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levihan or aruani and 19?

oh dang. u know what im gonna make it both lol (mostly aruani tho. yes.)

two miserable people meeting at a wedding au

Armin frowned, leaning his elbow against the cloth-covered table. The wedding hadn’t even officially started yet, but he already wanted to be home. While it was his boss’ wedding, and he was happy for her, he just wasn’t feeling up to any celebrating today. Of course he had to forget taking his allergy medicine today. The spring flora around the outdoor reception was making him miserable.

His irritated eyes glanced up at the groom. He was a short man, but his stare could kill. Armin didn’t know him very well, but Eren and Mikasa did. They said he cared a lot more than his tough, outward appearance showed. Armin would have to try to talk to him later.

He sighed and glanced at his watch. The actual ceremony wasn’t supposed to start for another half hour. The consequence of arriving early. Speaking of which, he saw Reiner and Bertholdt arriving now. And… someone else? Yeah, a blonde girl, so short he could barely see her behind the two taller men. Who was she? A relative of Reiner maybe? He’d never seen her before. She was pretty though, he could tell even from this distance.

His heart skipped a beat as she started walking towards the same group of tables he was sitting at. He made a conscious effort not to stare at her as she came closer, and sat on the opposite of the pavilion. She… looked miserable, too, slouching in her chair.

Well… he could at least introduce himself, right? Maybe they could share comfort in each others misery. With a sniffle, he stood up and approached her. Her icy blue eyes met his, and again he had to make a conscious effort to take those last few steps. “…Hi.”


LeviHan - Marry You

ok no but hanji telling levi dreadful science jokes like

“hey levi, what do we do with dead scientists?”

“i don’t care, shitty glasses.”

“we barium.”

*silence* *scoots closer*

“we barium, levi”

“i’m going to slap you in a minute”

Even more Au’s that I need
  • I died and now i’m a motherfucking ghost but instead of being depressed I decide to start haunting people for the hell of it by doing stupid shit like drawing penises on peoples faces while their asleep and replacing their Oreo cream with toothpaste and you end being the only one that can see me.
  • I’m a motherfucking genie and you rubbed my lamp so congratulations you get three wishes but as it turns out you can’t think think of anything you want so I’m basically stuck with you until you do and you seem hell bent on taking your fucking time……great.
  • I was a little shithead in heaven and as a punishment I now have to be your guardian angel and even though your cute as fuck I still fucking hate it.
  • I decided to take a shortcut home that involves crawling through a really tight hole in a fence and I end up getting stuck and you just happen to past by and after poking fun at me for a million years you finally decide to try and help me.
  • Were at a club and although your a really shitty dancer your also really fucking adorable so I decide to say hi and you end up accidentally hitting me in the face and fucking hell i think you broke my nose.
  • We both work at the same company and I kind of had a crush on you until I found out that your were the thieving asshole that kept stealing my lunch from the office refrigerator.
  • Even better we both die and decide to spend the rest of eternity pulling stupid pranks on people that we don’t like by doing even dumber shit like replacing their shampoo with pink hair dye and drinking the milk out of the carton and putting it back in their refrigerators almost empty.
SNK Ships High-Fiving

Eren and Armin

Mikasa and Jean

Annie, Bertholdt, and Reiner

Bertholdt and Reiner

Erwin and Levi

Mikasa and Annie

Eren and Jean

Connie and Sasha

Eren and Levi

Eren and Mikasa

Ymir and Christa

Hanji and Petra

Jean and Marco

Hanji and Levi

Titan Eren and anyone

Jean and his right hand

Erwin and Titans