A letter to you

Gajevy day
Word count: 532
A/N: Something short for this amazing day

It was a beautiful day for Magnolia, but a bit confusing for a certain shrimp. Her eyes sparkled at the sight of the iron dragon slayer, who was fighting with Natsu outside of the guild. How do I talk to him about it? Her thoughts had no end, as far as it came to him. He was probably in her mind throughout the entire day, which made her lose her sense of reality and simply stare blankly at whatever was in front of her. Those eyes always betrayed her, as they were the projection of her emotions to her friends. If anyone wanted to understand what her mind had imagined this time, a look in her eyes would be more than enough. They were so big, and that was what annoyed her the most. Anyone could notice, besides the one that she truly cared about…
“Levy-chan? Are you listening to me?”, Lucy asked the blue-haired mage.
“Um, yeah, what… Oh! Lu-chan! Yes, tell me.”, this was one of those moments when she completely lost track of time and space and just, well, stayed still.
“What are you thinking about? I don’t have to ask though, because I already know the answer.”, the blonde replied.
“W-What are you talking about?”, Levy lost it, as she figured out that she was too predictable.
“Oh, come on, you’ve told me about the letter you want to write for him, there’s no reason to hide from me. It’s not a bad thing to express what you feel through writing. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.”, Lucy replied.
“Yeah, I guess you’re right. But, the thing is that I have no clue of what to tell him! That’s what’s stressing me the most… Do you have any ideas?”, she asked her friend in desperation.
“Well, maybe you should tell him what made you fall for him, or what you like about him. That’s what I would say, probably.”, the celestial spirit mage advised her.
“What are you two doing here?”, Mirajane popped in the conversation. “Are you, by any chance, plotting Levy’s letter to Gajeel?”, she asked.
“How do you know about it?”, the solid script mage asked, as she was terrified of the thought that her plans had been revealed.
“That’s not the point here.”, Mira avoided the question. “You shouldn’t ask people for advice on such matters. Do you think he wants to read the perfect letter? No, he wants to have a glimpse in the depths of your heart! So, listen to me and write this letter on your own. Will you do that? I’m sure you will.”, her ironic smile was always intimidating for everyone, and that helped her decide what would keep her alive, but Levy knew that she had a point. That letter would be the hardest thing she would ever have to do in her life. All the people that she’s fought with were nothing in front of this.
Levy couldn’t stand all this pressure, especially since he was at the same room, so she returned to her room at Fairy Hills. She could use the silence, as it was finally time to let this out of her chest.
Dear Gajeel…

[Translation] Based from FT Stone Age chapter

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon
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