gordon, you guys. Think about it.


Because Asian!Alfred has a Canto accent… Not a British one. Well, I guess he could also totally have a British accent, still, too, BUT LOOK AT THIS THING. ^^^^^


The only con I can think of off the top of my head is that Lewis Tan is way tall. Perfect to play Jason to Batffleck… But he would tower over BatDale. Also I’m not saying Chloe Bennett!Stephanie BUT ALSO ABSOLUTELY, YOU DIG?

“PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS.” -also Alex, so here you go, world.


Awesome game for an amazing cause 🙌🏽

Shame some kids ruined it and made everyone upset/angry at the end 🙁🖕🏽

So proud of the guys though 😘❤️