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If you feel inspired, could you do "Over and over again, till it’s nothing but a senseless babble" for gajevy?

Consider this a companion piece to my multi-chapter fic No Peeking! which, for those of you who haven’t read it, is a modern neighbours AU that I just recently completed. 

You’re gonna be, be the death, death of me.
In this bed, bed, I rest, rest in peace, oh.
You’re gonna be, be the death, death of me.
But damn it: It feels so good. 

;Wearing Nothing But A Smile

Levy’s smile could move mountains.

Life’s tribulations had seldom given Gajeel a reason to smile. Abandoned and rebellious as a child, he’d given no one else a reason to smile, either. With the absence of his father and the constant nagging of self-appointed guardian Belno, Gajeel had made it his mission to spread nothing but misery in his youth.

Now, tangled up in bed sheets that smelled of her strawberry shampoo, Levy was smiling. The joy touched her eyes, making them sparkle in the fading light of dusk that crept in through the bedroom window. What little light encroached on their period of rest cast her shadow deep into the room, leaving her mark at the foot of their queen-sized bed. 

She blew a wisp of hair off her face as she leaned in to walk a hand across his chest, letting it glide up and over his shoulder. Gajeel knew he didn’t deserve the gentle warmth of her touch or the ache of longing in her eyes, but he had them, and he would fight for the smile that accompanied them both. Where once he’d striven to fend off the happiness of others, Gajeel would now place himself in harms way to ensure Levy never suffered a day by his side. He had someone he wanted to cherish.

That’s why, as twilight blackened the sky beyond the bedroom window, Gajeel could think of nowhere else he’d rather be; nowhere else he’d rather spend his days. 

‘What?’ he asked, when she tipped her head to better study his expression. 

‘Nothing,’ she assured him. ‘Actually…I was counting your piercings.’

Gajeel laughed at that. ‘As I recall,’ he began, a flicker of nostalgia touching his heart, ‘you used to think I was a delinquent because of my piercings.’

‘I’m sorry.’ A stream of laughter spilled yet another smile upon her face. ‘But, you can’t really blame me. I’d never seen so many on one person before.’ 

Gajeel rolled his eyes and took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, holding her captive in his gaze. ‘What’re you smiling about?’

Levy’s grin widened to show teeth. ‘I was just thinking about the day you asked me to move in.’

‘Is that all, Shrimp?’

‘No,’ she confessed. ‘I was thinking about how much I’m going to ache tomorrow.’

Gajeel’s cheeks flushed. Of all the times for her to become bold, why now? The timid and quiet girl he’d fallen in love with was becoming so fiercely brash. He knew she’d regret it in the morning; regret every word that slipped out of her mouth: Every witty comeback, every cocky demand. The embarrassment would take her prisoner and she’d hide under the sheets, begging him to end it.

And then he’d give her something more to be embarrassed about.  

Levy let the sheets fall to her waist, exposing her naked skin. She then moulded her breasts, covered in marks of all shapes and sizes, against his chest and leaned in to press a jovial kiss on his cheek. Gajeel had to tell himself to breathe.

Levy McGarden, wearing nothing but a smile, was a greater threat than anything in the entirety of Earthland. She trailed a finger along his arm, reminding him that he still had hands to do his bidding, and the strength to make her his.

‘You know…’ she began, twisting a strand of hair around her finger. Something she’d only recently started doing. Something she’d continue to do because she knew it drove him wild with lust. 

Snaking a hand around the back of her neck, Gajeel grabbed a fistful of her hair and poured every inch of emotion, every fraction of his love, into a kiss that rendered her speechless. She dropped her hands to the sheets and lost herself in the moment, meeting every flick of his tongue, swallowing every breath that dared escape, as time went on. 

‘I love you,’ she breathed, when he found the strength to pull away.

Gajeel smiled. ‘What?’

Levy giggled when he kissed her again. She reached for the blankets between them but Gajeel was a second too fast for her. His hand clapped down on top of Levy’s, preventing an escape. She grinned against his mouth, her tongue warm where it traced his bottom lip. She tasted as sweet as her smile. 

‘I love you,’ she said again, falling back onto the bed as he leaned across her, an elbow sinking into the mattress beside her. Levy’s arms reached up to hold onto his neck, fingers gentle as they sifted through his hair. 

‘Again,’ he urged, still hungering for more of her lips, lavished in such sincere words.  

‘I love you. I love you. I love you.’

Somewhere along the way, when the moon sat in the company of the stars and the night chill fluttered in through the open window, Levy’s words faded into distant echoes.

Echoes that melted into the taste of her smile. 

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Wow! Never thought I’d get one, thanks. You didn’t give me a pairing so I chose Gajevy :)

12. things you said when you thought I was asleep

It happened during the peaceful moments. The times where they’d camp out in the forest, the sound of crackling wood lulling them to sleep. The times where the lights were off and the open window would welcome in a chilling summer breeze. The times after the war where their worries disappeared and thoughts about the future were unavoidable. During those quiet moments, where she seemed to be sound asleep, drifting in and out of consciousness every now and again, she’d hear him. Deep yet soft, unbeknownst to him, his voice always reached her. She could hear the faintest of his whispers.

She never answered; not because she was at a loss for words - how could she be? Words were the essence of her magic - but because she was scared that if she did, he would stop whispering. She wouldn’t risk it for the world, no matter what the whispers were about.

“Why do you want to spend so much time with me?”

“You’re so pretty.”

“You’re such a nerd.”

“I’m so sorry for…”

“I don’t deserve you.”

“I’ll always protect you.”

“I’m scared.”

She never answered. However, this one time, she made an exception. Levy opened her eyes, catching Gajeel off-guard, and reached a hand out to him.

“I’m scared, too,” she whispered back, making him lay his hand on her swollen belly. “And it’s okay.”

Gajeel stared at her belly and her hand on top of his, then looked back at her. Her smile was so genuine, and her eyes so full of love. His chest rose, and he released a peaceful sigh.

He smiled back. “It’s okay,” he repeated. To her, to himself, and to their newcomer.

Fear and Hope

Levy sat there in the cramped bathroom of the studio apartment she shared with her long time boyfriend Gajeel Redfox with tears running down her face. She didn’t know whether to be excited or fearful of what was to come. Her hot tears slid from her face as they hit the positive pregnancy test in she held in her small hands. Was this really happening to them?

Levy continued to sniffle as thoughts invaded her head. Would they be able to take care of the baby? Would they even be able to afford another mouth to feed? Where would the baby sleep in their confined apartment?

As a waitress and a cook at the Fairy Tail Bar that barely made more than minimum wage, Levy and Gajeel really couldn’t afford getting a new apartment right now. They were both going to have to get an extra job just to keep the place they had now. Gajeel firmly refused to allow Levy to live in the ghetto of Magnolia. He had grown up on the streets there and knew what troubles could arise if they lived there. That’s how they ended up in a cramped studio apartment in the middle of downtown Magnolia that cost them an arm and a leg every month.

A solid tap on the door brought Levy out of her thoughts before she started to panic. What was she going to tell Gajeel? How would he react to the news of becoming a father? Would he tell her to get an abortion?

Levy dried her tears and stood up to unlock the bathroom door for Gajeel. She gazed up at him as he looked at her with concern. His massive arms wrapped around her petite body as he picked her up to carry her to their bed. Levy held onto his body as cries continued to come from her mouth.

“Levy, are ya ok? What’s wrong? Ya gotta tell me so I can help ya, ok? I love ya so much.” Gajeel whispered against her hair

“I don’t know how to tell you without you getting mad because there are literally a million thoughts going through my mind right now.” Levy croaked

“Nothing ya could say would make me mad Lev. Just tell me the truth.” He firmly, but gently, stated

“I-i’m pregnant.” Levy forcefully swallowed

Levy watched as Gajeel’s eyes widened in shock. The couple sat there in silence as Gajeel processed the news that Levy had just delivered. She just knew Gajeel was disappointed or mad as she interpreted his silence as such.

Gajeel tightly embraced his pregnant girlfriend in an inviting hug, taking Levy by complete surprise. She looked up at him with shock and awe. He wasn’t mad? Gajeel wiped her tears away and planted a loving kiss on her forehead.

“How could ya ever think that I would be mad at ya for that Lev? I’m gonna be a daddy. That’s the best news ya have ever given me Shorty.” Gajeel replied as his crimson gaze met her hazel one

“B-but how will we afford a baby when we can barely afford what we are doing now?” She asked, wiping more tears away

“We’ll have to go tell the old man that we either need to get second jobs or a raise. We can do this Levy, I know we can.” Gajeel spoke with love

For the remainder of the day until they had to go to work that night, Gajeel held Levy tightly to his chest as they discussed the baby. Who would it look like? What would their personality be like? Would their child be happy?

They looked up different names and their meanings, but decided that they didn’t care what gender their child was as long as the child was happy and healthy. Levy made an appointment with the doctor for the next day to see how far along she was.

Finally, it was nearing time to leave. The couple quickly got dressed and walked the two blocks to the Fairy Tail Bar. As they entered the establishment, they were greeted by the staff and patrons. Gajeel scanned the crowd and found old man Makarov at his usual sitting place on top of the bar. He grabbed Levy’s hand and efficiently maneuvered his way through the bar to Makarov.

“Levy! Gajeel! You’re here early. What can I do for you guys today?” Makarov asked

“We need to talk in private old man.” Gajeel growled

“Be nice! He is our boss Gajeel.” Levy commanded

The old man said nothing as he drifted through the bar and the kitchen to his office in the back. Levy and Gajeel soon followed suit. When they got there Makarov urged them and had them shut the door so no one could eavesdrop on their conversation.

“What seems to be the problem my children?” He asked with worry in his eyes

“We came to inform you that we will need to be taking second jobs. Today I found out that I am pregnant and we can’t afford the apartment and a baby with what we are making now.” Levy said with a hint of sadness in her voice

“It’s either that or give us a raise. We appreciate everything that ya have done old man.” Gajeel added

Makarov stayed silent for a while Ashe pondered their situation. This was making Levy nervous and sick to her stomach she didn’t think that she could take much more of this deafening silence. Suddenly Makarov snapped his fingers as if he had come up with a solution to their predicament.

“I’m going to tell you two something that has been in the works for quite a while. I’m opening up a restaurant on the other side of town. I’ve started the hiring process and I just can’t seem to fill two certain positions. I need a head chef and a manager and I think you two fit the bill perfectly. Your income will be almost quadrupled from what it is now. Only if you’re interested of course.” Makarov slyly remarked

“We’ll take it!” Gajeel shouted

“Wait a minute. What about Laxus and Mira? They’re your family and have been here longer than Gajeel or I. Why not them?” Levy asked

“The answer is quite simple my dear. They are perfectly fine with where they are in life. They’ve got a house and children and a car and they can pay for it. You guys belong at the new restaurant. I believe you guys have what it takes to make it thrive. And I consider all of you my children and my family.” Makarov replied kindly

Levy and Gajeel’s faces lit up like Christmas trees. At the beginning of the day, Levy’s mind was plagued with thoughts of doubt and fear, but now all she could think about was hope and the future. For once it felt like everything was going right. Life was amazing and they were having a baby.

“Wait, what’s going to happen when I give birth to our child? What’s going to happen to the restaurant and my job?” Levy asked in the midst of their celebration

“You will receive up to 12 weeks of maternity leave and Mira will manage the place during that time. Laxus will take over for Gajeel for up to 4 weeks that way you both can spend time with your child.” Makarov smiled

Levy and Gajeel sat down at Makarov’s desk and discussed the terms and conditions of their future plans with them officially signing contracts for the restaurant. Once they were finished they exited the office and went out to the main area of the bar where Makarov announced Levy and Gajeel’s new positions at the restaurant. The crowd hooted and hollered as they were happy for the couple. Makarov announced a free round of drinks on the house. Gajeel grabbed a bottle of Jack to pour him a shot and Levy just poured herself some orange juice.

“What? You’re not drinking tonight little blue?” Cana asked as Levy sat at the bar drinking her juice

“I can’t.” Levy replied

“Why not?” Cana hinted with furrowed rows

“Because my Shrimp is pregnant that’s why.” Gajeel smirked as he threw his arm around Levy’s shoulder


Another shout and applause came forth from the crowd. People started milling around Levy and Gajeel congratulating them on their new jobs and their baby. Levy had never been any happier than she was in this moment. She looked up to see Gajeel flash one of his rare true smiles as their friends kept coming to them. So much for a peaceful evening. Their future had never looked brighter and their love for each other never stronger.

Ok so this was just a random prompt I saw the other day and I started working on it this afternoon. I know it isn’t part of any of my multi chapter fics, but the last few months have been heck. I’ve been depressed and stressed as all heck. Between going on vacation, getting a new job and planning a wedding virtually all by myself I’ve not had much time to write and I apologize for that. I can’t count how many panic attacks I’ve had lately. I know I shouldn’t make excuses but that’s how it is. Anyways I hope you guys liked this. I am working on a one shot for Gajevy love fest and I hope to have that out soon but I’m working third shift so please be patient. I’ll try to work on my other fics too. Please like and reblog!

. Oculto . 16

Levy stared straight into the large glowing red eye that looked intently at her, not showing an ounce of fear at the loud growl that rumbled through the air made her small body tremble. “You,” Metalicana rumbled furiously, “Want me to take you to the human town, bring you back, and let ya go with whoever goes to a temple guarded by two linnorms, both of which caught this fire-breathing fucker and I off guard?”

Levy blinked once. “…yes, that sounds about right. Please? Gajeel shouldn’t be walking, and I think the wound might be infected.”

“And should Grandeeney’s daughter learn that dragons are walking in the area, she will demand to know where Grandeeney is,” Igneel pointed out.

Metalicana clicked his jaws at the fire dragon, looking unamused. “Shut up, bastard, I’ve got this.” He returned his gaze to Levy. “It’s not a smart move, little one.”

“I know,” Levy said softly, “Please, Metalicana. We don’t need you to take us right outside of town, a few miles away would be fine. We still have Salutem here, maybe you could carry him with us. That way we’d get to town fast without you having to get too close.”

“Stupid creature,” Metalicana muttered. “It won’t leave me be.”

“He likes you,” Levy laughed. “Please will you take us there and then bring us back?”

“Fine,” Metalicana muttered, “But only because you asked, little one. I won’t carry the black mage.” His gaze lifted to glare at the smirking Eberos, who was watching without an ounce of compassion for anyone involved in their current situation.

“That’s alright,” Levy reassured, “Natsu and Lily are going to stay here with Eberos. Lucy and I will be going back with you and Gajeel - and Salutem, I suppose.” She grinned gratefully up at him and then went to inform her friends and Eberos, though she guessed that the dragon slayers already knew.

“Here’s what is going to happen,” she said, hands on her hips as she looked up at all of them. Lily had taken on his larger form to help when Gajeel’s leg had give out, and it didn’t look like he was going to transform back just yet. “Lucy and I are taking Gajeel back to town; Metalicana’s going to take Salutem with us so he can land a couple miles out.”

“Can he carry all of you?” Natsu said cautiously, frowning.

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[Translation] Based from FT Stone Age chapter

Original art by: ベル
※permission to translate was given by the author via twitter
Translator: sarapyon
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. Between the Lines . 131

May 29th, X775

Once upon a time, there was a girl who learned the magic of the stars. The girl was taught by the Spirit King himself, and became known as one of the most powerful women in her time - a time where women with power were rarely respected unless they were able to kill men of higher power than themselves. It was a rough time period for all.

For dragons ran rampant. Anyone who was capable of destroying one of them were respected and she proved herself several times over, using her magic to seal these dragons away.

At the same time, a human man came to know the magic of dragons, labeled as a dragon slayer when he used it to slay them. They hated one another, he and the woman of the stars, but with time, grew fond.

I’ll cut the story short, my dear, I know you read this story and wonder what the hell your mother is talking about. Yes, Lucy, I’m addressing you in the middle of my diary. I want you to read this eventually, so…

What happened, you ask? This is the story of none other than our ancestor, Anna Heartfilia, and Acnologia. Igneel told me the truth behind Acnologia. Anna loved him dearly, and for her, he agreed to a request. Prophecies have been told about something stronger than dragons. He agreed to be sealed away for countless years so that he could kill it.

Things went wrong; time moved on and he awoke when it awoke. He learned of the death of Anna and went crazed with grief, turning into a dragon after slaughtering dozens of them. Yes; Acnologia was once a human.

My point is this: don’t promise something you can’t keep.

Moral of the story, right?

Igneel made a request of me today that breaks my heart; but I owe him for saving Lucy, and he has come to collect. I think I might agree. Forgive me for the things that so soon must be done.


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